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[20 Mar 2019|02:03pm]

Looking for a few new lines! Check the journal! Long Term & Short Term PSLs are fine. Also open to GPSLs.
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[11 Mar 2019|07:36pm]

Looking for a PSL against this artist - ideally a fan, another artist, or someone from Bumble. Details at the journal.
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[10 Mar 2019|12:00pm]

Looking to start a GPSL or two. The first four ideas I have are all original. the last one is fandom, next generation based - buffy/spn/tvd. have a read and dude dude dude let's see.

Anon comments are turned off. don't hide your shame, take the blame for your kookoo ideas!
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[09 Mar 2019|02:51pm]

Looking for a fantasy psl. World-building, high or low fantasy, fleshed out supporting characters, and every sort of hijink. Prophecies, heists, wars, open to any and all the things. Can create something wholesale or set it in a number of fandoms; Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Game of Thrones, Faerun, Witcher, or a number of novels. Comments screened, also OOC contact in the journal. Cross-posted.
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[02 Mar 2019|04:40pm]

I'd love to play something with an escort and a customer. It can either be real feelings developing after a handful of 'dates', or the escort is hired to portray a significant other at a big family gathering and fake feelings becoming real.

I've got this girl and [info]first_donoharm, although I would prefer to play Grace in this situation.

I have other plot ideas here. If interested, please comment here.
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[25 Feb 2019|07:17pm]

would anyone play Nils, Jeffree, Hunter, Smith, Adam Lambert, Matty Healy, Ryan, Trevor, Ezra Miller, Aquaria, or Alaska against Davey?
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[22 Feb 2019|07:03pm]

something het & pb for any of the girls in this journal?
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[22 Feb 2019|09:21am]

I have tons of ideas in my journal!

Kind of feeling these at the moment:

The witch and their familiar, widow / widower and the coach / teacher, what is supposed to be a short term vacation romance turns into more, the escort and the customer, hiring a fake significant other for some family gathering turns into more than either was bargaining for, A couple who lives in neighboring buildings fall in love from across the way, all without speaking a word to each other.

As always, I can offer [info]first_donoharm as well, although I'd prefer to play Grace. I am always eager to hear your ideas! Please contact me via my plotting post.
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[22 Feb 2019|01:35pm]

They put the Twilight series on Hulu and along with being reminded of how AWFUL a lot of the acting was I was also reminded of how much I loved the premise and lore(except for the sparkling part- I can't get on board with that). I’m looking for something against one of the wolves, preferably Paul. I’m interested in playing an OC. I love expanding lines and playing multiple characters, so I’d totally be up for playing an additional character of your choosing.
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[18 Feb 2019|08:23pm]

Seeking (G)PSLs set in the Red Dead Redemption universe. More details in the journals.
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[18 Feb 2019|02:37am]

Looking for het lines for her. Older men preferred, might discuss others depending on the face.
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[15 Feb 2019|01:04pm]

Offering this guy or [info]begin__again for online dating / long distance relationship. (Alternate ideas in both journals.)
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[05 Feb 2019|10:22pm]

Searching for Wolverine al la Hugh Jackman! xposted & screened comments
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[05 Feb 2019|09:25am]

Masquerade ball. Boy retreats outside for a breath of fresh air. Boy meets girl. Boy offers girl the coat that she's dropped. Boy doesn't realize girl is selkie. Boy is now in possession of selkie-fiancee.

Or, previous plot wishes, which are always in play.

Shy, studious, sweet-natured prince iso:

Arranged marriage with plenty of room for a total slow burn romance, they find reasons to keep coming together for these fleeting little moments that hint at happiness, courting after marriage, very slowly finding out how good they are for each other, and eventually falling in love.

Orrrrrrrr I'm also a sucker for a forbidden romance, so maybe a secret thing with a commoner or a servant, which could be chock full of innuendo, and stolen moments, touching, kissing, trying to deny feelings, missed opportunities, the desperation that comes with trying to stay away from each other only to fall back into each others arms and a whole lot of UST.
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[03 Feb 2019|09:04am]

I would like to play many things!

Under here! )
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[01 Feb 2019|08:20pm]

Love to do a post ep 3 line with Malex (Will play Michael or Alex) or a Liz/Max line (will play either)
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[01 Feb 2019|06:18pm]

Looking for HP OC character lines! Slash/journals only, please. More information in the journal!
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[29 Jan 2019|04:28pm]

Hi! I'm looking for a long-term dedicated partner in a romantic plot. I'd also like a partner who likes headcanons and talking ooc, since I believe communication between partners is important. More info here.
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[26 Jan 2019|03:44pm]

Looking for lines for Sansa, check out specifics here!
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[24 Jan 2019|02:20pm]

Seeking Jughead Jones for an S3 AU line.
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