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[18 Aug 2019|08:19pm]

Looking for a Commissioner Gordon to her Batman/Catwoman for a futuristic gpsl.
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[28 Jul 2019|10:56pm]

[info]prophets a smallish/gpsl of dedicated writers pulling from inspiration from buffy and other horror facets looking to add more people into the story. all supernatural creatures accepted!
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[13 Jul 2019|07:54pm]
Multi-fandom GPSL looking for the following characters! We also welcome original characters.
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[03 Jun 2019|10:10pm]
Testing interest in a GoT GPSL set 20+ years after the show. Potential for Retconning is very much there but the general thought is all independent kingdoms and a council of kings to keep the peace.

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[03 Apr 2019|08:42pm]

Looking for a Bellatrix Lestrange and more Death Eaters for a small but great plot-driven canon divergent MWPP GPSL. Check us out at [info]thequest.
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[28 Mar 2019|12:37pm]

[info]magnoliapark is small but active. i'm looking for an assistant, the illegitimate half-sibling he only just found out about, and a line that's a bit like crazy ex-girlfriend. bonus points for rachel bloom as the pb!
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[10 Mar 2019|11:56am]

Looking to start a GPSL or two. The first four ideas I have are all original. the last one is fandom, next generation based - buffy/spn/tvd. have a read and dude dude dude let's see.

Anon comments are turned off. don't hide your shame, take the blame for your kookoo ideas!
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[08 Feb 2019|07:01pm]
Who am I? Adjudicator
What I want? I want to roleplay mutant in a certain setting, and I have a plot idea for the psl that I will share.
Who I'll play? Original characters only, currently want to use Sophie Turner and add more as we go perhaps.
What I will allow? Typically rp dos-and-don'ts.
What I won't allow? obviously r*pe, and similar elements.
Contact info? Adjudicator's drop box
Anything else? I am really looking for a long term rp partner to play with and world build in our own psl. If you have friends that want to join you are welcome to invite them once we get settled. I have a plot idea, and want something mutant related with dystopian themes somewhat. Just hit the drop box and we can discuss whatever! (Not the journal I will use for the rp)
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[18 Jan 2019|02:36pm]

check the journal!
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[07 Jan 2019|08:12pm]

Yuri on Ice!!!, anyone? I would love for a gpsl with this wonderful fandom. I have a Katsuki Yuuri for you and am open to writing others in the fandom. Looking for anyone interested here. Thanks!
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The Unbound: A GPSL [21 Nov 2018|07:16pm]

The Unbound
It’s been sixteen years since the Clovennian Usurpation. It is a time of peace, they say. The war was short, and now the Aurellians are well on their way to becoming a civilized nation, they say. Many of those born with the Gift of magic find their arms covered in welts left by a Clovennian needle whose treatment dampens their powers. They are bound in order to maintain peace. The Aurellians are better off this way. Everyone is. And the treatments will end soon. At least, that’s what they say.

Anger is dangerous, but it hisses beneath the surface, ready to strike. Even now, with the new census looming, not all Aurellians have been treated. Some have chosen, for the purposes of moving more carefully through the newly-unrecognizable world, to hide their gifts until, one day soon, they’re ready to fight back.

The Clovennians insist that they believe in peace. The Unbound? They believe in freedom. Whose side will you take?

The Unbound is an original character supernatural GPSL. The game explores the tensions between a colonized country and its colonizers in an upstairs-downstairs setting where magic is common, but “bound” by the colonizers.
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[19 Sep 2018|09:23pm]

pensive they sit, & roll their languid eyes.

inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio's The Decameron, Idyllic is set in 1979 during the First Wizarding War and focuses on a group of privileged Wizarding World elite who have retreated to the countryside to escape the brewing conflict.


only 3 of our 30 premades left

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Opening Sept. 30th, 2018... [06 Sep 2018|09:33am]

[info]knollwood is looking to fill a couple of lines. We're specifically looking to fill the roles of Mordred with a Tom Hiddleston PB, Lancelot with a Idris Elba PB, and the other Knights.
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[02 Sep 2018|04:36pm]

So I have quite a few ideas I'm looking to get back into. It's been awhile since I did any writing! I have everything from Magicians, Stranger Things, Vampire Diaries, Buffy, and Original ideas! More information in my post here. Definitely want a few groups rather than just 1x1.
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Now Open [13 Jul 2018|09:05pm]

[info]causatum is a new original character role play game, set in three locations on the West Coast of the US. Characters can be mutant or human, and are learning how to adjust to the new political climate of the mutant rights movement. But things are not exactly what they seem.
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[09 Jul 2018|09:12am]


A Marauders Era premade group PSL, inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio's The Decameron.
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Anticipated game opening July 5th [23 Jun 2018|09:29pm]

[info]causatum is a new original character role play game, set in three locations on the West Coast of the US. Characters can be mutant or human, and are learning how to adjust to the new political climate of the mutant rights movement. But things are not exactly what they seem.

Here are a few examples of wanted lines, all characters are welcome to apply.
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[06 May 2018|10:03pm]

Looking to play a lawman in a line filled with espionage, crime, and a neo-noir kind of flavor. Got some ideas for how that could play out, just need criminals/partners/rivals to flesh it out. cross-posted
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Lines for [info]salem_city_mod? [06 May 2018|04:51am]

Looking for these two lines for my Ellen Page OC. Her info can be found in her Application.

  • Jared Padalecki as a 'Hunter' preferably for Line #1

  • Mark A. Sheppard as Crowley 'The King of Hell' for Line #2

    Comments screened.
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    x-posted [14 Apr 2018|10:12pm]

    25+. EST.

    SoA, Criminal Minds, Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead,
    The Vampire Diaries/The Originals, Charmed AU, Grey's Anatomy,
    Supernatural, Blood and Chocolate AU, and/or more to be listed.

    World building, supernatural, zombies, fluff, angst, adventure, older/younger. Ever-evolving list.

    As long as it's mostly plot, I'm usually game.

    Looking to play female characters, or will play multiple characters
    per line with multiple genders.

    I like to scene via GDocs or email due to my work schedule.

    See under the cut for lines.

    Read more... )
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