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[15 Aug 2017|01:42am]

fiending off adam driver atm, psl anyone?
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[09 Aug 2017|01:06pm]
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[07 Aug 2017|10:12am]

any interest in an american revolution psl? i have details, pb suggestions, and it can be het or femme.
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[04 Aug 2017|01:13am]

Anyone interested in the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes -- i.e., RDJ and Jude Law? I'm game for Steampunk Victorian, moving it into the 20th century (WWI is a definite option), or a more modern version, but largely, the dynamic between the two as long-standing but unlikely friends who are developing into something more. The banter, the wit, the long-suffering Watson chasing after a Holmes who is erratic and brilliant, no care whatsoever for conventional manners unless they suit him, and even then, not much. I'd love a quirky, strange Sherlock who has grown obsessed with John and wants to keep him to himself, largely by sabotaging any attempts he makes at dating and stays the main source of John's adrenaline, which he craves. It's obsession hiding actual feelings and concern, an unwillingness to let go of the only man whose mind Holmes loves and finds fascinating, and whose quirks he's grown to depend upon to order his universe. I write a disabled Watson with chronic pain and PTSD, who gambles too much, who puts himself in harm's way, who will take a bullet without hesitation if it is to defend someone he loves (usually Holmes). Do you have a Sherlock Holmes who can keep up and will be obsessive, strange, devoted, and engage in witty/sexy banter?

Other lines, fandom and OC, are on the journal if you're interested in something else. Always looking for a gender-bent Moulin Rouge, and I'd love an AU version of the TV Sleepy Hollow (seriously, I write the world's strangest Ichabod Crane). Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit are also always on my radar, as are Age of Sail/Pirates of the Caribbean/Horatio Hornblower, or Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. History, historical fantasy, or straight up fantasy, I'm your guy. Also have an idea for a slash line with a gay marriage for a greencard. Also really interested in writing WWI soldiers in love. Slash preferred, het and femme totally possible.
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[29 Jul 2017|10:00am]

I have an open scene in her journal of anyone wants to try a PSL with her!
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[28 Jul 2017|10:06am]
Looking for someone to pick up one of the two open threads I have posted! Particularly line #2. Both het, looking for a girl, so come at me!
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[17 Jul 2017|10:19pm]

Check the journal for lines.
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[17 Jul 2017|08:52pm]

I'm hoping there'll be more people out there now that GoT season has officially started. Anyone for Jon? Het only, no cross-fandom, book or show. I have favorite pairings but I'm pretty open minded that way. Comment here if you're interested.
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vampiric femme psl [17 Jul 2017|04:09pm]

The Setting...a small mid-west town where two vampiric covens are warring for dominance.

You'd Be Playing...The New Girl In Town, a human who recently moved to the area. She comes from a long bloodline of seeresses and has uncontrolled clairvoyant powers. For that reason, the leader of one of the covens want to kill and drain her, which would allow him to obtain her powers.

I'd Be Playing...A vampiress in the rival coven, who's been assign to protect your girl and keep the other coven's leader from getting his hands on her.

More details available. Comment here if interested. Thread only.
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[14 Jul 2017|06:48am]

After a very long hiatus from rp, I've realized that I miss my Dany something awful! With season seven of Game of Thrones just around the corner, I'm really itching for some play for her. Could I get Jon Snow, perhaps? Or even Rhaegar for an AU line of sorts?
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[12 Jul 2017|11:22am]
Looking for something inspired by Horizon: Zero Dawn. I'm not a stickler about my partners having played the game, but a willingness to read wiki articles or watch a Let's Play is a plus; I'd like to expand on the world and its culture in addition to our characters. Willing to play males, females, multiples, ocs and select canon characters.
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[11 Jul 2017|10:45pm]

I would love to play a PSL between this woman and her spouse of three years who has recently come out as FTM or MTF. I originally set her in a futuristic space-age setting, but I can definitely bring her back to present (and Earth.)
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[10 Jul 2017|04:40pm]

I've been out of the role playing scene for awhile, but I'm here to fish around for some lines. I have a few fandoms I could say I've dabbled in with OUATime-esque scenarios in which I have played Captain Jack Sparrow both as his usual self and genderbent. I wouldn't mind a similar line again or anything stemming out of PoTC or any other similar lore really. I might also have an interest in plotting something out with other Disney characters. I also have a list of not to be neglected anime characters if that strikes anyone's fancy. Feel free to comment/message me with just about anything!
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[09 Jul 2017|07:22pm]

Looking for thread-based PSLs for my Steve Rogers. Open to pairings, timelines, and universes (including alternate ones). MCU is absolutely fine by me, but on the off-chance that you happen to prefer the comics, I'm 616-savvy too. At the moment, I'd especially love any variation of Steve/Tony (either straight MCU or a 616!Steve/MCU!Tony crossover), Steve/Natasha, or maybe even a Steve/Diana DC/Marvel crossover.

Check the journal for more information!

[06 Jul 2017|11:21pm]
check the journal, please.
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[04 Jul 2017|08:20pm]

If anyone knows who Gareth Mallory is, Alice and I would like you to step into our office. Thank you and have a good day!
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[04 Jul 2017|06:15am]

would someone consider pbing someone against twiggy ramirez?
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[03 Jul 2017|09:36am]
Check the journal.
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[03 Jul 2017|01:44am]

Maybe a stretch but any Bangtan lines for this little suga right here? Open to just about anything/any member from the group. Just talk to me. :)
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Looking for any of these guys for my Chris Colfer PB + Captain Jack Harkness [02 Jul 2017|10:23am]

Any of this gentlemen available for a PSL with my Chris Colfer PB?

* Eric Bana
* Hugh Jackman
* Stephen Amell - (either totally PB or something Arrow-ish. Slash version of Felicity?)
* Jensen Ackles
* Jared Padelacki
* Joseph Morgan (preferably as Klaus - in The Originals/ Vampire Diaries world? Slash version of Caroline. Minus the twins. Of course.)

I'll take any other suggestions into mind!
Since this seems to be of importance. My Chris Colfer PB is a power bottom most the times.


I would also love a Capitan Jack Harkness for my Ianto Jones.

Feeling very nostalgic.

We can avoid the awful mess that was COE. Ugh. We could have the boys somewhere in season one or two. Between seasons. When Jack hires Ianto. Or having the Doctor having managed to save Ianto in COE. But I think I really rather leave COE off any plotting. I seriously hated it.
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