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[21 Mar 2018|07:19pm]

looking for a few lines. check the journal!
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[19 Mar 2018|07:01pm]

I have quite a few PSL lines listed here in my journal I'd love to get filled. There's also some general themes I like if anyone wants to plot something together that isn't one of my line ideas. I'm looking for someone who likes to write (or even just exchange some IC comments from time to time) more than once a week or I will most likely lose interest on you because it's how my creative muse just seems to work.
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[18 Mar 2018|08:36pm]

I have a lot of free time right now and I would love some more long-term PSLs (Please comment only if you're willing to commit).

The Flash: Looking for a Barry to write against my Iris. I'm thinking their version from another earth could be fun, there's a lot to explore there. AU/Canon all welcome. Bonus points if they have the tornado twins at some point.

Star Wars: I play Jyn and I would love a Cassian in a plot where they survive and fight with the Rebellion.
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[18 Mar 2018|01:55pm]

check the journal! mainly looking for m/m pb storylines
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[08 Mar 2018|09:55pm]

As unpopular as this is, I'm looking for horror/ supernatural/ fantasy/ sci-fi PSLs. Things that currently inspire me are Blade Runner 2049, original World of Darkness, Deus Ex: Human Revolution/ Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Lovecraft, and reincarnation. I like world-building! You can check my journal for open threads and other themes I may be interested in. If you have an idea you think I might like, feel free to drop a line.

The line can either be slash, unrequited, or gen, and I'm only looking to play opposite a male character. I would much rather write through GDocs or email, but journal threads are still okay if it's a dealbreaker.
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[28 Feb 2018|11:20pm]

Anyone playing Martin from Dirk Gently? I have an Amanda Brotzman.
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[24 Feb 2018|10:55pm]

check the journal!
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[24 Feb 2018|01:52am]

Historical pb lines in ancient Rome or WWI? I know, everyone prefers the sequel.

Slash, het, and femme friendly, a bit more info in the journal. Let's talk out some of our favorite ideas!
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[23 Feb 2018|12:24am]

Looking for some fun lines to beat the late winter blahs. Let's work something out!
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[21 Feb 2018|08:47am]

Seeking pb and fandom lines. Currently leaning towards slash lines, but also play males and females in het lines. Information and line ideas listed in the journal. Comments screened here and in the journal.
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[20 Feb 2018|06:51pm]

Looking for historical femme lines for this character. Victorian-era London, the 1920s, the Old West, etc. Faces negotiable, interested parties comment here.
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Romanrogers? [20 Feb 2018|05:39pm]

Steve Rogers for my Natasha Romanoff?

* PSL.
* Long Term.

No flakes please!
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[19 Feb 2018|09:50pm]

Chloe? <3
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[18 Feb 2018|05:52pm]

I'd love to brainstorm up a medieval/fantasy espionage line.
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[18 Feb 2018|01:55pm]

looking for some faux-celeb psls, open to pbs. would particularly love something that incorporates age gaps, differing levels of fame, opposites attract and/or affairs. check the journal for more info.
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[18 Feb 2018|08:26am]

Looking for a Pokemon PSL (info viewable here), and am also interested in some lighthearted and fluffy smut (preferably in a modern-day superhero line and/or an older woman x younger male pairing). Check the journal for all interests and OOC info (there are two or three links leading to somewhat NSFW content, but I give fair warning); Comment there if interested.
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[15 Feb 2018|03:34am]

Would love a few more PSLs. Check out the journal for themes and faces!
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[12 Feb 2018|04:11pm]

Looking for Hilary Duff mainly.
But open to ideas for M Shadows. (A7x - Matt Sanders)
Trillian or wire only.
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[11 Feb 2018|09:13pm]

In the near future, a mission to Mars results in the discovery of a mysterious artifact. Dubbed Pandora's Box by the research team assigned to study it, the box emits a steady and powerful stream of energy, seemingly of its own volition. This small team, working in a hidden lab funded privately and publicly, eventually discovers the box can be used to create a limitless source of renewable energy, and chooses to unveil their findings to the world at large. On that day, at that event, the box radiates its light and walls appear, hundreds of meters high and a thousand miles long, trisecting the country and leaving lasting side effects in all those present.

Ten years later, the three sides of the walls have now become independent nations, and the technology made from Pandora's Box has kickstarted a new arms race. The three nations rush headlong into war.

I would love to play out this scenario as a base, and build the world and characters up from there. Please reach out if you are interested!
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[11 Feb 2018|05:15pm]

Johanna Mason with Haymitch, Gale, or Katniss? Could also swing Finnick, since there's something there.
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