Aug. 13th, 2009


WHO: Claire Bennet (future), Dean Winchester, Ruby, Castiel, Faith
WHERE: seedy demon bars; a strip mall scheduled for demolition
WHEN: Sunday, August 13, 2006; around 1 a.m.
WHAT: An encounter with the Scourge
RATING: R for heavy violence, temporary character death, language, etc
STATUS: part-log (posted to keep under character limit), part-thread; in-progress
NOTES: As I didn't think of it until now, this may possibly open at some point to anyone who got a text and demands to be there, provided it doesn't get too crazy. Otherwise, we can assume they showed up off-scene.

They were coming closer. And closer. )

Aug. 4th, 2009


WHO: The Scourge and their targets
WHAT: One night, two attacks
WHEN: The night of the 3rd August, stretching through to the morning of 4th August
WHERE: Two locations.
RATING: High for NPC death

Vampires. Was there a greater scum? Human filth that walked the earth, claiming to be creatures of the night. The commander curled his lip back in disgust as his squad kicked open the door to the abandoned tool shed at the edge of an old park. Where it had once been a thriving place for human families, now it belonged to the disgusting half breeds.

His squad sent them fleeing into the night.

All apart from the nest of vampires that had made the tool shed their squalid home. Six of them in total, snarling beasts that tried for bravado before the sheer numbers of the Scourge overwhelmed them. Bones were snapped and it soon became clear to the vampires that the best they could do was pray to whichever Lower Being might listen that their death would be quick.

The Scourge would grant no such mercy.

The vampires were pinned, still alive into the ground, their bodies twisted into shapes. When it was done, the commander stood back, pleased with the work his loyal army had done. The first tentative rays of sunlight were starting to creep out into the morning, causing thin tendrils of smoke to start sizzling up from the vampires' bodies. It took hours for them to finally die, their bodies bursting into flames and scorching the word into the grass.



Across town a small bar was closing up for the night, the last of the happy customers drinking up. Half breeds, all of them, but all of a specific nature. They longed to be human and they all fitted in with human society. They had families, jobs, souls. They paid their taxes and even went to church on Sundays. This bar catered only to that crowd, for those who wanted to be among their own kind and drink free from the fear of the darker demonic breeds.

The stomping of heavy booted feet echoed through the night air, marching in time with a deadly beat.

The Lieutenant was excited. This would be his first real kill, his first chance to lead a squad to help cleanse the world of the human taint that plagued it.

His men surrounded the bar. None were to escape.

No one screamed when they burst through the door. Not at first. But the cold, military uniforms gave them away to some of the older patrons and soon the sweet stench of panic filled the air.

The Lieutenant smiled and jerked his head in their direction, giving the order.

His squad moved into position, some using knives and guns, others using just their brute strength. Necks were snapped, people torn limb from limb. Those that tried to flee were killed in a hail of bullets.

Then all was still, quiet. The Lieutenant took a deep breath of satisfaction before calmly walking to the body of the nearest corpse. He took a stake from his belt and carefully dipped the tip into open wound, covering it with blood. And then, with an elegant precision, he painted the word on the wall before ramming the stake into the bar, making wood fracture. His work complete, he made another gesture before his squad departed, leaving their handiwork behind.


Jul. 25th, 2009


WHO: The Scourge and a half breed NPC
WHAT: And so they appear
WHEN: Late at night, the 25th June
WHERE: A back alley
RATING: PG 13 for NPC death

The sound of boots stomping in perfect time filled the night air, never stopping, never slowing. The time had come for them to take Los Angeles and rid it of the perverted filth that plagued its streets, too much human taint in this once great city.

Starting with this creature. He walked like a man, lived almost as a man would, hiding the traces of demonic heritage beneath clothes. He was truly disgusting. He fled, running in blind terror as he turned down one alley and then the next, screaming for help. But too many knew what the sounds of those boots meant and one by one, doors slammed shut, homes boarded up and he was left alone and helpless.

When they caught up to him at a dead end, he pleaded, begged for his life. The squad captain merely stared at him with revulsion before his men stepped forward and brutally kicked the half breed to death.

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