Nov. 10th, 2010


Primeval Ficathon Master List - Autumn 2010

[ profile] alyse is being written for by [ profile] facing_the_wind -- [ In Hiding ] (Abby/Connor, PG13)
[ profile] deinonychus_1 is being written for by [ profile] woodstock12 -- [ Hours Of the Day ] (Becker/Connor, PG13)
[ profile] dominique012 is being written for by [ profile] ssw_loved pinch hit by [ profile] prehistoriccat -- [ The Girl in the Green Dress ] (Abby/Connor, PG)
[ profile] evenstar_estel is being written for by Sherry Holt pinch hit by [ profile] rodlox -- [ The Affairs of Gods ] (Abby/Connor, PG13)
[ profile] facing_the_wind is being written for by [ profile] torigates -- [ An Unexpected Visitor ] (Gen, PG13)
[ profile] heeroluva is being written for by [ profile] deinonychus_1 -- [ A Very Strange Night :: Part 1 | Part 2 ] (Stephen/Cutter, Connor/Stephen/Cutter, 18)
[ profile] jooles34 is being written for by [ profile] lsellersfic/[personal profile] annariel -- [ Flowers of Probability :: on lj | on dw ] (Connor/Lester, U)
[ profile] lsellersfic/[personal profile] annariel is being written for by [ profile] heeroluva -- [ It Was Worth It ] (Nick/Stephen, Abby/Connor, PG13)
[ profile] misura is being written for by [ profile] alyse -- [ the kindest of kisses (break the hardest of hearts) :: on lj | on dw | on ij ] (Abby/Connor/Stephen, NC-17)
[ profile] prehistoriccat is being written for by [ profile] evenstar_estel -- [ Remember A Day :: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 ] (Abby/Connor, T)
[ profile] reni7681 is being written for by [ profile] dominique012 -- [ Must be the flowers ] (Abby/Connor, G)
[ profile] ssw_loved is being written for by [ profile] jooles34 -- [ This, Just This ] (Abby/Connor, 15)
[ profile] torigates is being written for by [ profile] prehistoriccat -- [ Cold Coffee ] (Abby/Connor, PG)
[ profile] woodstock12 is being written for by [ profile] misura -- [ Another Day, Another Problem ] (Stephen/Abby, Danny/Connor, G)
Sherry Holt is being written for by [ profile] reni7681 -- [ Simple Past ] (Abby/Connor, PG13)

Oct. 31st, 2010


Fic: the kindest of kisses (break the hardest of hearts) [Abby/Connor/Stephen, NC-17]

Title: the kindest of kisses (break the hardest of hearts)
Author: alyse
Recipient: misura
Prompt(s): 1st prompt: Abby/Connor/Stephen - please stick these three in an apartment together
Pairing: Abby/Connor/Stephen
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Primeval and its characters belong to Impossible Pictures. No copyright infringement is intended. This is fanfiction, written solely for love of the show.
Word Count: 6,700
Author's Notes: Written for the [info]primevalathon Autumn 2010 ficathon. Title and quote from 'Hardest of Hearts' by Florence and The Machine. Thanks go to [personal profile] aithine for the beta.

Summary: Connor tastes of toothpaste and tea and toast, of sleepy mornings and brand new days. It's typical that just as she warms into it, her breath mingling with Connor's until she can't tell who is breathing in and who is breathing out, the front door slams open and Stephen's feet pound up the stairs.

Aug. 1st, 2010


Announcing the Autumn 2010 Primevalathon

Sign ups are now open. Nothing has changed since the last time we ran it, so rather than repeat all the stuff I usually post, I'm just going to link to the posts I've made previously :) Please make sure that you read it all before you sign up. Thank you!

FAQs etc

Guide to the Primevalathon.
Character and Pairing Guide

Points to remember when signing up

Matching is done primarily on the basis of the pairings you've picked. We try and match on as many pairings as possible, to give all authors as wide a range to choose from as possible, but it's not always possible to have more than one match.

Once you've signed up, a copy of your sign up is e-mailed to you. Please check this carefully. You can go back and resubmit your sign up, making any changes you want to, up until the deadline so please make sure not only that you're happy with your selection, but that it's clear for your author and doesn't include contradictory information. Things to look out for on the 'contradictory' front are:

  • selecting more than one pairing, but only providing prompts for one pairing. If you select Abby/Connor and Claudia/Nick as your pairings, you could be matched with someone who's offered to write Abby/Connor or Claudia/Nick or both. So if all three of your prompts are about Claudia/Nick falling in luuurve, and you've been matched with someone who has only offered to write Abby/Connor, it's going to be a bit difficult for them :)

  • using your prompts to ask for pairings or genres you haven't selected, for example 'I'd like a femslash story' when you've not selected any femslash pairings, or 'I'd love a Nick and Stephen fall in love story' when you haven't selected that pairing.

  • ticking the same thing under 'want in my story' and 'do not want in my story'. That's just plain confusing :) Also, we give you the option of choosing whether or not you want fanon OCs in your story, and if you do, which particular fanon OCs, so if you tick yes there but then say later on that you don't want fanon OCs in your story (or vice versa), then it's going to be even more confusing for your poor bewildered author.
Don't forget that you can also use the free text box in the end to give your author more information if you think anything's not clear, or even to say nice things to them.

Key Dates for this round

Sign Ups Open: 1 August 2010
Sign Ups Close: 14 August 2010
Assignments Sent Out: by 21 August 2010
Last date for dropping out without penalty: 14 October 2010
Due Date for stories: 31 October 2010

Please make a note of these dates. 'I forgot' is not really a good excuse for not delivering and disappointing your recipient.

Sign Ups

The sign up form can be found here.

Questions? Comments?

Please comment here or feel free to PM us through livejournal's messaging system.

We'll be posting sign up posts for betas and pinch hitters at later dates.