Dec. 31st, 2008


who; Psycho Mantis & Hal Emmerich.
where; Some.. random.. internet cafe thing.
when; Couple of hours after Hal showed up, so this is backdated.
summary; Mantis goes to collect Hal, because he's.. sort of glad to see someone from his world?
rating; G.
status; Finished.

click. )

Jun. 15th, 2008


WHO: Nathan Petrelli, Mantis
WHERE: The Hyperion
WHEN: after the posts about Peter
WHAT: Nathan needs to relate information and ask for help.
STATUS: thread; in-progress

for now he needed Mantis' help - perhaps in more ways than just one. )

Jun. 13th, 2008


Who: Nomak & Open to the Hyperion Residents
What: Nomak attempts an alliance
Where: At the Hyperion Hotel
When: after all his encounters with other beings
Rating: TBD
Status: In progress
Raising the white flag )

Jun. 3rd, 2008


WHO: Angela, Nathan, & Peter (future) Petrelli.
WHAT: Angela arrives in LA with her typical timing. Luckily, her boys are out on patrol.
WHERE: The LA streets
WHEN: June 3rd; Evening
STATUS: In Progress

Angela Petrelli had turned off her television and hung up the phone, setting both the phone and remote away from her as she raised her hands and covered her face. )

May. 31st, 2008


WHO: Nathan Petrelli, Cordelia Chase, Peter Petrelli (future), Mantis
WHERE: the Hyperion
WHEN: Right after this
WHAT: Waiting for confirmation.
STATUS: thread; in-progress

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. )


WHO: Peter Petrelli Evans, Katara, Psycho Mantis, and Wolfram & Hart lackies (NPC)
WHAT: Responding to Cordelia's vision.
WHEN: Right after this.
WHERE: A building near the ocean.
STATUS: In Progress
WARNINGS: Character Death

In times of war, death is to be expected. It is not, however, to be considered fair by any means. )

May. 24th, 2008


Who: The Skywalkers (Anakin and Padmé), the Solos (Han, Jacen, and Jaina), Allana, Psycho Mantis, Katara, Cordelia Chase, Peter Petrelli Evans, and those involved.
What: Planning
Where: The Hyperion Hotel
When: As soon as permissable by the Force
Rating: TBD
Status: in progress

May. 23rd, 2008


who; Exar Kun, Luke Skywalker, & later Psycho Mantis (closed or OTA if anyone's interested)
where; The Hyperion Hotel. O shit.
when; Like.. now. 10 PM, May 23rd.
summary; Exar Kun is a Very Bad Man. And that ticks Mantis off.
rating; PG.. ish?

Come along, Canary. )

May. 18th, 2008


Who: Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, and whoever else is around
What: Father to son
Where: The Hyperion
When: after this
Rating: TBD
Status: in process

He was a blur of motion in the streets until he pushed open the door of the hotel and headed for the stairs, letting the Force guide him to his son. )

May. 17th, 2008


Who: Annie Wheaton and Psycho Mantis
What: Annie pays Mantis a visit.
When: A few days following Peter's rescue.
Where: Mantis' room
Rating: TBD
Status: In Progress

Mantis was in pain. That was all of the invitation she needed. )

May. 10th, 2008


Blood calls to blood

WHO: Jacen Solo, Anakin Skywalker and any and all helpless passerby
WHERE: rooftop LA
WHEN: dusk
STATUS: thread; in-progress

Jacen jumped from rooftop to rooftop, using his Force powers to gap the massive distances and prevent himself from falling to his death. His Force aura was undetectable; he had drawn into himself so much that so far as the Force was concerned, he didn't exist. He wanted every advantage he could get when he confronted his grandfather.

Jacen could be honest with himself. He was furious. His sister had gotten hurt, had lost her hand and her lightsaber, to their grandfather. To the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. It was frustrating to the point of knife-edge rage.

He had been homing in on his grandfather's Force aura for a while now. At least, he thought it was Vader's. It had so much power pouring out that he couldn't think of anyone else who it could belong to.

Jan. 20th, 2008


who; Mantis, Skyfire, & Starscream
where; Mikaela's apartment.
when; During this.
summary; Umm.. Mantis is kind of impatient. And a little curious, maybe. Alien minds are so much more ordered than humans. :3
rating; PG.. ish.
status; In progress.

Knock? What reason would he need to knock? )

Jan. 9th, 2008


who; Psycho Mantis & Cordelia Chase
where; Mantis' previously-forbidden room. Forbidden because no one but Annie ever frequents it; no doubt in fear of having their brain turned to mush.
when; Jan 09. Say just before midnight.
summary; Naturally Mantis knows how Buffy's arrival hurts Cordelia. So for once, he's actually.. inviting someone in to see him.
rating; Probably PG.
status; In progress.

Click. )

Jan. 4th, 2008


Who: Simon Templar and Psycho Mantis
What: Our mantidean sybil descends from his ivory tower to meet with a slightly shopworn buccaneer who shamelessly mixes his metaphors
When: 5 Jan, night
Where: The Hyperion's garden
Rating: I see no reason for it to be particularly high, frankly
Status: Incomplete

A night as soft and gentle as the proverbial lady's heart; and a voice as soft and gentle as the night, singing something that sounded like a love ballad until the listener noticed the ribaldry of the lyrics. No other sound from the voice's owner, striding silently through the city streets; until the singing stopped, replaced by a brief and stealthy scuffle.

Then Simon Templar sat atop the wall around the Hyperion's garden, swinging his feet, with his hands clasped in his lap; and he looked down with a beatific smile and said: "Hello, sunshine."


Who: Jaina Solo, Luke Skywalker, Psycho Mantis, and Obi-Wan Kenobi
What: A meeting to help Luke.
When: January 3rd, 6PM
Where: The gardens of the Hyperion Hotel
Rating: TBD
Status: In Progress

So far, so good. )

Jan. 3rd, 2008


Who: Everyone involved in Angel Investigations
What: A group meeting
When: {future-dated} Tuesday, January 4th, 2005 - 5PM
Where: The lobby of the Hyperion Hotel
Rating: TBD (probably high, considering the language choices of this bunch)
Status: In Progress
Special Note: Due to the sheer size of the characters involved in this scene, chances are it won't get finished. However, to prevent it from becoming an enormous post with new replies added until the end of time, the option to comment will be cut off in two weeks (that's 1/17/08).

We help the helpless... )

Dec. 26th, 2007


Who: Annie Wheaton (OPEN)
What: Her arrival in Los Angeles
When: Shortly after midnight
Where: Griffith Park
Rating: TBD
Status: In Progress

Rocks fall, everyone dies. )

Dec. 23rd, 2007


who; Mantis (& open, if someone wants to attempt it).
where; Some.. poorly lit street in the middle of gang territory.
when; Sat., Dec. 22nd, just before midnight.
summary; Well. He's a crazy motherfucker.
rating; R, for violence and sort of.. semi-gory stuff.
status; Umm.. depends on if someone wants it?

On some level, beneath the constant clamor of voices pushing inside his mind, beneath the disorientation and the faint illness, Mantis knew that he probably wasn't doing so well. )

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