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[23 Jun 2018|05:24pm]

[info]muni kj apa for something specific, kendall jenner, louis tomlinson, her older brother.

[23 Jun 2018|02:22pm]

home options?

[23 Jun 2018|10:17pm]

[info]counties now i'm alive again give me tessa thompson, pom klementieff and dua lipa, jameela jamil as a sister or cousin, coworkers, exes, people who like active customs

[23 Jun 2018|04:18pm]

[info]avaloncali patches, guys in general, people who work at his bar

[23 Jun 2018|05:08pm]

[info]superpowers more members to join a tight-knit a crime syndicate that are very much like family, good guys that have thwarted him in the past or vice versa, the love of his life that ended it when he refused to break ties with the crime world, someone that suspects him for good reason of stealing from them that's always on his case & a younger guy for him to either mentor or use as a sort of side-kick

[23 Jun 2018|02:02pm]

[info]causeway switching him to dylan! can i get a roommate, an ex girfriend he doesn't get along with, friends from hs, and zoo miami co-workers?
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[23 Jun 2018|04:43pm]

[info]where more friends! his business partner/the co-owner of his sports bar, the dugout. employees and regulars! a best friend since forever, the girl he proposed to that turned him down and crushed his heart. a housemate! people to talk to! pretty much all the things, please and ty!

[23 Jun 2018|01:30pm]

[info]lineart bringing angel baby back now that things have evened out, where you at x-men? new lines, old lines, employees, everything while i review his bio and add/rework what i need to. the apocalypse twins and psylocke, kate beckinsale and kat graham.
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[23 Jun 2018|03:14pm]

[info]where does anyone need a sister?
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[23 Jun 2018|04:18pm]

[info]superpowers would there be any interest in a sailor moon type of hero? unless that's already been done!
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[23 Jun 2018|04:01pm]

[info]lineart daaamn, germany 🇩🇪. as always, miles morales, anya corazon, spider-woman, harry osborn, eddie brock, mysterio, carnage.
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[23 Jun 2018|03:47pm]

[info]where cousins on her father's side, an adoption lawyer, neighbors, new friends from yoga.

[23 Jun 2018|03:18pm]

[info]renowned while i get an intro of some kind together, give me things! fellow voice actors of any kind, other fixtures of anything ending in -con, anyone he may have crossed paths with via got - i have specifics in mind for ygritte, sansa, ramsay, and danerys but i'll cook up something with anyone, anyone who can join the club of hating a role à la rpatts hating twilight, awkward interactions past or future with legitimate actors, anyone he might know via [info]leah because i'm a mooch, someone(s) to give him the judgey treatment for basically everything he says or does, neighbors in la, maybe some flings of either gender, everything, let's get weird
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[23 Jun 2018|12:38pm]

[info]superpowers auto repair customers and high-tech weaponry customers, a couple people he actually made exoskeletons for, super scientists for nanite fun (since i have future developments with it in mind), anyone he has played mercenary minion for, an ex for a mr. and mrs. smith sort of situation, hero/villain rivals which account for his alignment shifts on the field, anything we can brainstorm!

[23 Jun 2018|04:50pm]

[info]where could she fill any lines? she's a total blank slate atm.

[23 Jun 2018|03:16pm]

[info]where. Something fun and exciting for her please! Any takers? Then the usual type of lines that can bed built up. Friends, neighbors, fans of her confectionary shop downtown, exes of either gender, people who like to go out and do things. Everything!

[23 Jun 2018|02:42pm]

[info]superpowers lines for this empath who doesn't use her powers? someone who is helping her with a potion/treatment/enchanted object/injection/something that helps her dim her powers, someone who is always trying to get her to use them even though she just wants to be normal, a guy for something specific, a best friend who maybe witnessed a total meltdown about a decade back? lines with everyone!

[23 Jun 2018|01:15pm]

[info]superpowers would anyone want to bring in a tight knit duo or trio of either siblings who either try to be heroes OR are mercenaries for hire? lines for a water manipulator.

[23 Jun 2018|10:21am]

[info]superpowers a nonpowered brother with tons of details and fun stuff, anyone that knows or has worked with the rest of his far more heroic family, anyone that's been mentored by his mom, support group regulars that are used to seeing him cycle in and out of meetings, heroes that have had to step in and clean up his messes, villains that have dealt with his embarrassing attempts at being the hero, potential job ideas, and a roommate or two
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[23 Jun 2018|01:21pm]

[info]where an ex from hell or his wife's ex to butt heads with. sarah habel, lesley-ann brandt, tricia helfer, kevin alejandro, tom welling, harry hamlin or jeff goldblum as his slightly racist father.
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[23 Jun 2018|01:20pm]

[info]superpowers while i try to catch up on older posts, i'd love her on/off again relationship that has some complicated details (m or f), more characters with animalistic abilities or instincts, anyone she went to school with in manhattan that she discovered her abilities with around the same time together, lili reinhart, vanessa morgan, casey cott
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[23 Jun 2018|01:17pm]

[info]superpowers going to get him app’d today! More POC? Ex flings? Donald Glover as his brother? Tessa Thompson for something angsty/complicates?

