Oct. 9th, 2008


War vs Warrior

WHO: Jacen Solo, War (open)
WHAT: Unplanned Clash Between Powers
WHERE: Downtown
WHEN: After death of Jaina
STATUS: In Progress

Why War tends to ruin the best-laid plans. )

Oct. 5th, 2008


Who: LaCroix & War
What: An old general meets an old ally
When: Nighttime
Where: LaCroix’s job
Rating: TBD

War I presume? )


Who: Damien and the Horsepersons
Where: Sunset Tower Hotel
When: Evening
What: Meeting and planning
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete


The time had come. It was here. A bit early than he's thought, but it was HERE. )

Oct. 4th, 2008


Who: Xena, Junpei, and War
Where: Random street
When: Midnight
What: Killing
Rating: R
Notes: Character Death!!
Status: Incomplete


She had killed before. But this time she had some help. )

Oct. 2nd, 2008


Who: War and Seth
What: She carries old war in her bloodstream. War awakes them.
Where: One of the closed beaches. The one where the slaughter happened.
When: Backdated two days ago.
Rating: PG-13. A few NPCs salted killed.
Status: Complete.

Insert Witty Phrase )


Who: Clark and War
Where: Downtown
When: Evening
What: Saving lives
Rating: R
Status: Incomplete


Clark was getting a little annoyed, which isn't a good thing right now. )

Oct. 1st, 2008


Who: Ryan and War (with some NPCs)
Where: Streets
When: Night
What: Studying the chaos
Rating: R (mature themes)
Status: Incomplete


And people thought HE was crazy... )

Sep. 29th, 2008


Who: Hannibal King (Open)
When: 6-7PM-ish…starting to get dark…
Where: Some swank/hip jewelry store
Why: Shopping for THE ring before he plays lets make a deal with Drake
Status: Open
Rating: R

In the comics King and Blade were partners. As we do not know King’s backstory in the movies I am fleshing it out with a little comic info, sorta, I am implying that King and Blade were partners, going their separate ways when King was bitten by Danica. Anyway, the first bit is King dreaming….

Shuuuuuuuuuuuuush they are on a stake out! )

Sep. 28th, 2008


WHO: Claire Bennet (future), Toby Williams, Jareth, with a brief appearance by War; later, Noah Bennet and Peter Petrelli (future versions)
WHERE: the Hyperion, briefly; various places in L.A.
WHEN: Wednesday, September 28; late afternoon
WHAT: An unexpected first glimpse of the Goblin King for Toby.
RATING: High PG-13 for violence and death
STATUS: thread; in-progress

She did know how to distract little brothers )

Sep. 15th, 2008


Who War (closed)
What Causing a little mayhem?
When This afternoon
Where The closed beach
Status Closed, narrative

The environmentalists were on the beach, trying to undo all of his hard work. Trying to save the animals and make the place usable again. It was such a big waste of time, it was too late. Nothing they did could save the planet now, their way was better and so much more exciting.

The red head stood at the edge of the cliffs watching as the police showed up shouting at the group of do-gooders to get away from the beach, about the place wasn’t safe and how if they didn’t stop they would take further action. It was funny how the police actually thought they had power and she couldn’t help but laugh as she pulled her sword from it’s hilt on the side of her bike and looked at it for a moment, checking it was still as sharp as she remembered. She felt a need do to that often, they’d been parted for far too long.

A moment later the shouting grew more angry and then there were the gun shots. Once the screaming stopped the animals weren’t the only corpses laying on the heavily polluted beach. Somehow some of the police were laying there too, they must have got caught in some sort of crossfire. Still she couldn’t help but feel disappointed that there weren’t more bodies, it was such a big beach after all. With a sigh she placed her sword back on her bike and hopped on. She was going to have to try harder next time, because there would be a next time.

Aug. 27th, 2008


Revelation, 6:1

Who: Pollution, War, Famine, Death
What: Armageddon
Where: The Happy Porker Cafe, outskirts of Los Angeles
When: Sunset
Rating: PG
Status: thread ; incomplete

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