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OPENING NEWS FOR THE RPG [19 Feb 2009|03:52am]

This is a friends locked community.

This is a brand new Harry Potter RPG ([info]posthogwartsrpg) that is going in real time except we're in the year 2001, starting in the month of February.

Officially opened: February 19, 2009
Official game play date for starting: February 19, 2001

So far, everyone that has joined has at least 5 years of role playing experience.

Please check out this journal (the mod journal) for more information.


I decided to make this community when everything else seemed to fail in the land of Harry Potter RPGs. Most mods are too elite or too anal to play with. I simply made this community to have a place to role play and to have fun. I don't care if your character is cannon or uncannon. I don't care if your posts and replies are two paragraphs or ten. None of that matters to me. It's time to have a game where the mod(s) aren't too strict and honestly don't care what's being played out as long as it's in the post Hogwarts era. So, I present to you, [info]posthogwartsrpg.

Mod - [info]posthogwartsmod; personal journal - [info]hearts_couture

Other communities: [info]posthogwartsowl and [info]posthogwartsooc

*For the Friend Add Button, Taken PB's & PB's On Hold, Rules, the Application, Taken Characters & Characters on Hold, Plot, and Contacts, please visit the mod journal! - [info]posthogwartsmod
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