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[13 Dec 2018|05:05pm]

[info]colorado a roommate or two would be great while i debate over making a tinder post

[13 Dec 2018|06:19pm]

[info]coastline someone to take some of the snow away (note some, not all), a marketing rival from his undergrad, matt smith and claire foy for cliche things with ~vonn and literally all my love, ~henryl to return or the middle langford sibling, the kenickie to his zuko, hot messes disguised as business people, co workers at his new job because this fella will start next week sometime

[13 Dec 2018|04:49pm]

[info]coastline dom sherwood and other shadowhunter faces, martha hunt, ashley graham, friends, employees/patients, another hs ex, a hook up or two from the last year, idk all the things.

[13 Dec 2018|01:43pm]

what late 20s/early 30s guys are wanted where?
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[13 Dec 2018|01:41pm]

[info]exosolar scott eastwood or charlie hunnam, rebel wilson, daneel ackles, hilarie burton, anna kendrick, noomi rapace. more adf, the rest of the crews, people to get into hijinks with.

[14 Dec 2018|08:26am]

[info]coastline someone pretty please bring me a henry cavill ♥ and a ryan gosling for [info]mousley. ladies for a girl gang/wine appreciation group, guys who actually want to be friends with her, custom buddies, peeps to talk to about life in general and give advice, folk up for late night shenanigans, [info]gerrett to come back, workers for the brewery, a hs ex for a cutesy/interesting line, i know it might not happen but my left arm for a tina fey xo
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[13 Dec 2018|04:22pm]

[info]onepercenters Lines for this Saint Patch? An old lady, i have some ideas.
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[13 Dec 2018|04:19pm]

[info]coastline more friends! a roommate he is stupidly close with to the point people are worried about their co-dependence, a stepsibling with hardly any family drama - they just all LOVE each other, more exes he's on good terms with because he's a giant golden retriever that speaks portuguese. people who use his tech services or that he's fixed their phone/laptop, more pals for wednesday night soccer (male or female!), cierra ramirez and adeline rudio for all my lovin'
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[13 Dec 2018|01:03pm]

[info]onepercenters anyone need or want anything before i start figuring her out? she's currently a blank slate and i would love to fill lines!

[14 Dec 2018|09:57am]

[info]onepercenters would she be wanted for anything?

[14 Dec 2018|09:53am]

longshot, but johnny knoxville to [info]chambana along with her two older sisters, and maybe a niece or nephew? and more teachers!

[13 Dec 2018|03:47pm]

[info]colorado joining your 35+ crew! i'd love someone to come in with his little sister, longtime friends, anyone he might've played football with back in school and some occupation suggestions

[13 Dec 2018|03:48pm]

anything het or femme for a winona ryder pb? open to slice of life, supernatural, or even some fandom based lines

[13 Dec 2018|03:15pm]

[info]colorado liam payne

[13 Dec 2018|03:13pm]

[info]colorado more lady loving ladies friendship & otherwise, custom/scene buddies, people to go out dancing and karaoke with, fellow christmas carolers, gigi & bella hadid, alexis ren, tyler posey, dacre montgomery, madelaine petsch, dove cameron, evan peters, emmy rossum, suki waterhouse, toni mahfud, dom sherwood, camila mendes, charles melton
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[13 Dec 2018|01:59pm]

[info]colorado amanda seyfried, nic hoult, sen mitsuji, sui he or any other 28+ year olds for various lines including: more people in the sciences, an ex-roommate for hilarious and stupid arguments, a very short-lived ex-girlfriend turned tentative friend, and some others

[13 Dec 2018|02:46pm]

looking for psls, if there's chemistry it can be long-term. comment the journal, comments screened.

[13 Dec 2018|02:22pm]

Jameela Jamil, Vella Lovell, Sterling K Brown, Mandy Moore, Steven Yeun, Noah Centineo, Lana Condor, Stephanie Beatriz, Andy Samberg, Jeff Goldblum, Gregg Sulkin, Tessa Thompson, Constance Wu, and Nathan Fillion to ~subliminal. Let’s hope my phone’s auto correct didn’t butcher any names!

[13 Dec 2018|12:44pm]

[info]coastline a roommate or two, paternal step or half siblings, cousins, summer friends of yore when she visited her dad in sf during the summer, people whose eyes don't glaze over during her pseudo-philosophical and literary analyses, people she's messed around with since her divorce, horror movie enthusiasts, fans of the all female gnr tribute band she's in, folks to accompany her to live metal and punk shows, everythiiing
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[13 Dec 2018|02:12pm]

Weighing my options; would Amber Heard be wanted anywhere for anything?

[13 Dec 2018|02:15pm]
check the journal for icons of lesser-known pbs! still taking requests.

[13 Dec 2018|01:44pm]

[info]colorado one more older sister! evan peters, taissa farmiga, dave franco, lea michele, things to make me be more active with her because i fail atm.

[13 Dec 2018|10:37am]

[info]obscurum i should be app'd by tonight, or at least tomorrow at the latest. but give me a few sisters, he has four. all younger than he is! people who knows his sisters, cousins for a large family line. exes, current hook ups, and whatever you need!
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[13 Dec 2018|10:20am]

[info]subliminal It's everywhere you want to be.

[13 Dec 2018|01:01pm]

[info]skylines the semester is finally over, SO. more spider-verse folks! kingpin as her ex-boss, the osbornes, the symbiote squad (flash especially, but eddie and cletus can come too), the various members of the sinster six roster, various spider-nerds from across the universe(s) because tomorrow can't be here soon enough to see the movie.

