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[31 May 2020|12:01am]

[info]veritatem other demons and species of the troublemaking or sarcastic type, witches he knows and maybe one he has some kind of pact with, drinking buddies, someone letting him sleep on their couch, literally anything you can think of

[31 May 2020|01:22am]

[info]skylines alfred, scarecrow, harvey dent, batwoman, ra’s and talia al ghul, penguin, more people to talk to on discord or via customs.

[31 May 2020|01:19am]

[info]grimreapers more sweets for this guy to spend all his time on.

[31 May 2020|01:56am]

[info]housing lines for this pilot who owns a charter flight company, he's been in the area about 3 years

[31 May 2020|12:41am]

[info]grimreapers her roommate/best friend/favorite dealer, a dirty cop or questionable lawyer she's involved with, the bad influence that's speeding up her unraveling

[31 May 2020|12:41am]

any active gpsls? anyone want a cute slash or femme psl?

[30 May 2020|10:26pm]
would anyone be interested in a siblings and cousins gpsl? also looking for psls separate from that.

[31 May 2020|12:07am]

[info]veritatem bill skarsgard as her sire for something extremely dark and fun. promises of so many backdated scenes 😈 any members of the assembly of shadows to come to me pretty please. a succubus or a demon for a best friend she's known for centuries. a ghoul roommate that she shares her meals with. a member of the radiant dawn she turned bonus points if they were involved in the killing or harm of supernatural creatures. hunters and more humans in general. more demons. a ghost she killed in a fit of rage years ago that annoys her now that she's back in nola.
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[31 May 2020|01:13am]

[info]recognize i will give my soul for lady gaga credits. more pop stars and musicians, zayn malik for lines with me and [info]roy, nightwalkers (or another cool name for night owls)
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[31 May 2020|04:51pm]

trying again for a home for Robin, or maybe a psl? maybe an amber heard to come with?

[30 May 2020|11:45pm]

would anyone like to do a faux psl like actor/reporter, model/fashion designer, director/assistant, etc? something simple and low pressure, please.

[31 May 2020|12:02am]

having trouble diving into a community right now. anyone up for a psl or a small gpsl (3-4 writers)?
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[30 May 2020|08:38pm]

[info]bridgetown whatcha want?
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[30 May 2020|11:25pm]

[info]recognize musicians, charli xcx, haim, allie x, years & years, fka twigs, joji, hayley kiyoko, tame impala, tove lo, the weeknd, phoebe bridgers, the 1975, frank ocean, kevin abstract, brockhampton, 1d, jack antonoff, london neighbors, friends from new zealand with [info]toomey, the youtuber he won a tca with, exes and former flings, mishti rahman, timothee chalamet, manu rios, diego barrueco, avan jogia, sonia ben ammar, nicola peltz, jordan fisher, anya taylor joy, neels visser, imaan hammam, charles melton, reece king, zayn malik, lily rose-depp, lucky blue smith, sam claflin, douglas booth, ryan gosling

[30 May 2020|11:11pm]

[info]veritatem werewolf enforcer in ad astra, it is! and to pay the bills she works on bikes at a local shop. she needs friends, enemies, people she's punched in the face (she's got a horrible temper), an ex or two that ended up calling it quits because they couldn't deal with her issues?
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[30 May 2020|10:14pm]

[info]veritatem give this 30 y/o ghost some lines! looking for her older brother who is pretty adamant her death was not her fault. her friends from when she was alive. a necromancer, witch or warlock that's willing to give her a solid body. for all the new adds to come talk with me.
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[30 May 2020|11:14pm]

[info]recognize make my weekend with the penny dreadful cast (especially her ethan πŸ™), the rest of the pirates of the caribbean crew, joe wright credits (and their mr darcy?), denis villeneuve credits, the rock credits?!, more brit actors, people who've had their makeup done by her mum, maybe an ex or two, more costars in everything!

[30 May 2020|11:05pm]

check the journal! i would really love to do one of the murder mystery lines, but i'm also down to brainstorm.

[30 May 2020|10:03pm]
home or psl for a jodie comer?

[30 May 2020|10:12pm]

[info]woodbrn This girl's bff from childhood, Jaylen. Wanting a Lisa Ramos PB aged 24-26.

[30 May 2020|07:40pm]

[info]bridgetown sara sampaio, romee strijd, bella and gigi hadid, sophie turner, kit harington, idk but get here if you can~~

[30 May 2020|09:25pm]

[info]salemed I have an Adams witch here with the power of precognition. He was in an "accident" when he was a teen that basically gave him permanent amnesia. Upon waking up he started having flashes/visions of another witch - one he obviously didn't know (since you know, he technically didn't know anyone after his accident) but came to find out wasn't anyone he'd ever actually dated before. Yet still, visions of said witch have been persistent ever since and he cant seem to shake the future visions of them. He avoids her like the plague, but somehow, she's unavoidable.

