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December 25th, 2011

[Dec. 25th, 2011|11:46 pm]


hi! i know i haven't been updating much over the last few months -- my shitty dell which was 6 years old could barely handle booting up, let alone the torturous process of using photoshoop. BUT, i got a new computer, it has a bazillion gigs of ram, and i've got no school until the 23rd, so i'm gonna make tons of icons. (AND GIFS, OMG SO MANY GIFS...)

SUGGESTIONS WELCOME; i'm especially interested in people of colour, especially any who have a kind of alternative/scene/goth/emo/punk/etc style, or at least just an interesting look. punk pbs of any ethnicity would be great, actually.

also, i'm mostly using dreamwidth now. this here will probably be my main icon journal because ij is where all the pb icons are, but i made a dw mirror where i will probably cross-post or at least link back to this journal, since it's not flocked. i also still have a livejournal mirror which links back to this comm.

also also, check out [info]pbsofcolor! it was started by a buddy of mine, we're trying to create a good, accurate resource for pbs of colour.
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