Sep. 1st, 2009


Who: The tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler
What: Meeting again
When: early evening
Where: random street
Rating: PG to PG-13
Status: Incomplete AIM Log
I thought you were gone )

Jun. 23rd, 2009


Who: The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler
What: Meeting for dinner
When: Very Early Evening
Where: A deli a block away from the Hyperion
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete
Things can't go unsaid forever. )

Jun. 21st, 2009


Who: Rose Tyler and OPEN
What: A walk in the park
When: Afternoon of the 21st
Where: Park
Warnings: TBA

May. 19th, 2009


WHO: Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor
WHAT: A reunion
WHEN: 19th May
WHERE: Outside the Hyperion
STATUS: In Progress

Nov. 8th, 2008


Who: Rose, Jessica. Ten can show up if he likes!
Where: Hotel, then to the TARDIS
When: Backdated to Hallowe'en
What: Picking Jessica up and taking her to the TARDIS
Rating: PG-13
Status: Incomplete

Oct. 26th, 2008


Who: Jessica Moore, Angela Montenegro, Rose Tyler & Open.
What: Stress relieving shopping trip.
Where: Meeting at the old fire house to begin with.
When: The morning after this.
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete; Open.

Oct. 12th, 2008


Who: Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor
When: Early Afternoon
What: Waking up to find her not dead
Where: The TARDIS
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete

Oct. 6th, 2008


WHO: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Romana, The Tenth Doctor eventually
WHAT: A dash to try and help her
WHEN: Mid-afternoon
STATUS: Complete

Sep. 28th, 2008


Who: Peyton Sawyer & Rose Tyler
What: A late night wander leads to trouble.
When: Night time
Where: The streets
Rating: TBD, can’t imagine it being really high though.
Status: Incomplete

Sep. 12th, 2008


Who: Rose Tyler, Lois Lane (Comic), The Rani
When: Early evening, after Lois finishes work. Backdated to before the Lux opened
Where: The Park, then shopping!
What: A girlie shopping trip
Status: Incomplete
Rating: PG-13

Aug. 23rd, 2008


Wanna Play Doctor? (Ten, Rose)

Who: drunk!Ten, Rose Tyler
What: A very drunk Doctor stumbles into the TARDIS... and per the Master's suggestion, puts the moves on Rose.
When: backdated, happening directly after THIS.
Where: Ten's TARDIS
Rating: NC-17, for there is secksy tiems, bb!
Status: In progress

He hated to admit it, but the Master was right. )

Aug. 16th, 2008


WHO: Rose Tyler & OPEN
WHAT: Exploring different places
WHEN: The day after she arrived
WHERE: A park
STATUS: Incomplete.

Aug. 11th, 2008


In The Blink Of An Eye (Ten, Rose)

Who: The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler
What: The Tenth Doctor arrives in LA at the strangest possible time.
When: the middle of the day, possibly backdated to Sunday
Where: a fairly deserted street in LA
Rating: PG-13, at the most
Status: In progress

He was dreaming. He had to be. )

Jun. 17th, 2008


Who: Martha Jones and Rose Tyler
What: First meetings and looking for the missing Doctor.  
WhereIn the hotel lobby, then who knows?
When:  Mid-afternoon, after this.
Rating: TBA
Status: incomplete


Jun. 1st, 2008


Who: Rose and Jenny
What: Rose meets the Doctor's daughter for the first time
Where: Outside somewhere
When: This afternoon
Rating: TBD [probably low?ish?]
Status: Incomplete; threaded

i'm hanging on another day just to see what you will throw my way )

Apr. 28th, 2008


Who: The Doctor & OTA with something against the Master/Harold Saxon.
What: Planning a rescue.
Where: Venice Beach Suites and Hotel, Room 301.
When: 7pm.
Rating: Probably no more than PG-13.
Status: In progress.

The Master-y Committee Meeting. )

Apr. 17th, 2008


Who: Rose Tyler & The Doctor
What: Explainations
When: Thursday evening
Where: Lobby of the Venice Beach Suites and Hotel.
Notes/Rating: PG-13

So now he wanted to talk... )

Apr. 14th, 2008


Who: Rose Tyler & OPEN
Where: The streets
When: Evening
What: Rose decides to try and find some answers on her own.

Searching...searching... )

Apr. 1st, 2008


Who? The Doctor & Rose.
Where? Random streets.
When? Tuesday evening.
What? Investigating! Rather unsuccessfully.

It's raining, it's pouring... )

Feb. 14th, 2008


WHO: The Doctor & Rose Tyler
WHEN: Valentines day; evening
WHAT: The Doctor tries to be romantic, but he's not sure he can be.
WHERE: The beach.
STATUS: Incomplete.

Well, it's the thought that counts )

Feb. 5th, 2008


Who: The Doctor, Rose, Romana & Susan
Where: The TARDIS
When: Backdated to Feb 4, about 7pm. (Also, he thinks it's just an early sunset, easier if he reacts tomorrow! Aka today!)
What: A very awkward and unconventional "family dinner".
Status: Incomplete
Rating: PG unless something crazy happens.

Family Dinner. )

Jan. 28th, 2008


WHO: Susan Foreman & Rose Tyler
WHAT: Pulled off course, Susan has no choice but to investigate 21st century Los Angeles.
WHERE: Random Street
WHEN: January 28th; Early Morning
STATUS: In Progress

Oh, you've got to be kidding me. )

Jan. 19th, 2008


WHO: The Doctor and OPEN.
WHAT: The Doctor arrives in L.A.
WHERE: The TARDIS and then a random city street.
WHEN: January 19th, evening.
STATUS: Complete.

Why was it always Earth? )

Jan. 5th, 2008


Who: The Doctor and Rose (open but ask first in a reply. =-)
What: The Doctor and Rose on a date and the Doctor wants lessons on human’s behaviours
Where: Griffith Park
When: Saturday, late night

The Doctor’s mousy brown hair was more ruffled up from the night wind. His long brown jacket was dancing in the wind. It wasn’t cold, but, it was LA night heat. There was an ugly moon that people barely could see through the polluted clouds. Rather, the smell was still bothering the Doctor’s senses.

The Doctor smiled to Rose and gave her a wink. “Dashing look as ever, Rose!” He pulled his phone from his ear. “Hiya, I think I don’t need this.” He flip his mobile phone in the air and pocketed in his jacket’s pocket.

Dec. 30th, 2007


Who: The Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Martha Jones
What: Reunion of sorts
Where: Newsstand
When: After meeting Martha Jones
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete

So many conflicting emotions... )

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