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[3/25/2014, 1:30am]


Prison Break (2502) [2/13/2014, 4:39pm]

Who: Cecily Pardee, Deirdre Prewett, Elijah Mason, Isaac Holt, Irene Putman, & Johnathan Ackerman
Where: Territory 30 → Free Zone compound
When: Night & pre-dawn, Jan. 28th, 2502
Rating: PG
Status: Complete

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[11/14/2013, 1:22am]

Who: Elijah Mason OT: Irene Putman
Where: Free Zone → Holding Cell » CDC Facility → Atlanta, GA
When: September, 2501 → November, 2499
Rating: TBD
Status: In Progress Closed

As the months of confinement and torture dragged on, Elijah Mason found his thoughts drifting more and more to Irene Putman, a vampire he'd first met back in the 1960s and hit it off instantly with her. It had been a pleasurable surprise to find out that she was one of Isaac's Fledglings as well and they had been together for a handful of years before parting ways on an amicable note. They'd seen each other on-and-off over the years whenever the both of them showed up for Isaac's holiday dinners starting several years later. However, his thoughts that night had turned to the more recent span of months he'd spent with her...

Center for Disease Control
Atlanta, Georgia
November, 2499

It was a typical sunny day in Atlanta, although for Eli and the rest of the vampires that had volunteered to help find a vaccine didn't see much of the sun these past few weeks as doctors and scientists poked, prodded, and questioned them nearly to death. Elijah really didn't mind. After all there was a purpose to the questions, to the poking and the prodding. There was a reason for the strenuous exercise routines. Everything that they learned about his species brought them that much closer to a vaccine and quite possibly a cure.

The day was just ending for Eli as he left the training room, a towel draped around his neck and winded after working several hours on the treadmill for his handler. Heading toward the dining hall, he stopped several times along the way to chat with personnel and other vampires he'd befriended before finally reaching his destination. Grabbing a bottle of water, mostly unnecessary for his kind but it made the humans feel more comfortable, Eli took a seat at a table with a sigh. Pulling the towel from his neck, it was dropped onto the table before he unscrewed the cap on the bottle and took a sip.

Returning the cap to the bottle, Eli closed his eyes and sat there at the table in silence. The vampire felt good, although given his current state, it was a bit odd not to feel the beat of his heart pumping through his veins. In a way... he almost missed the feeling. It was rare for him or his species to feel tired, but... That afternoon, Elijah sure felt tired after running on the treadmill for as long as he had. In fact, the vampire was seriously looking forward to a shower and many hours of sleep.
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A Night At The Bridge [9/12/2013, 2:37am]

Who: Isaac Holt, Irene Putman, Amelia Major, Vivian Kerry, Sean Kavanagh, Daniel Corrigan, Deirdre Prewett, and Ciarán Hayes.
Where: The Bridge
When: Wednesday, September 11, 2501 (Night)
Rating: TBD
Status: In Progress Closed
The Bridge. Despite it's unusual location and beginnings, it was a club like any other club. )
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[8/31/2013, 11:03pm]

Who: Deirdre Prewett, Irene Putman OT: Irene Putman
When: August 31h, Afternoon 2501
Rating: PG (Expected)
Status: In Progress

Deirdre walked quickly towards the Tower for her meeting. She wasn’t entirely sure what it was about. She’d gotten to her shift, and was told there was a message for her: she was to see Irene Putnam, the Second of the Territory. She’d never had much interaction with the Vampires who ruled the territory before this summer. It wasn’t surprising; she had a bit of a reputation for insolence. (Deirdre attributed it to the fact that she had been in forensics before the Collapse, not a street-cop like her supervisor), but she also had a reputation for being able to handle the aftermath of violence well. Perhaps the Vampire wanted to speak to her about another supplies raid in Revenant Territory? That had been a fairly effective group, and had managed not to get themselves killed after all. She’d proven her competence with a gun, and her ability to work with a diverse team.

Deirdre wished perhaps she had dressed differently. Her usual short skirt and heels were fine when she was trying to piss off her supervisor, but perhaps less appropriate for meeting with the Second of the Territory. The heels however did help her confidence (she liked feeling tall) as she stood before the door waiting for the guard (assistant? Servant?) to tell the vampire Deirdre Prewett had arrived. She did succeed in not fidgeting while waiting for her conversation with the Territory’s Second in Command.
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Just what the truth is, I can't say anymore [8/26/2013, 11:57pm]

Who: Deirdre Prewett, Irene Putman, Johnathan Ackerman, Prudence Lautari, & Sylvia Wilde OT: Anyone from any Territory
Where: Territory 21
When: August 13th, around Noon, 2501
Rating: R for violence
Status: In Progress Closed
Notes: Many will notice that the scene below is incomplete and appears to start in the middle. We did not know until after the fact that Chatzy has it's (unknown) limitations when you're not shelling out the cash for their Premium services. To get up to speed on the current situation, please make sure to read The Story So Far following this note. Other things that are not typical of normal scenes: Colored character lines. You'll notice in this post that each character has a specified color to make each character distinct.

