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[23 Mar 2019|04:05pm]

[info]character shelley hennig, claire holt, britt robertson, rosie huntington-whiteley, paul wesley, armie hammer, ben barnes, henry cavill, penn badgley, garrett hedlund, michael b jordan, julian morris, and another neighbor

[23 Mar 2019|03:54pm]

[info]coastline record store coworkers or regulars, her hs ex’s younger or older sibling for overdramatic shenanigans, bad hookup choices, more musicians, a new best friend, someone to start a podcast similar to buffering the vampire slayer except it’s about stranger things

[23 Mar 2019|03:58pm]

[info]recognize i had the longest week ever so while i reply to these comments a million days later, bring me: kit harrington, jenna coleman, sam claflin, jason momoa, henry golding, sophie turner, natalie dormer, an ex for a detailed/messy line, costars costars costars, a close friend for her to dump all her problems on
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[23 Mar 2019|12:52pm]

i will give both my arms and legs if i could get something slash for jay gordon from orgy (manager/rock star, merch person/rock star or even two rival bands) what happened to all the people who used to play these type of guys or like playing against them?

[23 Mar 2019|03:42pm]

[info]coastline a best friend, jas tookes, any of her ex boyfriends from high school that had their cars vandalized by her brother devon, buddies, pals
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[23 Mar 2019|09:26am]

[info]coastline anyone looking for co-workers, family, exes? she's obviously a blank slate and looking to see where i can slot her in to get her going
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[23 Mar 2019|03:25pm]

[info]exosolar more game of thrones faces because i am so hyped for the next season! lena headey for a partner-in-crime/fellow mad scientist for a specific line, more people to fill out the dauntless, some alliance folks he has a friends (or enemies), and just more lines in general!

[23 Mar 2019|03:20pm]

jon bernthal to come with to a comm somewhere. i've got a lot of different ideas.
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[23 Mar 2019|04:46pm]

[info]coastline finally finally applied, though with a slight different direction for him. other failed actors and actresses, a former sugar mama, his former dealer, an epic bromance, people he used to party with, ex flings
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[23 Mar 2019|03:05pm]
[info]obscurum i'd love pb suggestions for the youngest hutchins son and lines with everyone!
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[23 Mar 2019|02:51pm]

[info]exosolar more tech people, people to work at his companies, the medic and hired guns of the traveler since this guy not so secretly funds their missions, more friends, robert downey jr as his best friend and science buddy!

[23 Mar 2019|01:26pm]

[info]recognize the weeknd credits for a platonic bff, a male actor for some drama from a few years ago, credits of the chainsmokers, normani, david guetta, travis scott, selena gomez, demi lovato, marshmello, justin bieber, bruno mars, the jonas brothers, khalid!

[23 Mar 2019|02:27pm]

[info]recognize her kevin garvey for a line and the rest of the leftovers cast too, that mega-stacked dune cast and denis villeneuve credits, damon lindelof credits, the lost and handmaid's tale casts, more of the 35+ crowd, more costars in everything!
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[23 Mar 2019|02:22pm]
someone to go to [info]locate with? faces are negotiable but job is set in stone
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[23 Mar 2019|11:44am]

[info]recognize chilling adventures of sabrina and parenthood credits to annoy, family, friends, and an ex.

[23 Mar 2019|01:46pm]

[info]obscurum ross lynch, alexander skarsgard, humans, gifted people, and shifters!

[23 Mar 2019|12:44pm]

[info]coastline: Co workers, friends from back home, people!

[23 Mar 2019|11:53am]

[info]where lines for this newbie in town. he's the younger brother of felix and stella.
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[23 Mar 2019|09:38am]

[info]coastline nick robinson and taylor swift, more local musicians to tour with this summer, regulars and employees at either of her shops, someone she wrote letters to regularly when they were younger, friends and foes alike
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[23 Mar 2019|11:32am]

home for an obscure pb with some lines please? i can change journals to fill family lines too. he'd be about 30-32 if that makes any difference.
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[23 Mar 2019|12:57pm]

[info]recognize trying to get back in the (new york) groove again the lady bird to her greta + pretty much all her casts (but especially the last 2 march sisters and the laura dern type cast as marmee for bambi to admire the heck out of), co-stars in pretty much everything, wes anderson credits, both the person and fellow cast alum, noah baumbach credits for some drama, new york friends to hang out with, paul rudd because his face, people to harass in customs, everything, anything.

[23 Mar 2019|12:17pm]

[info]obscurum alexander skarsgard and the rest of the hutchins family
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[23 Mar 2019|01:17pm]

[info]where a lady or two for an epic homance, Chris Pratt for a neighbor and her running partner, the ex girlfriend of her husband for funsies, dudes for said husband to play with, more friends in general, an ex boyfriend to run into, a couple to double date with, fellow firefighters & first responders; Mandy Moore, Odette Annable, Jenna Dewan, Chad Michael Murray, Taylor Kitsch, Sebastian Stan, Scarlett Johansson, Milo Ventimiglia, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, Chris Pine.
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[23 Mar 2019|03:37pm]

[info]recognize it's me again!! credits of nick kroll, pete davidson, other snl writers, people who guested on oh, hello on broadway, and someone fun and wonderful to be his annamarie!
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[23 Mar 2019|11:12am]

[info]locate ryan reynolds, michael fassbender, penn badgley, clients that keep her up to date on all the gossip while she makes them look fabulous, exes, a fling or two, fashionistas, dog parents, people to love on!

