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[17 Apr 2019|06:46pm]

a couple of psls would be amazing!
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[11 Apr 2019|11:52pm]

looking for active and fun psls. check the journal!
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[01 Apr 2019|09:46pm]

hello! i'm currently looking for a park jimin to play against my taehyung, because i adore vmin. i'm up for both aus and idol rp. check the journal get in touch with me ♥
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[28 Mar 2019|11:41am]

calling all exo pbs! we're looking to start a gpsl with a bffl feel around every one. currently suho, do, and chanyeol are taken but all the others are up for the plotting! we are also considering allowing 1 outside connection as well so. yes. come.
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[20 Feb 2019|02:21pm]

Was curious if there's a little community of Asian faces out there (doesn't have to be an Asian-only comm per se, but a place that welcomes the faces and/or already has a little group that would welcome others) where I could bring in a Moon Jongup into the mix? He'll be about 24/25 in age, but I don't want to have my usual curse of working up an Asian face for them to fade into obscurity after the time and effort.
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[11 Feb 2019|01:13am]

i'm looking to join a comm but thought it might be fun to see if any others wanted to join with me in a friends group! i was thinking they're all childhood friends and decided to move together to the new city, depending on what comm is decided on. could have a friends/himym like dynamic to it. other characters do not have to be bts faces but can be!
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[05 Jan 2019|10:28am]

looking for a few pairings here to take to a pb comm but i would be open to psls as well.

jungkook or jimin against yoongi
yoongi or taehyung against jimin
changmin against yunho
wonho against hyungwon
rose or lisa against jisoo
edwan against hyuna
jennie against kai
taeyong against ten
someone against nana
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[09 Dec 2018|12:48am]

check the journal! mainly looking for m/m pb storylines
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[02 Dec 2018|05:16am]

looking for a psl or two, if anyone would be interested?
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[28 Oct 2018|11:31am]

a few psls would be super perfect! if someone wants to join a comm that would be great too!
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Looking for a specific PSL [17 Oct 2018|08:40pm]

I'm looking for a police officer/detective/investigator/whatever occupation in this direction you wish-type of character for a PSL.
The reason I'm putting it in this community is because my character's PB is Japanese, but yours can be anything you want! Male or female, Asian, European, American... You name it. It's all possible.

Details under the cut!

Details~ )

Comments are screened for your privacy, but you're also more than welcome to shoot me an email at or use Hangouts with this address!
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[07 Oct 2018|12:30am]

icons inside & taking icon requests!
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[28 Sep 2018|08:39am]

Looking for some SL partners :)
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[21 Sep 2018|07:43pm]

[info]coastline bts, aoa, red velvet, got7, etc.
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[15 Sep 2018|11:16pm]

would anyone want to tag along to a hp gpsl? ~casters is the name of the game.
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[30 Aug 2018|09:39am]

if i started a celeb kpop comm would anyone be interested in joining?
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[16 Aug 2018|11:56am]

I'm desperate to fill Korean Drama inspired lines! Please take a look at the journal.

cross posted
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[26 Jul 2018|01:02am]

NAVIGATE the meta game
There is a theory. A theory which states that all fiction has a basis in fact. That no idea is entirely original, but simply a divine glimpse into an alternate reality. A secret world, where legends live and breathe.

This theory is not just a simple idea, but fact. And only a small percentage of the human population will ever glimpse beyond the veil. The veil between our world as we know it, a façade that has been so carefully constructed to keep humans safe, and the true world. The Metahumans see the world as it truly is. And they are its guardians.

The Meta Game is an original superpower game, in which all characters have undergone an awakening, becoming metahuman. In this universe, there is a secret organization - referred to only has the Agency - that keeps tabs on all metahumans and preternatural activity. In this world, everything is true, and nothing is impossible.

Upon an individual's awakening, they are recruited into the Agency and offered a deal. Have your newfound powers and memory wiped, and safely return to your old life unchanged - or, embrace evolution and join the Agency. As a member of the Agency, your entire world opens up. The secrets of the world's legends are at your fingertips; an endless supply of knowledge for you to study to your heart's content. Money, more money than you have ever dreamed of. Luxury, travel, and of course, power. You are given a shortcut to devoting your life to whatever it is you've always dreamed of. But in exchange, you agree to become a guardian, and fight to protect the world from things the average human is incapable of facing.