The Story So Far...Sylvia Wilde, Second-in-Command of Territory 21, reported to Territory Leader, Amaru that without proper medication and medical treatment, a patient of hers wouldn't last much longer. The only known place Sylvia knew of where to find the specific treatment was smack in the middle of a massive Revenant infestation. Since the Collapse, no one ever ventured in this part of Territory 21 due to the sheer number of Revvies. Yet, not only did Territory 21 need this precious medication, but there were other medical supplies that Territory 26 and 30 would need. A plan was formed, a date set, and representatives from each Territory were chosen.

As the creator of the plan and the only individual who knew the location of the medical building, Sylvia Wilde was the first of Territory 21 chosen to go on the mission. Prudence Lautari, a scavenger and trader in the Territory, volunteered to lead them as she knew the best way to get to their intended destination. Due to his Gift and combat skills, Johnathan Ackerman from Territory 26 was chosen to accompany the party on their mission along with Deirdre Prewett, a combat-ready vaccinated human and Irene Putman, a trusted vampire in Isaac Holt's inner circle were assigned to the mission from Territory 30.

The goal of the mission was quite simple: Get to their destination, retrieve the necessary supplies, and leave with as little conflict at possible. Rarely do such work out as planned, however. Not only must the group travel on foot, increasing their travel time by quite a lot, but they are racing against the impending thunderstorm coming their way. Time, unfortunately, is not on their side. By the time they reach their destination safely—much to their surprise—the storm is upon them and with sun gone, their party is ambushed by a single Revenant as soon as Sylvia starts toward the hospital entrance.

Completely caught off-guard and terrified, the good doctor is unable to use her vampire powers but Deirdre Prewett and Irene Putman easily take out the insane Revenant with their firearms. Afraid the noise will attract more of the creatures, Johnathan Ackerman takes point and clears the broken glass at the entrance to increase their chances of entering undetected. Once inside, they find the lobby eerily void of chaos and destruction save for the glass from the broken windows... )
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In Need of Some Tutelage [8/17/2013, 1:33am]

Who: Tobias Kingston OT: Johnathan Ackerman & James Greer
Where: The Mansion
When: Friday, August 17th, late afternoon
Rating: PG
Status: In Progress Closed

He stood in the middle of the greenhouse, fidgeting nervously with a plant leaf even as he chewed thoughtfully on his lower lip. Ever since Aubrey had announced she was having a dinner party with guests arriving from other territories, Toby felt like his stomach was going to slowly fly away with all the butterflies he was feeling as of late. He wasn't nervous about the formal attire or anything like that—He had attended plenty of family gatherings to rid himself of that particular brand of nervousness—but what the gifted man was currently having a mini-crisis over was the fact that the majority of this shindig was going to be held in the massive ballroom. Ballrooms usually tended to have well... dancing in them, which... Toby did not know how to do. At least the classy kind of dancing one did at these sort of functions and he wanted to make an impression on Aubrey...

The problem was, he wanted it to be a surprise and aside from Aubrey herself, he didn't know of anyone else would be knowledgeable in that type of dancing other than James Greer and Johnathan Ackerman. Toby wasn't quite sure if he should approach them about his lack of dance skill considering that was rather trivial compared to what was currently going on. A moment passed as he concentrated on improving the quality of some of the plants before finally coming to the decision that it couldn't hurt to at least ask. Pursing his lips with determination, Toby straightened and tidied up the greenhouse before leaving it to go searching for the other two gifted men.

After his inquiries were made, Toby learned the two gentleman were in the Training Room where he found himself pausing outside of to gather his nerve. Hands were lifted to push back his hair as he pulled in a deep, calming breath and let it out. His arms swung back down to his sides and he pushed his way into the room.

Tobias' sudden entrance surprised Johnathan, who's attention darted toward the door and the dark haired figure standing just inside it. He was properly distracted from the grapple he was currently in with James and suddenly found himself on his back with the witch standing over him. He blinked up at James several times, his mind wrapping around the fact that his distraction had been used against him. Johnathan, of course, held no ill will toward his lover for using such an advantage and he grinned up at James before his attention, once again, shifted toward Tobias as he remained sprawled on the floor.

"And what can we do for you, Mr. Kingston?" Johnathan asked before suddenly moving on the floor, his leg aiming to sweep the witch's legs out from under him so the vigilante would be a position to pin James to the ground. Toby looked around to see if anyone else was present and ducked out into the hall real quick before ducking back in and closing the door behind him.