[23 Jun 2018|01:08pm]


[23 Jun 2018|01:03pm]

[info]lineart nightcrawler please please please please please please please. jubilee as her live-in nanny. she pays well, i promise.
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[23 Jun 2018|09:57am]
home or psl options for kiersey clemons or amandla stenberg

[23 Jun 2018|12:52pm]

[info]savagegarden dorothy of oz and the white rabbit for alice. more pirates (two ships to choose from!), more lost boys, more knights of the round table, more Merry men (or women! we have a female little john). join in time for our new game wide plot!


[23 Jun 2018|12:52pm]

[info]where someone to tell me not to change her face to samii ryan, more lines for this local weirdo
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[23 Jun 2018|12:49pm]

could nicolas simoes be used anywhere to fill specific lines? he will be white, american, and predominately gay. a place with lax update requirements would be ideal.
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[23 Jun 2018|12:15pm]

[info]lineart someone tell me if alyssa miller as huntress is as good of an idea as i think it is. oh and lines!! she used to be a bartender, now she's an english teacher, and she's boston born and raised.
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[23 Jun 2018|12:12pm]

[info]lineart angel, beast, cyclops, jean grey, what's good?
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[23 Jun 2018|11:39am]

[info]lineart lines for jessica cruz?
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[23 Jun 2018|11:27am]

[info]where can I get behati prinsloo for a line because the cuteness kills me...

[23 Jun 2018|08:19am]

Ex girlfriend, best friend (male), neighbors, Carolina Panther teammates for this guy at [info]where while I work on icons.

[23 Jun 2018|11:18am]

[info]superpowers some non-americans including his younger brother that tracked him to nyc recently, people he may be avoiding because he accidentally crushed a personal belonging of theirs into dust & trusted allies that don't mind his lectures or all around big brotherness
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[23 Jun 2018|11:14am]

[info]where someone he's renting his basement out to, a group of friends he's known forever, the ex(m) who broke up with him because he's a workaholic, past flings, other architects, designers, artists to inspire each other, anything!

[23 Jun 2018|11:09am]

[info]counties or [info]causeway would she be wanted for anything?
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[23 Jun 2018|10:54am]

[info]where a lady for a best friend who manages to put up with her no matter what (or [info]vrly to come back to me!), a lady for a specific fwb-ish line, anyone else that works at [info]ennen's bar, lines with anyone who wants
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[23 Jun 2018|10:55am]

[info]superpowers someone else with the ability to go invisible so he can be humbled in thinking he's the only one! more misfit types and brats that don't want to be ruled by a certain set of superhero (or villain) standards, a not so nice guy he owes a big favor to after being caught trying to steal his or her wallet and anyone he regularly trolls using his abilities, saoirse ronan, armie hammer, andrew garfield, kat langford, chloe moretz, gregg sulkin, jenna coleman!!
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[23 Jun 2018|10:32am]

[info]where her younger half sister, please. pb suggestions are kiko mizuhara, tia , shannon williams, or adeline rudolph and i can help with icons. i'd also love her ex-fiance (they were together from 2015-2017 and it's non-romantic), [info]wemmett to come back or steven yeun as her older brother, and any lines.
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[23 Jun 2018|09:35am]

[info]where lyrica okano, isabella gomez, ariela barer, allegra acosta, rhenzy feliz, bella thorne, vanessa morgan, bailee madison, amandla stenberg, josh hutcherson, dylan minnette, other younguns in general! she's [info]matteis's baby sister, volunteers at the animal shelter, and is a well known local baby sitter and all around good little girl next door that may be looking for some trouble and will find herself along the way.
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[23 Jun 2018|10:19am]

there's no such thing as reviving a character too many times, right? looking for some options
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[23 Jun 2018|10:09am]

[info]renowned i have some tentative credits listed and sorting out some more, but i'd love more ideas and maybe some lines. she's still a relatively blank slate, so i'm open to things.
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[23 Jun 2018|09:54am]

[info]muni alden ehrenreich, zendaya, kj apa for ~sama, charlie hunnam, scott eastwood or tom hardy as an older brother

[23 Jun 2018|02:49pm]

[info]renowned comedians & musicians, greta gerwig credits, a younger sister and/or brother, more australians, more behind the scenes folks (damien chazelle! brady corbet! david lowery! mona fastvold! karen gillen! reed morano! safdie brothers! david o'russell!), daenerys in got, a twitter enemy, lily collins, billie lourd.
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[23 Jun 2018|11:04am]

[info]muni bill skarsgard, taylor hill, henry cavill, tove lo, jon kortajarena, holliday grainger, oscar isaac, matt smith, other 30+ folks, a guy she dated before her first marriage for something, more friends, colleagues

[23 Jun 2018|03:31am]

[info]where night owls and early birds since this schedule sucks, his bff of at least over a decade, any other good friends, past exes and awkward one nighters, heathens and troublemakers, drinking buddies, other future parents, people to talk true crime and horror with, pet parents to compare horror stories to, or whatever he can possibly fill.
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[22 Jun 2018|10:47pm]

[info]where now that she's in! bring me andrew lincoln, norman reedus and tom payne. & lines for this portland transplant and criminal lawyer.
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[22 Jun 2018|09:41pm]

[info]where friends, seasonal chartered yacht staffers (a below deck type crew would be fun), flings from his off-seasons in st aug
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[22 Jun 2018|11:29pm]

[info]lineart lines for pixie. the only thing sorted is family on her father's side.
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[23 Jun 2018|12:17am]

[info]lineart any dc ladies wanted for lines?
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