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[13 Jul 2018|12:52pm]

Gauging interest!

This world is not like the one you know. All the things you’ve imagined your whole life are real here. The year is 2018, and for a thousand years, all the beings you believe to be fantastical have lived side-by-side with humans, in time giving rise to a culture of heroes and villains that has become ingrained in the mainstream. Even many humans have developed abilities, or learned to use skills such as magic, that set them apart from normal people. Our tale begins when a super villain takes over a city, seceding from the rest of the United States and becoming an independent nation.

For most people, life didn’t change much, day-to-day. But with many vices including drugs, prostitution, and even slavery now legalized, many people have begun to explore options and see what life has in store. In a world full of elves, dwarves, magic and superpowers, what will you do? How will you react?

Please note: This is NOT a Fandom line. Original characters only please!
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[13 Jul 2018|04:44am]

Please check this post for plot wishes.
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[11 Jul 2018|08:22pm]

They married young, straight out of college and were incredibly happy for a while, but shes always been confused about her sexuality and having met her potential soul mate so young, never got the chance to experiment.
Skip forward a few years later and shes fallen head over heels in love with another woman, leaving him heartbroken and their marriage in tatters, but eventually everyone has to move on and he begins dating again.
A few months later, when hes had time to lick his wounds and the shine of her whirlwind romance had gone, they bump in to each other and strike up a friendship again.

I'd love to play the guy for this line using Jason Schwartzman as a PB, loads of different avenues we can take this down.

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[10 Jul 2018|04:16am]


A Marauders Era premade group PSL, inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio's The Decameron.
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Ignore the journal [09 Jul 2018|05:09am]
but I'm looking for historical lines. American revolution, old west, world war two era, Victorian England, etc. Het or femme, open to various faces and scenarios.
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K-Drama Inspired Casual PSL [08 Jul 2018|03:45pm]

I'm newly returned from a long hiatus, so I'm still trying to get my bearings. What I'm looking for is a casual PSL that is very heavily based on K-Dramas. Both scenarios are hetero and I'd like to play the female lead. This has been cross posted.

I'd like to do a Noona/Dongsaeng relationship. With someone like Bobby from Ikon, Jackson from Got7, Kai from EXO, or someone similar (am open to suggestions). A reasonable age gap, no more than 10.

Or an arranged marriage line between two mega-corporations in Korea (or Korea-Japan or Korea-China, etc). The arrangement will save the parent's company/standing/political agenda/etc.
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[29 Jun 2018|12:49am]

Currently looking for these lines (in search of the character in italics):
• A deity and his chosen champion (can include: generational feud/ drama, family secret, supernatural, mythology, unlikely allies, reclaiming former glory)
• A heavily augmented test subject/ covert operative and a technician/ biohacker (can include: transhumanism, espionage/ adventure, unlikely allies, ethics)
• A vampiric commander and a cop/ reporter/ hapless mortal (can include: secret world, supernatural, intrigue/ crime, unknown heritage, falling down the rabbit hole)

I would prefer minimal plotting and actual writing. I already have several slow-moving PSLs, so I would prefer to have a faster-paced line (one tag a day). I write in third person, past tense, storybook, and I'm only interested in slash.
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[24 Jun 2018|05:11pm]

Someone come play in Astoria with me, specifically against Hades. I could also be tempted for Cerberus or Hydra, but Hades would be amazing.
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[19 Jun 2018|12:27am]

I Play: Kirk
You Play: Bones
Star Trek AOS:
Storyline Ideas
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[14 Jun 2018|11:53am]

Hook for an NC-17 Captain Swan line?
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[10 Jun 2018|09:57pm]

Just got done playing Detroit Become Human and would love a line!! Up for brainstorming and all of that fun stuff!!
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[07 Jun 2018|09:38pm]

Tom hardy (or someone similar) for this girl in a married couple in trouble line? Looking for long-term, journals (maybe some Wire for chatty stuff), scenes, spam, and lots of fluff/drama mix. I do have bits and pieces of an idea for the line. There are just some big parts that we will need to fill in/discuss.
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[07 Jun 2018|01:23pm]

Looking to fill fluffy, lighthearted, sexy and fun psls. Slash friendly, faces in the journal, wire access. Lets do this.
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[07 Jun 2018|08:41am]

Probably no way in hell, but would there be any chance of finding an Arthur Ketch to play against my Katherine Pierce, Faith Lehane, or possibly a few others?

Dark lines especially welcome.
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Digimon Tri [06 Jun 2018|03:42am]

I'm looking for some digimon PSLs. Ideally, I'd like to play Taichi, Yamato, or Takeru (I'm fine with using the English dub names, too, for the record). Or one of the girls. Slash or Femme preferred, but will totally write het as well if you've got an idea. I'm most interested in TaichixYamato or MimixMeiko, but I'll play any crack pairing you've got! I'm not a big fan of TaichixSora or YamatoxSora, though, she can do soooo much better. JoexSora, anyone?
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[05 Jun 2018|11:06pm]

looking for a blade runner-set (original, sequel, or otherwise) psl. gen, femme, or het.
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[31 May 2018|06:30pm]

I'd really like to play this character against their ex-husband. Once they separated and the pressure of being a wife was off Hadley, they were able to be friends and go back to the more positive aspects of their relationship. The ex-husband can be single, dating, or re-married.
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[28 May 2018|08:53am]

Looking to see if anyone has any interest in writing a 1x1 Joey Graceffa x Daniel Preda PSL with me? I'm fine playing either end of it, and I'm pretty open.
Can comment here, or my contact post on my page.
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[25 May 2018|11:58pm]

long shot but would anyone like to do a psl set in the warcraft or elder scrolls universe?
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[25 May 2018|08:36pm]

I'm currently looking for a PSL where I can play an old character, who comes from a family of serpentine creatures that are the inspiration of the snake motifs in certain cultures and religions, specifically Apep from Egyptian mythology, the naga from Hinduism, and Quetzalcoatl from Aztec mythology. Over the centuries, his family has lost much of their power and they live as humans, now, though they still have a tendency of being involved in the shaping of the cities they settle in. I would like to play him opposite the heir to a hunter family (probably an enhanced human with heightened senses, better speed/ agility/ stamina/ endurance, healing capabilities, etc.), even better if the family has had history with my character's family, so we can have a dose of generational drama. The heir to the hunter family would be like a human champion that my character believes will help him fulfill his goals.

Themes that can be included in this line are: being manipulated by one's own family, duty to family, the pressures of previous generations upon the current generation, identity, regaining the former glory of one's family, forbidden romance, grey morality, deity/ champion, fulfilling/ subverting destiny, reincarnation.

Cut for length )
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