When zombies rise in a Louisiana bog, it's you fighting on the frontlines. When aliens harass cattle in the English countryside, you're on clean-up duty. Some poor archaeologist has triggered the wrath of an Egyptian mummy's curse? It is your duty to send him back to the afterlife where he belongs. You will face creatures of every mythology, and stand triumphant. Thanks to you, the human world will never know how close they come to a new apocalypse each and every day.

It can be a thankless job, but hey. It's a living. And at least you don't pay taxes anymore.

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K-Drama Inspired Casual PSL [07 Jul 2018|07:25pm]

I'm newly returned from a long hiatus, so I'm still trying to get my bearings. What I'm looking for is a casual PSL that is very heavily based on K-Dramas. Both scenarios are hetero and I'd like to play the female lead. This has been cross posted.

I'd like to do a Noona/Dongsaeng relationship. With someone like Bobby from Ikon, Jackson from Got7, Kai from EXO, or someone similar (am open to suggestions). A reasonable age gap, no more than 10.

Or an arranged marriage line between two mega-corporations in Korea (or Korea-Japan or Korea-China, etc). The arrangement will save the parent's company/standing/political agenda/etc.
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[02 Jun 2018|06:25pm]
i'm looking to reopen this and would like to find a co-mod and new members! comment here or on the journal if you're interested
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[18 May 2018|01:36am]

Would anyone be interested in a gpsl using Asian faces? I'm open to settings and they could be based off of a real location or something completely AU like in space with robots or something else.

Alternatively, I wouldn't mind having a couple psls. I play mostly guys but I am slash/femme preferred but also write het friendly for a fun sounding line. I also love friendship lines and friends to lovers is probably my favorite theme second being fanboy/fangirl getting lucky enough to meet and befriend their idol for whatever reason. I also prefer celeb AU to PB because I'm just not that creative with names and it's easier to remember. I like to plot just enough to get the characters and scene ready and jump right in.

I've used various faces from TVXQ (JYJ included), Big Bang, Super Junior, SNSD, F(X), NEWS, Kat-tun, Arashi and probably some others I'm forgetting about. Some other random actors and actresses not in groups. (I also do the Ryan Higa thing if anyone's interested in him.)
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[08 May 2018|04:31pm]
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[21 Apr 2018|07:16pm]
would anybody be interested in setting up a het/pb line?
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[16 Apr 2018|07:04pm]

really hoping to play jb. either celeb or pb!
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[22 Oct 2017|12:42am]

Souls don’t carry much bargaining power these days, so my right kidney for anyone who brings in an Asian PB to this Jcink site, for plots with this Ruki PB character. A partner in crime, perhaps, or just a friend or lover or enemy even. I'm pretty open to anything.

My right kidney AND either left limb for an Aoi (The Gazette) PB for all the old OTP feels.
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[12 Oct 2017|05:36pm]

anything for a kikuchi rinko pb? would love to flesh her out as a shinigami or an even past-her-prime, sour-faced magical girl or something based on jigoku shoujo.
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[08 Oct 2017|04:17pm]

matsuoka masahiro/nagase tomoya, pb or celeb works just fine. slice of life or more farfetched aus are all OK

i can play either of the two. my only real requirement is that mabo have a more ~dominant streak in the bedroom, though smut is definitely not required
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[03 Oct 2017|10:46pm]
check the journal, looking for someone to write against this guy
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Slash based High fantasy ‘Buddy Cop’ dynamic [27 Sep 2017|01:53pm]

Heya all.

I’m wanting to dust some cobwebs off this old muse and try to find a PSL for him. Something high fantasy with a bit of a buddy-cop dynamic of two complete opposites forced to work together.

PB is Japanese singer/actor Akanishi Jin and ideally I’d love to play him in an interracial line (though totally cool with other Asian faces as well). Given the whole unlikely pair vibe, it would be awesome to play him against a Caucasian known for being larger than life (Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa etc) just for the shits and giggles. He also works best with loud, boisterous, obnoxious heavy drinkers; basically the complete opposite of him.

His character is a shadow mage. He’s strongest at night, heals in the moonlight and can blend into the shadows. Basically he’s a ninja. ;) He’s short, he’s quiet (often gets confused with language barriers and lost in translation), he’s pretty (but don’t ever say that to his face!) and he’s insanely deadly.

He was originally made for a GPSL that died, so don’t be scared of all the information I have on him. I’ve left his character sheet and stuff up, but it’s all really just history. He’s on the run from his own countrymen and mostly working as a mercenary, so he’ll easily fit into any plot we come up with.

All other details are in the journal (about me, profile, inspiration), and hit me up at my contact post here if interested!
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[25 Sep 2017|05:17pm]

would anyone play tiffany against him?
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