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[12 Jul 2020|08:17pm]

Some lines for him? Serious writers only, please! I would really like to get beyond chatting in customs.
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Asian characters more than welcome! [05 Jul 2020|05:24pm]

Greetings Newcomer,

I see you've awoken in your personal military bed chambers, you will share with someone else eventually. The courtyard? Yes, those are our pets. They … are good companions to have but you will not meet them until an appointed time.

I'm assured you have your things all in order, your bag pouch, your locker and p.o box, well as the clothes and shoes. If you haven't go check, they should be to your liking. Look around, all the doors are locked except a few on the first floor and a few on the top floor. I have so many surprises in store for you. So many pleasures, so many troubles and delights. You now have a tattoo that wasn't there before, a dreamcatcher. You will find that it has a mind of it's own sometimes. Annoyed? Perhaps. Not everyone likes tattoos or inking the body.

You do remember writing on yourself as a child, don't you? It's a little like that.

You will not have to clean or cook for yourselves as of now. There are servers among you, they will talk to you and interact but you cannot figure them out because I command it. There's a cafeteria with a plaque detailing food times, and plentiful snacks in the fridge and pantry. If you miss a meal, you will not be too sorry, just hungry for some real food.

Time to mingle and find out who your enemies and allies are. I will never reveal too much, I will never reveal too little. Enjoy yourself, you have all the time in the world now. All the time.


The General

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[20 May 2020|05:52pm]
looking for something for anyone in the journal! open to faces just really want an active sl
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[03 May 2020|11:50am]

[info]herotrials I welcome all genders and sexualities, infact Im playing an OC called Lugatta that's trans and gay. Believe it or not. I may make Squall Bisexual. I'm considering. I want someone to play RInoa, male or female, make her whatever. I'm making Noctis trans and heterosexual with a side of 'I get feelings for guys sometimes, but I don't like labels.' I understand, more than you know.

Please listen. I told you all a long time ago, to join my game, I'm not who you think I am. If you want to know my personality and why I do the things I do. Read this; please, I'm not here to hurt or hinder. I'm here to help and love everyone on this planet. Okay? I'm a good guy and I want you to come play with me. I miss insanejournal and I was trying to clean it up because we had gay head hunters on here. They killed gays for shits and giggles. A lot of us are uber smart with high IQs. Okay? I love you all. Stop exiling me. Okay? I love you. I love everyone. Please. I'll out to you another side too. IF you want to know me, then know me. Okay? Please. Stop being mean now.

a personality study on myself )

an interview about how I see the world and myself )

Love is a distraction but I'm ready for it from friends and others. That's all.
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[13 Apr 2020|02:55pm]
[info]hakgyo looking for more holds and apps!
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[10 Apr 2020|10:01pm]

I'm looking for some private lines. My journal is pretty whack right now with info but that's the basics.

I typically play jrock/visual kei faces, but I always have fun with jrock+kpop pb lines. I can do AU and non AU. (Got a few non sparkling vampire ideas..) slash or hetero.

I'm pretty flexible. I haven't been in the habit of using journals for scenes but I can do it. Emails are a bit more convenient. I'm open to other mediums.

Anyone around?
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[31 Mar 2020|10:21am]

open again for icon requests
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[16 Mar 2020|06:20pm]

Yoongi or Taehyung for a psl?
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[14 Feb 2020|07:44pm]

Looking to write Im Jaebeom (JB from GOT7) against a female face. I have line ideas I can offer, but just wanted to see if this generates any interest first. Not picky if it is someone in K-pop or even Korean. I have general themes/tropes I like here if you want to plot something new or willing to listen if you got a line to offer up. Please comment at post because I always forget to track these ads like a pleb. I can write on IJ, Dreamwidth, Livejournal or Jcink.
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[22 Jan 2020|03:50pm]

jongin, please!
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[14 Jan 2020|12:59am]

looking for a few new lines. information can be found on this journal!
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[23 Nov 2019|06:06pm]

looking for some fun and interactive psls, please!
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[22 Nov 2019|10:15am]

could i get a few k-pop faces to join me at a friendly celeb gpsl?
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[24 Oct 2019|01:59am]
Hoping to locate a writing partner or two who might be interested in a fandom line based on the Persona 5 universe (more specifically, the Phantom Thieves!)
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[23 Sep 2019|04:01pm]

check the journal!
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[08 Sep 2019|08:53pm]
[info]juso slice of life with a faux celeb twist! lots of faces open!
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[10 Jul 2019|08:16am]

[info]condos everyone!
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[23 Jun 2019|02:07pm]

[info]coastline. hobi, namjoon and jin, please! nana, bae suzy. all the idols.
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[10 Jun 2019|08:35pm]

Looking for new friends to throw original characters around with. Prefer to play over email with OOC over discord. Preferences / basics / some ideas are on my journal. Send me a PM if you're interested!

If this ad is up, even months later, I'm still looking.
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[08 May 2019|03:38am]

looking for a psl/anyone who would be interested in playing against jungkook.
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[25 Apr 2019|01:36pm]

psl, please!
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[17 Apr 2019|06:46pm]

a couple of psls would be amazing!
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[11 Apr 2019|11:52pm]

looking for active and fun psls. check the journal!
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[01 Apr 2019|09:46pm]

hello! i'm currently looking for a park jimin to play against my taehyung, because i adore vmin. i'm up for both aus and idol rp. check the journal get in touch with me ♥
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[28 Mar 2019|11:41am]

calling all exo pbs! we're looking to start a gpsl with a bffl feel around every one. currently suho, do, and chanyeol are taken but all the others are up for the plotting! we are also considering allowing 1 outside connection as well so. yes. come.
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[20 Feb 2019|02:21pm]

Was curious if there's a little community of Asian faces out there (doesn't have to be an Asian-only comm per se, but a place that welcomes the faces and/or already has a little group that would welcome others) where I could bring in a Moon Jongup into the mix? He'll be about 24/25 in age, but I don't want to have my usual curse of working up an Asian face for them to fade into obscurity after the time and effort.
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[11 Feb 2019|01:13am]

i'm looking to join a comm but thought it might be fun to see if any others wanted to join with me in a friends group! i was thinking they're all childhood friends and decided to move together to the new city, depending on what comm is decided on. could have a friends/himym like dynamic to it. other characters do not have to be bts faces but can be!
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[05 Jan 2019|10:28am]

looking for a few pairings here to take to a pb comm but i would be open to psls as well.

jungkook or jimin against yoongi
yoongi or taehyung against jimin
changmin against yunho
wonho against hyungwon
rose or lisa against jisoo
edwan against hyuna
jennie against kai
taeyong against ten
someone against nana
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[09 Dec 2018|12:48am]

check the journal! mainly looking for m/m pb storylines
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[02 Dec 2018|05:16am]

looking for a psl or two, if anyone would be interested?
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