Apr. 19th, 2008


WHO: Cassie Ainsworth and open
WHAT: Arriving
WHEN: Noon
WHERE: Close to the bus station
RATING: PG-13 (probably, she swears sometimes)

She'd been in New York for a couple of months but had never really settled, mostly because she hadn't wanted to settled. It had been different when Adam had been around, but after he'd left she'd just felt lonely which meant she'd been thinking about Sid and Chris something that was never to make her happy. She regretted leaving Chris more than Sid, which was odd given how much she loved Sid, but it was all so different. She'd always known after college that would be it, everything would change. It was easier to leave without saying goodbye, because if he had she'd have changed her mind and she didn't want to do that. They weren't healthy her and Sid, it was better this way.

As soon as she'd saved up enough money from her waitress job she'd moved on until finally she ended up here in L.A. As the bus pulled into the station she frowned. It was dark, and while she knew she was entering a different timezone she knew it wasn't that different. Checking the time with the bus driver she straightened her backpack and thanked him getting off the bus and standing outside as it pulled away again. Looking up at the sky she bit her lip, shook her head and then shrugged. It wasn't really worth worrying about, what was worth worrying about was where she was going to stay, so she jeaded into town, trying to ignore how dark it was.

Mar. 28th, 2008


I just need a little of your time...

WHO: Sidney Jenkins and Elisabeth Braddock.
WHAT: Brownies, Zelda, and meeting.
WHEN: Back dated to Sid's arrival.
WHERE: Remy and Liz' place.
RATING: Say PG-13 for now, but they have potty mouths.

After the highly irritating and minimally comforting conversation she had with the fellow Brit on the boards, the mutant was raking her brain as to why, exactly, she had invited the kid over. Maybe she wanted him to not feel so alone or something just as nice, but it was clear that she would have to watch what she said, lest he get the wrong impression again.

She waited for him to show up, silently tracking his mind to make sure he arrived safely and didn't get lost. Elisabeth's eyes moved from the over to the door and back again, repeating this action until Sidney arrived.

Mar. 14th, 2008


Who: Damien and Sid
What: Deceiving a young mind
When: Noon
Where: Sunset Tower Hotel
Rating: High, probably


Getting a room )

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