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Friday, February 8th, 2008
8:59 am - "First you tell me you have the shining..."

Who: Abi, Dean, and Sam (once we get a Sam)
When: Late night (Episode: Home)
Where: Random Seedy Motel #3
What: Sammy has the shining and Abi has a secret
Rating: PG-13

Sam had visions. That information was a lot more comforting to Abi than anyone would have thought. Mostly because she also had visions. And like Sam, she had been keeping them quiet. Not because she didn't think they were real...she had seen enough to know they were, but because she didn't know what they meant. In their line of work, nothing good came from "magical powers" and she really didn't want to delve too deep into what it meant that she had them.

What if she was possessed or something?

But Sam having them...that meant it wasn't just her. She and Sam had been apart for a while...not exposed to the same things. So if Sam was seeing things, then whatever this was, they were born with it.

Good. No demons, then.

Of course the thought hadn't comforted Dean much. She saw the way he had looked at Sam. He was worried. Which was why Abi had excused herself, leaving the boys' motel room and going back to her own to get a shower. Even though she now knew about Sam, she wasn't sure she was ready to confess about her own abilities. Dean didn't need another person to worry about.

Stepping out of the shower, she pulled on jeans and a tank top before emerging from the bathroom. She jumped a bit when she saw her older brother sitting on her bed, she hadn't expected that. "Dean..."

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