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[18 Mar 2018|01:55pm]

check the journal! mainly looking for m/m pb storylines
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[22 Oct 2017|12:42am]

Souls don’t carry much bargaining power these days, so my right kidney for anyone who brings in an Asian PB to this Jcink site, for plots with this Ruki PB character. A partner in crime, perhaps, or just a friend or lover or enemy even. I'm pretty open to anything.

My right kidney AND either left limb for an Aoi (The Gazette) PB for all the old OTP feels.
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[12 Oct 2017|05:36pm]

anything for a kikuchi rinko pb? would love to flesh her out as a shinigami or an even past-her-prime, sour-faced magical girl or something based on jigoku shoujo.
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[08 Oct 2017|04:17pm]

matsuoka masahiro/nagase tomoya, pb or celeb works just fine. slice of life or more farfetched aus are all OK

i can play either of the two. my only real requirement is that mabo have a more ~dominant streak in the bedroom, though smut is definitely not required
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[03 Oct 2017|10:46pm]
check the journal, looking for someone to write against this guy
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Slash based High fantasy ‘Buddy Cop’ dynamic [27 Sep 2017|01:53pm]

Heya all.

I’m wanting to dust some cobwebs off this old muse and try to find a PSL for him. Something high fantasy with a bit of a buddy-cop dynamic of two complete opposites forced to work together.

PB is Japanese singer/actor Akanishi Jin and ideally I’d love to play him in an interracial line (though totally cool with other Asian faces as well). Given the whole unlikely pair vibe, it would be awesome to play him against a Caucasian known for being larger than life (Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa etc) just for the shits and giggles. He also works best with loud, boisterous, obnoxious heavy drinkers; basically the complete opposite of him.

His character is a shadow mage. He’s strongest at night, heals in the moonlight and can blend into the shadows. Basically he’s a ninja. ;) He’s short, he’s quiet (often gets confused with language barriers and lost in translation), he’s pretty (but don’t ever say that to his face!) and he’s insanely deadly.

He was originally made for a GPSL that died, so don’t be scared of all the information I have on him. I’ve left his character sheet and stuff up, but it’s all really just history. He’s on the run from his own countrymen and mostly working as a mercenary, so he’ll easily fit into any plot we come up with.

All other details are in the journal (about me, profile, inspiration), and hit me up at my contact post here if interested!
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[25 Sep 2017|05:17pm]

would anyone play tiffany against him?
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[17 Sep 2017|03:04pm]

Hello everyone, I'm rather new to the communities here on IJ, but some people have suggested me to give this one a shot, so here I am.

Just to not clog up the page flow I have some storyline ideas and characters in my journal (there are appropriate entries for both those things), but really, if anything catches your fancy then please don't hesitate to contact me.

You're more than welcome to do so through this post, any of the entries in my journal, or even by shooting me a message over at my email:

Let's chat! ;)
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[01 Aug 2017|04:28pm]
Would anyone play another idol against Jungkook?
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[25 Jul 2017|12:58am]

would anyone be interested in playing bp's rose against someone from exo, seventeen, nct 127, monsta x or bts? pb or celeb
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[14 Jun 2017|05:53am]

Choi Minho, Kim Seokjin, Jackson Wang, G-Dragon for his rich ass cousin over at [info]gardnermods
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[30 May 2017|09:43am]

Still fixing his (and his twin sister's) bio but anyone wanna psl with Jimin pb while I'm at it?
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[25 Apr 2017|03:00pm]

Insanely long shot... but het (or gen) for a Kuroki Meisa PB.

I’d especially love a Akanishi Jin PB for something spy/thief orientated, like ♥ this.

Comment here or in the journal.
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[19 Apr 2017|11:57am]

please check the journal! i'm looking to fill lines you've been seeking or to brainstorm one of our own
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[16 Apr 2017|03:38pm]

ignore the journal. anyone want to take a group of korean celebs to a celeb comm?
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[16 Feb 2017|01:18am]

I'm looking for some lines, please check the journal!
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[09 Feb 2017|11:42pm]

ignore the icon (or not) but who would be wanted where or even a het psl?
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[04 Feb 2017|08:09pm]

Desperately Seeking Writing Partners!

I would prefer to play the female part of these story seeds. I have the PBs I would like to use and play against on my journal.

1) Noona Romance. Older woman/Younger Man.
2) Marriage Contract.
3) Cheabol and poor girl.
4) Gender Bend.
5) Bodyguard and female heir.
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[20 Jan 2017|08:31pm]

I would love a line for Key, but have other muses in the journal. I'd also love a Taemin, if one is listening.
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[12 Jan 2017|02:14pm]
would there be more interest in a faux celeb community or a real celeb community?
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[06 Jan 2017|05:22am]

is anyone looking for a het psl around korean celebs? i'm interested in playing the guy in any type of pb line so long as it's not supernatural or anything dark, a little smutty stuff is fine too
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[18 Dec 2016|04:50pm]

[info]portcity exo, vixx, bts, lady faces, cheese in the trap, moon lovers and entourage casts - everyone!
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[19 Dec 2016|12:18am]

[info]portcity the rest of exo and more ladies in general please! i'd especially love tzuyu, seolhyun, or hani for a specific line
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[18 Dec 2016|01:37am]
please take a moment to answer my questions! you can post anonymously if you wish!
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[08 Dec 2016|08:19pm]
asian-exclusive pb comm idea!
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[24 Oct 2016|12:00pm]
looking to pick up a psl or two from the list in my journal
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[16 Oct 2016|07:37pm]

would anyone pb taeyeon against baekhyun or sehun?
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[07 Oct 2016|01:10pm]

[info]shores lee sun bin, yuan shanshan, xiumin, kris, luhan, yesung
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[24 Sep 2016|12:57pm]

would anyone be interested in a gpsl based off of love live? both girl and boy groups involved from different schools. i had a general idea in mind, but i'd be open to brainstorming!
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[06 Sep 2016|05:54pm]

something pb/celeb het for nichkhun?
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