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[14 Dec 2017|12:17pm]
Long shot, I know, but is anyone out there in IJ land interested in working out a long-term PSL based on Horizon Zero Dawn? I'm looking for something with a lot of writing, and would love if we both played multiple (original) characters each. Comment here or in the journal.
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[12 Dec 2017|07:07am]

A complicated, slightly dramatic line where passions are intense and emotions run high. Two lovers reuniting. Exploring forgiveness and second chances. I'd like an older, more experienced and perhaps more jaded man for him whose heart he could melt. Not looking for pwp.
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[08 Dec 2017|06:17pm]

In the mood to start writing a romantic line with lots of drama! Check the journal or just shoot me an idea, I'm really up for anything and revving to go.
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x-posted [08 Dec 2017|06:16pm]

longest of long shots but would anyone be interested in a descendants psl or gpsl?
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[08 Dec 2017|12:16am]

looking for a pb line, a small country town feel. really the options are endless. they meet at a bar and it is organic where we see where it goes or they have been friends for years and never thinking of being together, until one night when things went too far. we could have playlists, watch movies, comments, a messaging app, their own little community. I want something active and never dull. Doesn't have to be all fluffy all the time, drama is welcome. I would like to play the female.
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[07 Dec 2017|08:54am]

Feeling in a creative writing mood. Anyone interested in lines with any of the females in the icons? Open to het and femme.
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[03 Dec 2017|10:02pm]

Seeking a Daisy Ridley PB for a historical line with this John Boyega-faced character. I have a specific idea which is up for negotiation depending on if we click, so interested parties can reply here. Felicity Jones would be acceptable for the female half of the line as well.
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[30 Nov 2017|02:08pm]

Anyone interested in a line with a (faux celeb) 90s Grunge God? Drug use involved. I would love to discuss this and brainstorn with someone. More details on my end upon interest.
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[30 Nov 2017|02:20pm]

Sorry in advance for the cross-posting, loud muse got looooooouuuuuud.

Anyway, whipped this girl here up for a PSL not long ago and she took off like a rocket in my head. I'd like to keep the PSL as her current timeline, but would very much be interested in exploring more of her past by way of PSLs and lines. Long term or one shots welcome, but I would like there to be some influence by travel involved for at least one party. Think of it like On The Road, only Sal Paradise is a girl who dyes her hair lots and has plenty of Tattoos. Gen and Femme both welcome, in fact I'd kind of enjoy the idea of an awkward travel where she whisks away a dude somewhere fun for a weekend, and he gets the way wrong idea.

Feel free to ping the contact post if it appeals to you in any way. Happy Thursday!
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[28 Nov 2017|04:40am]
any chance someone would play against a specific drag queen? maybe an actor who swears his straight? i'll do pb and au as well.
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[27 Nov 2017|08:11pm]

Looking for something for Stephen Strange. I'd love a Christine, but I'm open to others in the MCU (m/f or m/m.)
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[26 Nov 2017|08:12pm]
Who wants to go on an adventure? Drawing inspiration from the Tomb Raider reboot and Uncharted, seeking a long-term line about a couple (or more, if you're interested in playing multiples) of treasure hunters/explorers whose moral compasses may point a little west of due north. Expect lots of writing and action and adventure.
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[23 Nov 2017|11:39pm]

looking for an aged up mike/eleven line for stranger things!
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please check and comment the screened post i have in this journal [20 Nov 2017|04:52am]
looking for ANYONE willing to play nils, any drag queen, billie joe, ivy levan, adam lambert or anyone against davey havok. i'm actually willing to pay someone if you can play someone for me (long-term of course)
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[18 Nov 2017|11:31pm]

Lines for Bruce? Looking for Diana, Catwoman, or villainesses.
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[18 Nov 2017|11:07pm]

I'm looking for an active, fun, long term psl with either Marvel canon characters or an OC from the Marvel universe. I just miss writing this girl.

So, if you're interested in action, adventure and aliens.. Lets get something going?
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[14 Nov 2017|12:58am]

Hey-o, sorry for all the X-posting.

Details are in the journal, but really itching for a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Noir world type story. I'm open to using multiple faces (and/or) characters and am willing to explore a wide angle of plots and story types within it. Think of it like Blade Runner meets World of Darkness with some dashes of some other things in there. I am super open to crossovers with fandoms (with a lesser interest in Marvel) and would be more than happy to adapt desired elements into the setting for people. Really, I'm just hungry to write.

Happy Monday!
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[12 Nov 2017|11:51pm]

looking for richard harmon or bob morley to play against lindsey morgan? fandom or pb! i can come up with ideas for either.
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[07 Nov 2017|11:49pm]

[info]maester is an active game of thrones au s8 gpsl currently seeking brienne of tarth, tyrion lannister, aegon targaryen, theon greyjoy, davos seaworth, missandei, grey worm, melisandre, margaery tyrell, and just about anyone else on this list.
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[06 Nov 2017|05:21pm]

Probably a long shot but thought I'd give it a try, as I'd like to go back to my early RP roots.

Would anyone be interested in playing Tenou Haruka/Sailor Uranus to my Kaioh Michiru/Sailor Neptune? I can write them the other way around, but that'd be my preference.
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