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looking for f/f lines [15 Oct 2017|03:34pm]

Looking for a rich girl/poor girl, wrong side of the tracks storyline where two girls fall for each other but their social worlds are so vastly different that it makes navigating their relationship a little difficult.

Can play either role and I'd be open to either OCs/PBs or canon ladies (I play Diana from Wonder Woman, Allison from Teen Wolf).
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[11 Oct 2017|05:26pm]

would anyone play against a rinko kikuchi pb? i would especially love to play her as a shinigami or a soured faced magical girl, but open to other ideas too!
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[09 Oct 2017|09:25pm]

This is a bit of a long shot, but might anyone be interested in playing the parent, guardian, older sibling, older cousin, or pseudo-relation opposite a child in a platonic line? I would absolutely adore something set in an apocalyptic world a la The Last of Us, 28 Days Later, etc. but I'm quite open on anything set in a historical, supernatural, dystopian, or super-powered setting.
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[09 Oct 2017|08:44pm]
Check the journal.
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[06 Oct 2017|11:27pm]

Looking for Harry Potter or Hunger Games PSLs -- book or OC characters.
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[02 Oct 2017|02:06am]

check the journal! mainly looking for m/m pb storylines
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[28 Sep 2017|01:28pm]

[info]maester varys, doran martell, more sand snakes and theon fucking greyjoy.
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Slash based High fantasy ‘Buddy Cop’ dynamic [27 Sep 2017|01:54pm]

Heya all.

I’m wanting to dust some cobwebs off this old muse and try to find a PSL for him. Something high fantasy with a bit of a buddy-cop dynamic of two complete opposites forced to work together.

PB is Japanese singer/actor Akanishi Jin and ideally I’d love to play him in an interracial line (though totally cool with other Asian faces as well). Given the whole unlikely pair vibe, it would be awesome to play him against a Caucasian/Western PB known for being larger than life (Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa etc) just for the shits and giggles. He also works best with loud, boisterous, obnoxious heavy drinkers; basically the complete opposite of him.

His character is a shadow mage. He’s strongest at night, heals in the moonlight and can blend into the shadows. Basically he’s a ninja. ;) He’s short, he’s quiet (often gets confused with language barriers and lost in translation), he’s pretty (but don’t ever say that to his face!) and he’s insanely deadly.

He was originally made for a GPSL that died, so don’t be scared of all the information I have on him. I’ve left his character sheet and stuff up, but it’s all really just history. He’s on the run from his own countrymen and mostly working as a mercenary, so he’ll easily fit into any plot we come up with.

All other details are in the journal (about me, profile, inspiration), and hit me up at my contact post here if interested!
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[26 Sep 2017|08:42pm]

This is probably a long shot, but I'd LOVE a few Harry Potter PSLs using minor/throwaway characters. Haha, what can I say. The nostalgia is strong tonight. I'm looking for both slash and femme. Plus I'm open to all eras! Check the journal for more details. Hope to hear from you soon! :)
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[26 Sep 2017|07:45am]

Looking to try my hand at Fiona in a psl. Preferably against Steve/Jimmy.

I also have a few others I wouldn't mind trying out again:

-- Mercury (from Blade)
-- A vampire version of Anne Boleyn (from the Tudors, crossed with Anne Rice style vampires)
-- An odd version of Rapunzel
-- The unnamed female lead from the book "Property Of" by Alice Hoffman

I'm also interested in trying out Helen from "I Know What You Did Last Summer" against a Barry.
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[24 Sep 2017|02:50pm]
Looking for fall or halloween themed psls. Check the journal for ideas and information.
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[22 Sep 2017|12:39pm]

I'm currently looking for all sorts of dark, spooky, horror-themed lines, especially since we're entering the very best season of the year. You can read all about the sort of lines I'm looking for here. Currently, I'm only looking for het, femme, and gen lines. I'd prefer to play the female, but I'm happy to pick up some males should a line call for multiple characters. I'm looking for longterm psls, not one-offs, so please keep that in mind.

There's also some fandoms I'm looking to write, though those are fewer and farther between. You can contact me through my screened contact post. I don't bite. Not hard, anyway.
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[21 Sep 2017|06:09pm]
any chance i can get someone to play ANYONE against this magical man?
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[21 Sep 2017|04:50pm]
Would anyone play against an Elisabeth Moss pb? Het, gen, or femme, I've got plenty of ideas!
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[17 Sep 2017|08:40pm]

"To your first job."
"Oh, my first job was actually a Gap Kids campaign when I was six."

Looking for her still-spoiled best friend who grew up either as a child actor or the son of a movie star/musician for a best friends-turning-to-lovers PSL.
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[17 Sep 2017|10:02am]

Anyone out there PB Jaime Dornan still? I admit that I'm garbage and the teaser to Fifty Shades Freed had me wanting a Dakota/Jaime pairing. I'm looking for anything within the realm of slice of life, supernatural, superpowers, fantasy. Light, dark, a mix of both!
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[17 Sep 2017|12:54pm]

Looking for some slash HP OC lines! More details in the journal.
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[16 Sep 2017|06:20pm]

Looking for het psls (done via journals) for one of the following lady pbs: Jessica Lowndes, Julie Gonzalo, Bella Thorne, Rebecca Ferguson, Annalynne McCord, Nikki Reed, and Sara Sampaio.

Each come with a partially (and possibly fully) thought out history and probably an idea, but I am also don't mind negotiating and changing things up as much as needed.
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[12 Sep 2017|07:27pm]

Many ideas behind the cut! )
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[10 Sep 2017|03:34pm]
Is there a Stiles or a Derek out there looking for a Derek or a Stiles?

Or a Hoechlin or Dylan?

Any or all would be excellent!

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