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[22 Jun 2017|05:38am]

Posted an open thread for anyone who wants to write a slow-burn style line with a Detective in Special Victims. No OOC plotting, just jump in.
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[18 Jun 2017|01:18pm]
would someone play another guy or gal against tom delonge, travis barker, davey havok, mike ness, chester bennington, slash, jared leto, jacoby shaddix, pete wentz, benji madden, adam lazzara, mikey or gerard way, josh todd, billie joe armstrong, or twiggy ramirez? kat von d would be great, but other faces work
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Looking for Dean Winchester! - Possible plot under the lj-cut [18 Jun 2017|09:55am]

Any Dean Winchester who wants to PSL against a female OC?

My preferred PBs: Emma Stone. Scarlett Johansson. Imogen Poots.

Possible plot under the cut )
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[16 Jun 2017|02:19pm]

Historical, sci-fi, and crime-themed PSLs in the journal. Looking for something long-term, het, with lots of threading and character development.
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i know its a long shot [11 Jun 2017|11:58am]

nikki for tommy? i'll do het as well, but i've been searching forever for a nikki :(
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[09 Jun 2017|11:27pm]

Missing this show so much right now. Would anyone be interested in a Hannibal psl?
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[06 Jun 2017|02:47am]

For cliche reasons, I would like to find a Diego Luna or Riz Ahmed PB for this Felicity Jones-faced EMT. Seeking awkward flirting, movie nights, coffee snobbery, and possible commitment issues. Interested parties inquire here or at the journal.
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it's only been 24 hrs [05 Jun 2017|12:20pm]

but this movie has me jacked. anyone up for a steve/diana line? I have a couple ideas in the journal already but I'm open to brainstrom. journal/gdocs only, AIM hates my soul.
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[04 Jun 2017|07:55pm]

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[04 Jun 2017|04:02pm]

Something organic and fun with Emma? Conventional or non-conventional. Would love to start in customs with no real backstory and see how things go.
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[04 Jun 2017|12:11pm]

A Jyn for my Mon Mothma or a Mon Mothma for my Jyn please?
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[31 May 2017|03:03pm]

Looking for a few PSLs:

- One based off of Jesse & Celeste Forever, where they are separated after being together since middle school and trying to figure out if they are going to get back together. I'd like to play the wife, with them being in their early thirties.
- I'd love a May/December between two men - I'd like to play the older partner in his late thirties/early forties.
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[31 May 2017|02:09pm]

Would love to get a few more het PSLs for this character. Up for brainstorm and looking for a mix of drama, smut, fluff and everything else. Supernatural elements considered! Let's talk!
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[30 May 2017|03:19am]

check the journal for some anime fun.
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[29 May 2017|11:06pm]

Pirates, anyone? Pirate falling in love with a stowaway, or the daughter of someone very important in society. Doesn't necessarily have to be romantic either, could be an adventurous line between two friends. Up for anything.
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[29 May 2017|09:24pm]

Searching for an opposites-attract line for this character. She's an aspiring artist and protest organizer, and I'd like for her to meet a straight-laced, fairly conservative gentleman to exchange ideas with and broaden one another's horizons, slow burn style. Oscar Isaac or Jeremy Renner would be loved, but other faces would be welcome as well. Comment here or hit the journal.
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[29 May 2017|07:47pm]
someone to write a male oc in an american revolution psl, please? i have two different lines in mind, both het, and plenty of time to be active!
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[28 May 2017|02:59am]

Check the journal, I'd love to find a few Potter lines, or something mythology or Avatar the Last Airbender related.
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[27 May 2017|08:58am]

Unconventional ladies for Adam. Psl preferred.
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[27 May 2017|02:29am]

check the journal! mainly looking for m/m pb storylines
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