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Welcome [27 Aug 2007|04:09pm]

Simple Rules

1.) You can to post your thoughts, feelings, or ideas on the issue. But - please show some respects, use common sense, and keep an open mind when participating in discussions, advices, news, and supportive. For one reason, we may have a different opinion.

2. Keep it clean: No insulting, discriminating, racist, threatening, hateful, harassing, attacking, bullying, or include links to pornography, or others.

3. NO REGLIGIOUS DEBATE, PLEASE. Of course, a variety of religious/non-religious people are welcome here. But, I don’t want to see any debate here.

4. All entries have to be locked as members only. Period.

5. You can post a different subject who is relation to anti-death topic as against death plenty, world slaughter house (cruelty on animals), murdering, or others. It’s not just about abortion but a general subject.

Have a question? If so, please leave a comment here. Thanks ~

-- DarkCougar555, Mod
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