Nov. 18th, 2008


Who: Sasarai, Sarah
What: A chance encounter
Where: The streets of Los Angeles
When: Evening
Rating: PG
Status: In Progress

I knew there was someone else out there... )
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Rondevue at the clothing store!

Who: Snowe, Lazlo, Luc, Sarah
When: Nov. 18
Where: Outside a clothing store.
Why: Because they are meeting up.
Rondevue at the clothing store! )

Nov. 14th, 2008


who; luc & sarah and Dahlia
where; "enter-net" cafe.
why; because the destroyers are like :/
when; november 14

Sarah walked out in her own, ragged looking Harmonian priestess robes and pulled out her staff, she placed it in front of her and closed her eyes. Once she was sure that her illusion had appeared, she continued to hold concentration on her spell without any sort of problem, those around her found the gesture weird but did not interrupt her. The illusionary clone travelled a distance until it found Luc or what it believed was the vision of Luc and spoke,"Master Luc, follow me." Sarah said, speaking in her dreamy, but usually dull-tone to match her half-hushed eyes and blank gaze,"Are you still suffering from exhaustion and your injuries, Master Luc?" The illusion asked but did nothing else while she lead Luc back to the real Sarah.

Just as he turned the corner after the long walk, the Sarah clone spoke,"I cannot hold onto this anymore, I'm right down this path. I apologize." Sarah's illusion disappeared, she was overly-spent on her own magical prowess and needed to sit down. Sarah looked for a nearby bench, set down and forced her long staff to be horizontal against her thin thighs. Patiently, she waited to see Luc start to appear from the crowd.

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