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[23 Jun 2020|10:00am]

Looking for a few lighthearted lines of story-driven smut. Check the Journal for info and such, and contact me there if interested.
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[18 Jun 2020|06:54pm]

Character A is what most people would consider poor and from the wrong side of the tracks. He has a minimum wage job, lives in a small one bedroom apartment in a not so great part of town.
He doesn't deviate much from his daily routine of work, home, dinner, net, bed.

Character B is the opposite. Rich, comes from a good and wealthy family, has a big home, high salary job, nice car and lives in a gated community in the best part of town. He has everything he could ever want. The two meet and something is there, but what exactly it is remains to be seen. Lets plot things out. I prefer to play A. Slash only.
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[13 Jun 2020|10:53pm]

They were the perfect couple. Having just celebrated their anniversary and with a baby on the way, it seemed like nothing could touch their happiness. One treacherous night changes it all, and he's left to pick up the pieces while putting on a brave face for the woman who no longer remembers him.

Looking for HIM to play the husband against HER.

Leave a comment in the journal if you're interested.
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[18 May 2020|10:28am]

looking to find someone to play either a drag queen for a musician or a "straight" guy against a dragqueen
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[17 May 2020|03:04am]

Probably a futile hope, but does anyone still write in the Supernatural fandom? I'd love to immerse myself in that world again - and I'd especially love some sort of AU crossover with the BTVS/Angel world.

If anyone is interested, please drop me a line.
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[10 May 2020|07:09am]

Hope you're all doing well dealing with this pandemic! I've got a hankering for a lighthearted Pokemon psl or two. Check the journal for all info and a few general ideas, and contact me if interested.
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[21 Apr 2020|09:38pm]

Looking for a age gap line set in the Hunger Games verse with a victor/mentor flavor. My character would be the most recent victor from District 8, which is responsible for textile production. Due to the nature of the books the line will probably deal with a lot of darker themes. I would love for the role of her male mentor to evolve into something romantic and the problems that causes with the Capitol. I have loads of ideas but am also willing to plot as we go so the other player has input as well.

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[05 Apr 2020|10:51am]

Hey there, and I hope you're all doing well enduring the Virus Which Shall Not Be Named. (On that note, please stay hydrated and safe.) I've got two oddly-specific long-shot cravings I'm seeking partners for...
1. Pokemon: A largely lighthearted adventure fitting the anime's general tone. (See the "Pokemon Lines" section in my IJ's Lines page.)
2. Some shamelessly fluffy smutty goodness (particularly in the DBZ setting, but open to other stuff mentioned in the IJ; I admit there are a few canon ladies I'd like a partner to play opposite a male OC).

Check my IJ for all needed info, and contact me there (screened for privacy) if interested.
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[24 Mar 2020|09:31pm]


General ideas/lines (in no particular order):

From best friends to something more;
someone needs a date to their brother’s weekend wedding
and real feelings are caught. Or something else with
the BFF to more premise.

Older man/younger (adult) woman;
a professor and student, best friend’s dad, something else
that makes it a little more complicated than just an age gap.

Faux celeb
a relationship for a publicity stunt turns into something
legit, but only after it gets a little complicated.

Sons of Anarchy inspired;
she comes from a family of MC members. When she was younger,
she thought it was hot. Now that she’s older, not so much.
Too bad her older brother’s best friend still has the hots for
her and he’s made it well known. This one could get a little dark.
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[22 Mar 2020|12:57pm]

Ya’ll. I am bored. Help a self-isolated girl out. I prefer to scene via Google Docs but will thread or email as well. Please be an adult. You can comment below or shoot me an email at Cross-posted.


911: Looking to play an OFC against Buck. We can work the storyline together.

Harry Potter: I would love to play against Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Fred Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy, Theo Knott, Regulas Black, or Severus Snape.

I play Daphne Greengrass, Astoria Greengrass, Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Charlie Weasley, and Draco Malfoy. I have played OFCs too.

Looking to play Hogwarts-era and beyond. Time travel, people not being what/who they seem, angst, romance, fluff- anything goes, really. I do dark and twisty as well as light and airy. I like a good mix of both.

The Walking Dead: I just really want a line against Daryl.

Sons of Anarchy: I would like to play against Opie or Happy.


Supernatural (anything witchy/werewolf-y/ghosty/etc), faux-celeb, regular people, older/younger adults, mystery, suspense, romance- pretty much anything, really. If you’ve got a muse/line, let me know! I usually do het/gen lines.
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[20 Mar 2020|10:46pm]

Seeking long term slash lines. I have a couple line ideas in my journal. I'm up for plotting something new too. Darker, lighter and everything in between. No's are in my journal.
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[07 Mar 2020|04:25am]

Check the Journal for ideas, and contact me there if interested!
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[22 Feb 2020|10:59pm]

Please check out the journal for original PSL ideas! Some are based off movies or tv shows. I write guys and gals!
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[11 Feb 2020|03:28pm]

M/F (older man/younger woman) Post Apocalyptic line loosely based on The Stand. Focus on character development. More info here. filled, thank you for all the interest!
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Casting a random line, because why not [10 Feb 2020|01:56pm]

Some OOC About Me Stuff
Some Line Stuff
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[09 Feb 2020|06:57pm]

Searching for an understanding writer of femme. I've never written femme before and I'd like to give it a try. Looking for something with plot and not smut. In fact I prefer to ftb for this line. I'm hoping someone out there will want to plot something out with me.

Comments screened.
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[27 Jan 2020|09:54am]

I have this character I’ve been writing for a long time and I’d really love to write this sort of epic on-off childhood-sweethearts romance for him, if anyone’s up for it. In “current times” he’s an aging mercenary with very little in his life other than the job, but I’d like to write a plot where he keeps running into this guy he used to date in high school and they sort of, err, keep being drawn to one another and eventually, hopefully, wind up together. I say hopefully because it’s not a must and there’s gonna be a shitton of angst along the way; long story short, it’s negotiable. Below are the details of my character and the plot I had in mind.

Read more... )
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[05 Jan 2020|06:07am]

Wanting to work out a largely lighthearted line with plenty of banter, adventure, romance, and shameless fluff/smut in settings both fandom and fandom-adjacent. (Fandom-wise, as ever, I would be interested in a Pokemon line, though I admit interest in finding partners willing to play as DC Comics characters Lady Shiva, Lois Lane, Supergirl, Power Girl or Harley Quinn opposite an OC.) Check the Journal for various ideas and, if interested, hit me up on the Contact Page!
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[03 Jan 2020|01:52am]


Looking to write a long-term, deeply involved post-apocalypse line. Comfortable with using (or learning) a variety of fandoms or brain-storming up something completely unique to what we're doing. Looking to either due het or gen, but also crafting a bunch of npcs that will be the background and foils to the protagonists. People, places, and relationships that evolve and change with what we decide to do with our world and how our characters act in it. Zombies, infected, etc are not necessary (but I will admit I like the added tension they bring).

Feel free to contact here or on the screened post on the journal.
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[24 Dec 2019|05:27am]

i'd love to pick up a few lines! themes/vague ideas in the journal
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