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[17 May 2020|03:01am]

Probably a futile hope, but does anyone still write in the Supernatural fandom? I'd love to immerse myself in that world again - and I'd especially love some sort of AU crossover with the BTVS/Angel world.

If anyone is interested, please drop me a line.
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[25 Nov 2019|08:52pm]

Have the week off at work and really would love some lines. Harry Potter fandom lines would be fantastic. I really only count original 7 books as canon and I have a large list of characters I tend to play here

I am a sucker for a crackship and AU.

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[08 Jul 2019|08:54pm]

Looking for PSLs with Albus here. All you need to know about him can be found in my journal.

Slash only

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[23 Jul 2018|10:25am]

In desperate need of some partners that would like to do some historical lines, one is a het and the other is a femme. I am seriously frothing at the mouth to do these. Please comment if interested!
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[21 Jul 2018|11:52pm]

I updated my journal, made some improvements and some other things. Check it out and let me know if you want to work something out!!
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Digimon [07 Jun 2018|11:33pm]

I'm looking for some digimon PSLs. Ideally, I'd like to play Taichi, Yamato, or Takeru (I'm fine with using the English dub names, too, for the record). Or one of the girls. Slash or Femme preferred, but will totally write het as well if you've got an idea. I'm most interested in TaichixYamato or MimixMeiko, but I'll play any crack pairing you've got! I'm not a big fan of TaichixSora or YamatoxSora, though, she can do soooo much better. JoexSora, anyone? I'm fully caught up on Tri, but let me know if I need to avoid spoilers.
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[03 Apr 2018|03:25pm]

- Cross Posted -

Couldn't help but note the parallels between Killmonger and Magneto, and wondered what'd happen if they teamed up? Erik wants to support violent revolution for the oppressed, Mags wants freedom for mutants. It could start as an uneasy alliance, but one where they ultimately have to work together to fend off the likes of the Avengers/X-Men and bring the world to it's knees.

Could take place in present day, or we could set it in the late 60's (First Class era) to keep Magneto's age and history, and also give Killmonger even MORE reason to want revolution.

- A male Magneto would be a non-sexual/romantic line.

- For something with a mix of plot and smut, a genderbent Magneto, or female mutant revolutionary (Emma Frost anyone?) and/or other similar characters.

Open to ideas, characters from other fandoms, straight up sex lines, etc.
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[01 Apr 2018|07:02pm]

Looking for someone to fill a Regulus or Draco line - all information is here. x-posted
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[21 Feb 2018|12:57am]

(♥) check the journal
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[18 Feb 2018|08:21am]

Looking for a Pokemon PSL (info viewable here), and am also interested in some lighthearted and fluffy smut (preferably in a modern-day superhero line and/or an older woman x younger male pairing). Check the journal for all interests and OOC info; Comment there if interested.
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