And if that made any sense at all and someone would be interested i'd absolutely love if she were a Hamilton or Alexander! More details and plotting to be had if I can lure someone into my dramatic webb of fun.
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[30 May 2020|10:23pm]

[info]veritatem ignore the icon, while i decide could anyone use an asteriae or pagan follower for anything?
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[30 May 2020|09:42pm]

[info]housing friends, people she's tattooed, flings, a best friend, levi stocke, billy huxley, lines if we don't have one yet, if you're looking for a home let us love you!
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[30 May 2020|09:38pm]

[info]housing lines for a 24 year old exotic dancer with a big nerdy side? she's a transplant from arizona who's been living in honolulu for about two years
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[30 May 2020|09:35pm]

[info]veritatem an older sister that is her complete opposite yet they're bonded til the end a la practical magic.
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[30 May 2020|09:34pm]

[info]veritatem lines for this pup! his human sisters, a roommate he almost killed once or twice, more werewolves he can reach out to because he was only bitten 3 years ago and still struggles with the were life, jason momoa, brock o'hurn, jack greystone, philippe leblond
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[30 May 2020|05:37pm]

[info]housing everyone is really damn stellar over here. let's take all the other chris-es, ana de armas, mcu folks, a younger brother, people who work at his restaurant, beach bums, maybe a neighbor, everything else
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[30 May 2020|09:09pm]

[info]housing anyone have use for joseph gordon-levitt? bonus if anyone knows of recent jgl icons, extra bonus if there's a zooey deschanel out there for his bff
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[30 May 2020|09:09pm]

[info]veritatem going for it! i'd love to see other kitsune around (perhaps a few different elements) for an "earth" of sorts - i'd actually love a younger male as it's seen as rare, especially one that is the renowned trickster of the group, wolves she's hung around with for a few decades, perhaps one she's always at odd ends with, maybe someone who imprisoned her ages ago for some tumultuous fun, anything and everything we can think of while i piece together info and gather my MESSY THOUGHTS. joel kinnaman just because (maybe as a reaper or warlock), alycia debnam-carey (fae? sylph?), chloe bennet, anthony mackey, gugu mbatha-raw, sen mitsuji - i can make icons if anyone needs!
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[30 May 2020|08:57pm]

[info]bridgetown hannah simone, lamorne morris, justin theroux, chris evans, taika waititi, jason momoa, gael garcia bernal, riz ahmed, diego luna, pedro pascal, issa rae, lupita nyong'o, keegan michael key, andy samberg...

[30 May 2020|08:53pm]

[info]veritatem all the lines with everyone! also, sam claflin, jason momoa, kit harrington, and nathalie emmanuel because i can't help myself.
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[30 May 2020|08:45pm]

long shot I know, but home for a jennel garcia? Lines I could fill? I love her face so much!

[30 May 2020|08:42pm]

[info]veritatem vampires he's created when he was lonely in the past 200 years, people he's answered calls for as new orleans animal control, people who have noticed his 14 dogs, buds for buds
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[30 May 2020|08:46pm]

[info]nybynight can i get a nosferatu as her kick ass detective partner? they've worked together for 30 years. flexible with changing the clan too. any face what so ever. if you're into vampire the masquerade, check it out.

[30 May 2020|07:41pm]

[info]veritatem would love another hunter or two - someone she works with (family, found or otherwise) and/or someone for a (mostly) friendly rivarly. more baddies to hate. anyone who may have hired her to hunt someone down. literally anything~

[30 May 2020|08:43pm]

[info]housing the chef at her restaurant. friends. babes who brunch. people who work at the resort.
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[30 May 2020|06:18pm]

[info]recognize rob mcelhenney credits for a long time best friend, other people who got their start on the office to cry with, other writers/directors but most notably noah baumbach, olivia wilde, emerald fennell, the safdie brothers and wes anderson. connections with any co-stars i may have missed or other industry buds, scarjo's role in marriage story.

[30 May 2020|08:25pm]


[30 May 2020|07:16pm]

[info]veritatem can we get some ghosts around here?? a vamp squad to wreak havoc with, an ex from decades ago for something dark, more singers and artist types, her sire for all things dark and twisted, anyone who wants some trouble, lines if we don't have any!
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[30 May 2020|05:19pm]

[info]veritatem okay, i'm a liar. i'm keeping her as a dryad. what can i get for this florist who is shy af
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[30 May 2020|07:16pm]

[info]drives brad pitt, JASON MOMOA, colson baker, matthew noszka, jared leto, cara delevingne, everyone else i'm forgetting πŸ˜”

[30 May 2020|08:07pm]

[info]recognize gimme elle fanning as his only major (and way too good for him) ex with lots of history, john mulaney for stuff and things of varying levels of weirdness, and some dumb pop star friends - selena gomez, miley cyrus, katy perry, ed sheeran, etc!
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[30 May 2020|05:05pm]

[info]housing gal gadot, margot robbie, john krasinski, tom holland, chris pratt, sebastian stan, zoe kravtiz, pete davidson, zooey deschanel

[30 May 2020|07:53pm]

[info]recognize bringing in harry styles credits. i would love to have the girl who inspired "adore you" and "falling" along with other london connections, former one direction bandmates, anything else!
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[30 May 2020|07:55pm]

[info]veritatem what males or females are wanted?
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[30 May 2020|07:41pm]

[info]housing cousins and siblings for this native, especially a younger brother that he's close with. Tom Holland and Ryan Reynolds for possible brothers/friends, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Zooey Deschanel for sisters maybe? Other marines/military types, coworkers at ~romej's charter company, the other faces/lines people are asking for, and you if you're not here
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[30 May 2020|07:41pm]

[info]veritatem things while i flesh out this wild card of the witching world. the demon that she made her pact with (male or female) and a male of another species for something dark and slightly overbearing.
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[30 May 2020|07:28pm]

[info]housing a 30 plus lady for specific line friends some family brad pitt as an uncle matt bomer, mark wahlberg, minka kelly, jenna dewan

[30 May 2020|04:11pm]

[info]recognize close friends in the industry. lady gaga, camila cabello, shawn mendes, harry styles, the weeknd, drake, childish gambino, jack antonoff, carly rae jepsen credits.
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