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July 2nd, 2012

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July 2012

Prompts for July 2012!

Prompts about Childhood Memories

Family Life

What was your first pet? How did you choose this pet?
Where did you grow up? Describe what it was like.
What kinds of activities did your family enjoy together?
What is your strongest memory of your mother, your father?
What is your fondest memory of an animal or pet?
What is the earliest memory you have of a sibling?
Was there a special place you retreated to?
What food did you like as a child that you don't like now?
What food did you not like as a child that you do like now?
What did your family do on Sundays?
If you had siblings, what activities did you enjoy together?
Describe one of your first away-from-home experiences
Describe a smell that you remember from growing up.
What was your favorite family dinner as a child?
Talk about a time when you were grounded.
At what age did you learn to ride a bicycle?

Thoughts on Your Future

What did you want to be when you grew up?
When you were a child, how did you imagine your adult life? How is it similar or different from what you imagined?

Memories of Childhood

Describe someone who taught you to believe in yourself.
Who inspired you as a child?
What were your favorite hobbies?
Describe the things you enjoyed as a child and still enjoy now.
What's your earliest holiday memory?
Describe an early photograph of yourself. Talk about when and where it was taken and what was happening in your life then.
What frightening dream do you remember from your past?
What did you not like about your childhood?
Recall one of your favorite childhood stories.
What did you collect as a child? What did you like about these items?

School life

What's your most treasured memory from high school?
Describe an event you’ll never forget from your school days.
Who was your best, or worst, teacher? Describe him/her.
What did you learn about life and people from these teachers?
What was your favorite subject?
Describe a time when you got in trouble at school.
How would you have liked your school learning experiences to have been different?

Friendships and Love

Describe your first boyfriend or girlfriend.
Describe your first kiss.
Describe what it was like to fall in love.
Describe a childhood friend.
Describe your best childhood friend.

These prompts came from here and its how your character childhood will help you rediscover their past. If it was difficult, these questions should help shed light and a perhaps a different angle on the situation.

[info]6wsmod in [info]promptsformuses

June 2012

Prompts for June 2012!

Aristotle's List of Emotions

Anger: An impulse to revenge that shall be evident, and caused by an obvious,
unjustified slight with respect to the individual or his friends. Slights have three
species: contempt, spite, and insolence.

Mildness: The settling down and quieting of anger.

Love: Wishing for a person those things which you consider to be good—wishing them
for his sake and not your own--and tending so far as you can to affect them.

Enmity (hatred): Whereas anger is excited by offences that concern the individual,
enmity may arise without regard to the individual as such. Anger is directed
against the individual, hatred is directed against the class as well.

Fear: A pain or disturbance arising from a mental image of impending evil of a painful
or destructive sort.

Confidence: The opposite of fear. Confidence is the hope (anticipation), accompanied
by a mental image, of things conducive to safety as being near at hand, while
causes of fear seem to be either non-existent or far away.

Shame: A pain or disturbance regarding that class of evils, in the present, past, or future, which we think will tend to our discredit.

Shamelessness: A certain contempt or indifference regarding the said evils.

Benevolence: The emotion toward disinterested kindness in doing or returning good to another or to all others; the same term represents the kind action as an action; or the kind thing done considered as a result.

Pity: A sense of pain at what we take to be an evil of a destructive or painful kind, which befalls one who does not deserve it, which we think we ourselves or some one
allied to us might likewise suffer, and when this possibility seems near at hand.

Indignation: A pain at the sight of undeserved good fortune.

Envy: A disturbing pain directed at the good fortune of an equal. The pain is felt not
because one desires something, but because the other persons have it.

Emulation: A pain at what we take to be the presence, in the case. of persons who are by nature like us, of goods that are desirable and are possible for us to attain--a pain
felt, not because the other persons have these goods, but because we do not have them as well.

Contempt: The antithesis of emulation (Persons who are in a position to emulate or to be
emulated must tend to feel contempt for those who are subject to any evils [defects and
disadvantages] that are opposite to the goods arousing emulation, and to feel it with
respect to these evils).

Daily or all at once, do this writing prompt based Aristotle's List of Emotions. I know there is only 14 emotions listed, but as we all know, humans don't have same reaction to an emotion every time, we are all snowflakes like that.

By mistake I posted June prompts in the mods journal, so you get two prompts this month.