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    Tuesday, March 11th, 2008
    1:39 pm
    Dis-organized messages
    Tears overflowing into the strength of the founded notes,
    Never sent and never organized, I remember the days I wrote.
    My heart which was fading ever so slowely is now devoured,
    Handed to you when all you could do was be glowered.

    Remembering the day when I fell and tripped into love,
    And in the mist of mornings i now hear the mourning doves.
    Then, I felt powerful as if i could take over the world,
    Reminding my stomach how it always used to swirl.

    These notes have caught the eyes of the dispared,
    I wonder if all of this to you was unaware.
    My eyes couldn't take the lonely nights of tears anymore,
    All I saw on my pillows was the wet substance I poured.

    Dis-organized messages
    Written by TheKeana
    11:59am, Tuesday, March Eleventh.
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