[13 Dec 2018|12:56pm]

[info]colorado people with boring office jobs to blow off steam with on the weekends, ski/snowboarding friends and pals, another person or two from colorado springs, a roommate, neighbors

[13 Dec 2018|12:43pm]

[info]colorado an ex turned best friend, a frenemy he's had a rivalry with in w.o.w for so long that neither of them quit the game even though secretly they want to but can't give in, a brand new step-sibling for something awkward and sort of specific, someone he shops with for fashion shows at boutiques neither of them can afford to buy anything at, someone to help me out on some style ideas for my dude's secret santa, a roommate that doesn't mind his ocd tick to have everything just so
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[13 Dec 2018|12:29pm]

[info]obscurum his first progeny, the former sheriff for drams, vampires who are on the council (it's kinda like the authority from true blood), more lines! ezra miller, darren criss, angela bassett, brothers for ~ascender, everyone else being asked for
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[13 Dec 2018|06:27pm]

james mcavoy or jamie bell for a psl?

[14 Dec 2018|03:41am]

[info]coastline olivia munn or rachel mcadams maybe?
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[13 Dec 2018|10:27am]
would anyone pb sean teale or noah centineo against eleanor tomlinson or sarah bolger, or gregg sulkin against emma dumont? psls only for now but i wouldn't be opposed to a comm at some point

[13 Dec 2018|11:20am]

[info]colorado rhenzy feliz! any kind of co-workers at the vet clinic he works at, neighbors for he and [info]abi and customs, animal lovers
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[13 Dec 2018|10:10am]

[info]coastline jdm or skeet ulrich for a line, rob zombie and sheri moon, lindsey way, bruce campbell. someone she recently reconnected with on vampirefreaks because i like weird lines, i would love allison harvard but pb/gender doesnt matter. her best friend from high school that fit the school shooter stereotype. criminally underused pbs, creeps and freaks, collectors of strange things, horror fanatics, gore whores, the morally inept and dregs of society.
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[13 Dec 2018|10:03am]

[info]exosolar scarlett johansson, rdj, paul rudd, tom holland, chadwick bosman, evangeline lily, brie larson, mark ruffalo, paul bettany, gwyneth paltrow, natalie portman, jaimie alexander, sebastian stan, hayley atwell, cobie smulders, don cheadle, zoe saldana, dave bautista, jason momoa, karen gillan, lee pace, anthony mackie, tilda swinton, chiwetel ejiofor, rachel mcadams, tom hiddleston, pom klementieff, donald glover, rebel wilson, lucy lawless, winston duke, danai gurira, letitia wright, lupita nyong'o, peter dinklage, jude law

lines for each and every face

[13 Dec 2018|10:58am]

[info]exosolar still really wanting to bring in this enforcer-type who is basically the female version of mick from LOT. tbh, i sort of see her as glf leaning. who wants to help me make magic?
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[13 Dec 2018|10:56am]

[info]colorado lines for this boutique owner? more professionals that meet for happy hour every thursday, current or former employees, friends, ex-boyfriends or ex-flings, people she knows from growing up in boulder, customers or anyone she's made a custom dress for, neighbors, and more 30+ people

[13 Dec 2018|10:49am]

[info]skylines oscar isaac or mark consuelos as doctor strange. boyd holbrook for ghost rider johnny blaze. blue beetle and america chavez as his niece and nephew. and a 35+ woc as his ex-wife for the dramz. cv is up to you.

[13 Dec 2018|10:43am]

[info]colorado oh just another plea for stuff and things. her ex-husband turned best friend, employees at her winery (including the winemaker), others for after work shenanigans, all the star wars faces of any capacity, a hot mess sister from new york (not that she's any better), alden ehrenreich for something with an age gap.
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[13 Dec 2018|08:41am]

[info]coastline ugh i hate how busy the holidays get. gross! if we need to finish discussing lines, please come to me!

[13 Dec 2018|09:21am]

[info]colorado an ex fiance for something specific and slightly dramatic, people who get their car fixed by him and other things, poker buddies, an ex who hates his guts
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[13 Dec 2018|10:17am]

[info]onepercenters liam payne as his youngest son, jeffrey dean morgan and sean patrick flanery for cliche reasons, debby ryan or sarah hyland or saoirse ronan or dakota fanning as his oldest niece. the rest of the aces and saints, a saint he was in prison with, other prison buds, employees for his casino, people he knows from around town, more old dudes, maybe his ex? also lines with everyone in holds
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[13 Dec 2018|09:14am]

home for tala ashe?
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[13 Dec 2018|09:39am]

[info]coastline some girl friends, an older friend who (tries) to keep her feet on the ground, a bad influence, coworkers/ideas for a work place, former or current co-workers (her job is interchangeable), past or current flings, netflix buddies, night owls who like memes and creepy stuff

[13 Dec 2018|08:33am]

missing this guy. can i get a home for him?
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[13 Dec 2018|09:27am]

[info]where the usual plea for lines/connections/all of the things. Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato for lines, Aaron Diaz, Roselyn Sanchez, Mark Consuelos and/or Justin Baldoni (as HOTDAD! of a student) more of my amazing fellow Latinos! More POC! Bring them all to us! Anyone interested in joining her dodgeball team? Let's do this!

[13 Dec 2018|05:09am]

[info]colorado rami malek

[13 Dec 2018|01:33am]

[info]coastline lines to wake up to, someone she's casually seeing or the guy who just broke up with her before the holidays, best girlfriend, nurses, friendships she have via her siblings
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[12 Dec 2018|11:32pm]

[info]obscurum the werewolf that bit her, other wolves to maybe start a new pack (or at least something that resembles as much). zealous slayers to be pains in the ass, and lines from all.
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[13 Dec 2018|02:29am]

[info]apts the rest of seventeen and the rest of exo and the rest of monsta x and blackpink and cosmic girls and everyone

[13 Dec 2018|02:19am]

[info]colorado evan peters

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