"Uh, well..." he began, always finding it a little bit weird that Johnathan was so formal, "It's like this..." he said, informing the two men of his predicament.
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A Formal Gathering is Afoot! [8/17/2013, 12:37am]

Upon returning home you find an envelope has been shoved under your door while you were gone. The envelope is simple in appearance with your name flourished across it's front and judging from it's thickness, it contains more than one item. Opening the envelope reveals a simple, yet elegant invitation:

Included with the invitation is a smaller envelope and card that reads, "Please RSVP no later than Wednesday, August 21st, 2501." OOC Note: If your character is going, have them comment below to RSVP.
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[8/14/2013, 11:50pm]

Who: Sean Kavanagh OT: Daniel Corrigan
Where: Holt Tower → Sean's Apartment
When: Wednesday, August 14th, late afternoon
Rating: TBD
Status: In Progress Closed

It had been a long, productive, but enjoyable day for Sean. The redhead had worked the morning shift in the bookshop where he had the pleasure of meeting several new people and spending time with a couple of little girls that reminded him of his sisters. The two girls came to the shop during their free period before lunch time. As there wasn't much of an education system, many kids and students were home schooled if it was possible and Beth and Emily were no exception. When he was in the shop, Sean would read to them for a little bit while their mother ran an errand or needed to do some trading. The Gifted redhead didn't mind as he enjoyed the company.

When his shift was over, Kerry arrived to have lunch with Sean and Daniel before they sequestered themselves in the room where the piano had been moved to so they could practice the latest batch of music Kerry had written. Their session was quite productive and the music lovely, all of which made Sean very excited about the next musical gathering there would be at the Bridge. Once their session was wrapped, the apartment was now peacefully quite in more ways than one. Sean was able to completely relax now that he did not have to deal physic readings from his friend thanks to Daniel's presence.

In the quiet aftermath, Sean disappeared into the bedroom a moment before reappearing in the living room with a small box of cosmetics. The redhead plopped down beside Daniel on the couch and rummaged around the box briefly before he triumphantly produced a small bottle of black nail polish and asked the other boy, "Can I paint your toe nails?"
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[7/30/2013, 9:44pm]
Where: Territory 30 → The Streets
When: Tuesday, July 30th — All Day
Rating: TBD
Status: In Progress Closed
Notes: About Market Day — READ ME FIRSTRead more... )
By 9 o'clock that morning, traders had their stalls, tables, and the back of their pick-up trucks all set up with their wares on display. Exotic and delicious smells permeated the air as food vendors already began cooking for the masses. Chickens, dogs, and other livestock clucked, barked or otherwise made their presence known and streams of music drifted in and out on the breeze. Children ran through the streets, whooping and hollering, and bouts of laughter group be heard from passing groups. In all, it was a typical Market Day that sported a lighter atmosphere than most days. On Market Day, people temporarily set aside their worries and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Which is what Ciarán was doing, sitting on one of the chairs he'd made. A guitar rested in lap as he played it, although he did not sing as it was not his thing. Instead, he was accompanying a packmate as they sang a quite old but still popular Irish folk song, which added a bit of nostalgia to the lighthearted feel of the day, but what good Irish song didn't? By the time the duo was finished, the small crowd they'd gathered applauded before dispersing, leaving only a few left who were interested in perusing what Ciarán and his pack had to trade.
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[7/28/2013, 7:20pm]

Who: Sean Kavanagh OT: Anyone in T30 & Holt Tower
Where: Holt Tower → Bookstore
When: Sunday, July 28th @ 4:26pm
Rating: PG
Status: In Progress Complete

It was a typical afternoon for Sean who was spending it in the quiet of the bookstore, although it was really more of a library considering no one really bought the books. The system was more akin to a library where people came, took a book, and brought it back once they were done. But, Isaac wanted to maintain some sense or illusion of normalcy so there were store clerks that worked the bookstore and since Sean had worked in one before things went to shit... There he was, sitting behind the counter dressed in a light green v-neck t-shirt, black jeans, a chain wallet, and his cane leaning against the wall behind him. The only thing that was not typical of Sean's appearance was the baggy, hooded sweatshirt he huddled into and the sunglasses on his face.

The redhead had a migraine the size of Texas, or at least that was how it felt to him. One could assume that Sean overdid it last night with partying at the Bridge, but he and Daniel had not stayed long after Isaac was done with them. Instead, they'd gotten roped into an evening in with one of their neighbors and ended up falling asleep on the couch. They woke the next day to a dreary, cloudy, and chilly day. Nature sometime had an effect on psychic energy and that day and Sean was feeling it. Most of these days, Sean could keep the worst of the flow of images at bay thanks to the nullifying presence of Daniel, but due to the change in weather... The psychic energy made it difficult to keep his mental shield in place and his headache had started out manageable enough, but as his shift wore on it got increasingly more difficult to block everything out and his head suffered the consequences.

