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[08 Jul 2009|11:00pm]
I’m here today to interview a member of the popular Finnish band “Hypnotic Erotic Redemption” [H.E.R.]. I’ve not yet been told who I’m interviewing, though it seems the frontman is always a best bet. I’m on my second cocktail when in walks the popular frontman. We greet each other accordingly and the following conversation begins the interview…

VLAD: ‘ello! You must be the bloke what’s been sent to do the interview, eh?

RS: (polite laugh) Yes, yes. I’m here to interview from Rock Society magazine.

VLAD: Lovely to meet you! I’m Wlad… the wocalist for H.E.R.

RS: …I’m sorry… your… name?

VLAD: Wlad. I’m Wlad the wocalist for H.E.R.

RS: … did you say your name was… Wad?

VLAD: No, no, WLAAAD. You’ve missed the ‘L’

RS: …right. Okay and you’re the…

VLAD: (heavy sigh) The wocalist? Really, I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s going to be quite a long interview if you’re going to repeat every question 2-3 times…

This is how most of my interviews start. I’ve dreaded them for quite some time, but I’m the only one in the band that speaks closest to proper English sooo I inevitably draw the short straw. In case you missed the introduction, my name is Wlad. I am the wocalist for the Finnish band H.E.R. Look forward to working and meeting you all.

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