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[01 Aug 2017|04:28pm]
Would anyone play another idol against Jungkook?
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[25 Jul 2017|12:58am]
would anyone be interested in playing bp's rose against someone from exo, seventeen, nct 127, monsta x or bts? pb or celeb
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[14 Jun 2017|05:53am]

Choi Minho, Kim Seokjin, Jackson Wang, G-Dragon for his rich ass cousin over at [info]gardnermods
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[27 May 2017|02:28am]

check the journal! mainly looking for m/m pb storylines
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[30 May 2017|09:43am]

Still fixing his (and his twin sister's) bio but anyone wanna psl with Jimin pb while I'm at it?
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[25 Apr 2017|03:00pm]

Insanely long shot... but het (or gen) for a Kuroki Meisa PB.

I’d especially love a Akanishi Jin PB for something spy/thief orientated, like ♥ this.

Comment here or in the journal.
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[19 Apr 2017|11:57am]

please check the journal! i'm looking to fill lines you've been seeking or to brainstorm one of our own
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[16 Apr 2017|03:38pm]

ignore the journal. anyone want to take a group of korean celebs to a celeb comm?
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[11 Apr 2017|07:24pm]

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[16 Feb 2017|01:18am]

I'm looking for some lines, please check the journal!
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[09 Feb 2017|11:42pm]

ignore the icon (or not) but who would be wanted where or even a het psl?
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[04 Feb 2017|08:09pm]

Desperately Seeking Writing Partners!

I would prefer to play the female part of these story seeds. I have the PBs I would like to use and play against on my journal.

1) Noona Romance. Older woman/Younger Man.
2) Marriage Contract.
3) Cheabol and poor girl.
4) Gender Bend.
5) Bodyguard and female heir.
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[20 Jan 2017|08:31pm]

I would love a line for Key, but have other muses in the journal. I'd also love a Taemin, if one is listening.
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[12 Jan 2017|02:14pm]
would there be more interest in a faux celeb community or a real celeb community?
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[06 Jan 2017|05:22am]

is anyone looking for a het psl around korean celebs? i'm interested in playing the guy in any type of pb line so long as it's not supernatural or anything dark, a little smutty stuff is fine too
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[18 Dec 2016|04:50pm]

[info]portcity exo, vixx, bts, lady faces, cheese in the trap, moon lovers and entourage casts - everyone!
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[19 Dec 2016|12:18am]

[info]portcity the rest of exo and more ladies in general please! i'd especially love tzuyu, seolhyun, or hani for a specific line
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[18 Dec 2016|01:37am]
please take a moment to answer my questions! you can post anonymously if you wish!
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[08 Dec 2016|08:19pm]
asian-exclusive pb comm idea!
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[24 Oct 2016|12:00pm]

looking to pick up a psl or two from the list in my journal
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[16 Oct 2016|07:37pm]

would anyone pb taeyeon against baekhyun or sehun?
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[07 Oct 2016|01:10pm]

[info]shores lee sun bin, yuan shanshan, xiumin, kris, luhan, yesung
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[24 Sep 2016|12:57pm]

would anyone be interested in a gpsl based off of love live? both girl and boy groups involved from different schools. i had a general idea in mind, but i'd be open to brainstorming!
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[06 Sep 2016|05:54pm]

something pb/celeb het for nichkhun?
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[30 Aug 2016|06:52pm]

sorry for the double post but would anyone be interested in a gpsl based around asian idols? was thinking something faux celeb
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[28 Aug 2016|10:19pm]

longshot but a fandom based line? superheroes or something based off an anime or a video game? i also wouldn't mind going pb playing an idol against their producer/manager
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[25 Aug 2016|02:29pm]
might be a long shot but trying my luck here anyway. would anyone be interested in playing wheein against bobby in a childhood friends possibly developing into something more psl? au or pb. i had a thread with someone a year ago on an rp meme but got busy, and i'd really like to play it out.
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[24 Aug 2016|08:06am]

[info]shores kim jonghyun and the rest of shinee for specific lines!
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[22 Aug 2016|10:40am]

[info]shores jisoo and jennie of blackpink to heart eyes over, someone from bigbang for something specific, bobby and the rest of ikon
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[15 Aug 2016|09:12pm]
would there be any interest in a pb gpsl set in new york, california, or chicago? the goal would really just be to house characters and let them interact in a relaxed setting. instead of a bio you'd fill out a questionnaire as your character to give an idea of who they are. no side communities just the main one to keep track of who's taken and to run an add/remove button, everything else is done in your characters journal: intros, lyrics, random, updates. it won't be a monthly requirement of updating their journal but there would be a monthly check-in post to see if you're still active. comment here if interested!

edit: so it seems like there's a decent amount of interest. is there a preference to the city/state it's in? ideally how large of a gpsl would people like to see it?
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