Sean wanted nothing more than to seek out Daniel before dinner, wrap himself up in the other boys arms and sleep for a bit. Any relief that could be afforded, the redhead would be grateful for it. Green eyes darted to the clock on the wall and Sean inwardly groaned. There was at least 30 minutes left of his shift. Thirty minutes before he could hobble out of the store and that was only if the person relieving him was on time, which Laurie, a mother of two, was notoriously late. Sean heaved a sigh and readjusted the hood to block out more light.
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Now He Begins To Understand [6/19/2013, 12:15pm]

Who: Elijah Mason
Where: Free Zone → Holding Cell
When: Wednesday, June 19th, 2501 @ 12:42pm
Rating: PG-13
Status: Completed

He had no idea what time it was nor what day it was. Although Elijah Mason didn't know his disappearance had been almost two months ago, to him, however, it felt like two years. The only thing he knew of his location was it had been a police station of some sort once upon a time. The second thing he knew of his situation was his captors were human and very, very clever. Elijah was dosed daily with enough silver to keep him lucid, coherent, and compliant, but not enough to kill him. He assumed that was a result, to a point, by the blood they used to administer the silver.

Eli had been unconscious during the time they transported him from the safe house to wherever the hell they were now. What he did remember was hazy, but Eli did know that he, Trent, and the rest of the protection crew were completely unprepared for the attack that had come their way. In the ensuing days and weeks of torture, the vampire had been able to piece together during the scant reprieves he was allowed that the Revenant attack on the safe house had not been as random as he originally thought. Presumably his tormenters had led the creatures to their door, exploited a weakness, and took what they wanted. Which, Eli learned, had been him.

He also learned why they wanted him. Who better to tell them everything about Isaac Holt, Territory Leader, than one of his very own Fledglings? Eli, however, was proving to be a tough nut to crack. The information he gave was of little consequence and he had held out long enough to the physical stuff that they were resorting to starving the information they needed out of him now. That was when his fear began to surface.

Eli had known since the beginning that the psychic bond he shared with his maker was not working, he presumed, because of the silver. He could not feel the comforting presence of Isaac, but that was easy to overcome when your only goal for the day was survive the physical torture. It was easier to hope that Isaac would come for him even when it felt like his guts were on fire because of the silver knife stuck in him. But now that he was alone, lying on the cold concrete floor, and not remembering when the last time he'd had any blood? His hope was fading and Eli finally understood in some small way the contempt and disdain his maker held for the humans. Eli only wished he survived long enough to apologize to the older vampire.
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A Surprising New Arrival [6/15/2013, 2:37pm]

Who: Isaac Holt & Introducing Irene Putman
Where: Territory 30, Holt Tower
When: Saturday, June 15th, 2501 @ 8:00pm
Rating: PG-13 for language
Status: Completed

It was just turning dusk as Irene turned off the unkept freeway and into the Chicago metro area on her motorcycle. There was no traffic, of course, there usually wasn't much to begin with since the collapse but especially not this near to night time. Everyone in their right mind was already well indoors and hidden away from the creatures that came out in the night. Irene wasn't worried for herself so much, she could see the towers ahead of her that was her ultimate destination. It would be close, but she knew she could make it before dark.

The vampire was eager to see Isaac again, as it had been a handful of years since she had checked in. That was totally unlike her considering how loyal she was to him but with everything going to hell in the last few years it had been easy to lose touch and also lose track of the time. She'd started her search at the last place she had known him to live. That being the home he and Diego had been living in together. Upon finding that house basically nonexistent anymore, the vampire's search took her to the leader of that sector where she got the full story of what had gone down. Well, at least the story as far as the other vampire had known it. The important part was that Irene soon had a destination of her maker's final whereabouts, having learned that he was now a territory leader in Chicago.

Just as she had anticipated, the sun was just dipping fully behind the horizon as she pulled to the front of the towers. There were guards there to meet her and she gave them each a friendly greeting. Her helmet was pulled off so that her face was easily seen and, when asked, she told them her name and her intentions. She didn't recognize any of them and she imaged they didn't recognize her either but it was really no matter as she was soon waved into the underground parking garage where she could leave her bike and enter the tower.

Read more... )
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[7/8/2012, 1:45pm]

Who: Johnathan Ackerman & Aubrey Beauclerc
Where: Streets » Aubrey's Mansion
When: Saturday, June 7th, 2501 @ 9:49pm
Rating: R
Status: Complete

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