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wanted characters for [info]worldsapartmods [22 Mar 2019|07:59pm]

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Layout: The Console [19 Mar 2019|04:16pm]


image preview | [info]tess068

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TI char list [18 Mar 2019|01:42am]

Now I realize this is hard to read but I'm beat and will fix that tomorrow

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[13 Mar 2019|06:55pm]

What an idiot. It was the thing that constantly flittered through his mind as he sat there waiting for them to arrive at the station. Potter had ran into their car and jumped over him up into the baggage rack. It was an invisibility cloak not a sound dampening cloak, not to mention Potter's feet poked out when he jumped.

Draco casually stood and told the other's to go ahead of him as he shut the door to the compartment. The spell was off before he had fully turned. The paralyzing spell hit the mark and Draco reached up to pull the cloak from Potter. "You can never leave well enough alone, can you?" Draco reached up and pulled Harry out of the rack and let him fall to the cushion below.

"Mine is on the inside of my finger. I imagine you have one as well. Did you ever stop to wonder why you don't have one from the madman that tried to murder you as a baby?" Draco reached out and tapped the lightening bolt scar with the tip of a long slender finger before he took a step back and sat down on the bench across from Harry.

"You are an iritating twat but I can't say I would call you my mortal enemy. Taking my summer into consideration I reevaluated my other words." He took the ring from his right hand he always wore and turned his hand back and forth reading the words there. "My father's handwriting. It clicked into place one evening when my mother was reminiscing. She went on about the day I was born and how when father saw me looking so much like him he just more or less complimented himself by saying so handsome." Draco raised his wand once more and took the charm from Harry freeing him and not really caring what might come of it.
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Permissions and More [13 Mar 2019|06:40pm]

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bio for [info]worldsapartmods [13 Mar 2019|06:34pm]

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pls contact me [13 Mar 2019|06:22pm]


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discord handle: Namine#9927

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Biosheet: Io [11 Mar 2019|05:01pm]


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[11 Mar 2019|05:57pm]

Eccentric? trust fund baby, graduate from School of Visual Arts in New York, graphic novelist. Worked as a storyboard artist on Adventure Time. Hadley started working on her comic Stay while in college and continued self-publishing over the course of her career, only taking a short hiatus when her Adventure Time got in the way. Hadley left Adventure Time to join Rebecca Sugar on Steven Universe as a storyboard artist and writer but ultimately left television to focus on Stay at the end of the production of season 3. Stay has evolved over the years from a series of one-off stories to a graphic memoir/saga. Hadley's storytelling, at times, borrows from magical realism and science fiction, with talking animals, gods, aliens, monsters and - at least once - a pack of clones helping Hadley work through her thoughts and feelings, and she changes the names and, occasionally, shapes of people who appear in issues. Hadley's best friend appears as a three-eyed cat, her mother is a cloud of vapor, and her ex-girlfriend has communicated with her throughout their relationship only through email.

I'd love to play Hadley against...
· another artist (who she's worked with/on a weekend retreat/that she met on Instagram) *
· a musician who is inspired by Stay and wants to collaborate
· a fan of Stay
· someone she's met on a dating site/blind date
· a formerly flighty ex-girlfriend/an ex-boyfriend who shows up at her door and never goes home again, and they never talk about it, it's fine **

Lola Kirke · Saoirse Ronan · Tilda Swinton · Brie Larson · Ben Barnes · Tom Hiddleston · Eddie Redmayne · Taika Waititi · Kim Nam-joon

I'm open to other characters/faces. Choose your own adventure. Comments are screened.
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[11 Mar 2019|11:49am]

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CHARACTER // ROSTER: 2.0 SCREENED [10 Mar 2019|01:59pm]

MURDER ROW: The Characters

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it's always sunny ☀️ [10 Mar 2019|12:29am]


wild on the western front
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[09 Mar 2019|03:13pm]

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