[23 Mar 2019|11:06am]

[info]locate jamie bell or an older brother for him and ~toriam, harrison osterfield or a bff from childhood, cosplayers, disney cast members, dancers, new yorkers, fellow youtubers/influencers, people to comment and more lines in general
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[23 Mar 2019|11:09am]

does anyone pb any korean faces? i would like to take a family somewhere but i have a background figured out.
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[23 Mar 2019|12:26pm]

[info]locate lines for this high school teacher? his boodle of siblings, a lady for something complicated, a beautiful bromance, fellow crazies who actually opt to teach teenagers, dog owners
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[23 Mar 2019|10:08am]

[info]locate trevor and ~ginevieve need their older brother! face suggestions can be provided. vanessa hudgens, vanessa morgan, cole sprouse for ~willuh and her heart eyes, an older brother for ~owen, more friends from new york, olivia holt, more male faces to equal out the taken list, more lines

[23 Mar 2019|09:49am]

i figure i'll try again now that i'm settled. a home for him?
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[23 Mar 2019|06:23am]

looking to brainstorm some psls, check the journal.

[23 Mar 2019|10:29am]

i miss using this face. home or psl?
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[23 Mar 2019|10:06am]

[info]locate michael fassbender

[23 Mar 2019|08:58am]

[info]obscurum. okay, i need more πŸ…’πŸ…—πŸ…˜πŸ…•πŸ…£πŸ…”πŸ…‘πŸ…’ so that she's not the only one. family members, friends, random connections, and ex or two, the hunter that she can't seem to stay away from, anything and everything please. also, beau mirchoff 😍, max thieriot, chris hemsworth, chris pine, chris evans, ryan reynolds, charlie hunnam, garrett hedlund, oscar isaacs, pedro pascal, taron egerton and alexander skarsgΓ₯rd.

[23 Mar 2019|12:59am]

Would any of the pb's in my icons be wanted over at [info]exosolar for anything?
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[23 Mar 2019|03:14am]

[info]character does anyone need family or anything?
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[23 Mar 2019|01:09am]
[info]coastline ignore the journal but would kylie jenner be wanted? or what other females would be wanted? i have an idea for a background but i just need some face suggestions.
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[23 Mar 2019|12:51am]

[info]obscurum i would love to work out lines with everyone! planning on having her as a nurse. friends, family ( would love an older brother ), co-workers, flings, all that i need it!
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[23 Mar 2019|12:02am]

[info]recognize give πŸ‘πŸΎ me πŸ‘πŸΎ bruno πŸ‘πŸΎ mars πŸ‘πŸΎ credits. please?

[22 Mar 2019|09:32pm]

[info]recognize now that i am done moving all the way across the flipping country....someone with diplo and also labrinth credits so they can make amazing music together (she has sia credits), calvin harris credits, a maddie ziegler type for her to mentor all day, more new york based peeps for her to bother and drag out, people who come over to her house to taste test gin, a significant ex (of either gender), david harbour for something epic, ruby rose or evan rachel wood for something slightly specific.
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[22 Mar 2019|09:38pm]

[info]obscurum a lady vampire for a line please! plus the rest of the runaways cast and lines with anyone i haven't spoken to yet, more werewolves and more hunters
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[23 Mar 2019|12:30am]

[info]character tom holland, dua lipa, neels visser, troye sivan, and everybody else

[22 Mar 2019|09:25pm]

[info]coastline took a 4 hour nap and now i'll be up forever. night owls and random scenes.
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[23 Mar 2019|01:19am]
[info]coastline who is wanted for what lines? Slight preference for males but I'll play either if I'm into the line. Not interested in baby daddy/mama lines at this time, but anything else goes.
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[23 Mar 2019|12:13am]

[info]character still searching for a roommate, all the teen wolf faces especially tyler posey, shelley hennig and holland roden, a younger sister, neighbors

[23 Mar 2019|12:11am]

[info]skylines okay but where's the punisher? also lines to whoever i haven't done the deed with!

[22 Mar 2019|09:02pm]

[info]coastline becky g, victoria justice, lisa ramos, melanie iglesias, francia raisa, selena gomez, cierra ramirez, anabelle acosta, cristela alonzo, manny montana, maluma, oscar isaac, ryan guzman, jay hernandez, siblings, cousins, a bff she grew up with, gogo dancers, her girl gang for coachella

[22 Mar 2019|11:40pm]

[info]coastline does anyone need family? would someone be interested in bringing danielle fishel in as maybe a bff aunt or something? also, the legal cast of gmw, joey king, hunter king, casey cott, the sprouse twins, and sofia carson. also any other lines you need filled, i'd love to work something out!
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[22 Mar 2019|10:34pm]

[info]exosolar what might a hayley atwell be wanted for?
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[22 Mar 2019|11:31pm]

requests are now open again

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