Nov. 20th, 2008


Who: Alessa Gillespie and Kathy
What: Alessa grabs a midnight snack, and so does Kathy
When: Midnight
Where: Kitchen of the Hyperion
Rating: PG
Status: Thread; Incomplete

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Nov. 18th, 2008


WHO: Cordelia Chase and Kathy McAvera
WHAT: Bringing Kathy home at last.
WHEN: Late afternoon
WHERE: Hyperion Hotel
STATUS: In Progress

Nathan Petrelli, as far as Cordelia was concerned, was the smartest man on the planet. )

Oct. 5th, 2008


WHO: Annie Wheaton, Kathy McAvera, appearances by Anakin and Padmé Skywalker
WHAT: Saying goodbye.
WHEN: Late evening
WHERE: The Sanctuary
STATUS: In Progress

Annie's health had been declining at an alarming rate... )

Sep. 19th, 2008


WHO: Alema Rar and any at the Sanctury (once Anakin and Ashoka are not in the vicinty. She checked)
WHAT: Caedus wanted trademark Alema?
WHERE: The Sanctuty
WHEN: A while after her emails to Caedus
RATING: R ( crazy twi'lek kills things)
STATUS: Incomplete

Sep. 8th, 2008


WHO: Annie Wheaton and Kathy McAvera
WHAT: Exploring, of course!
WHEN: Late afternoon
WHERE: The Sanctuary
STATUS: In Progress

Pretend something witty is written here. )

Sep. 2nd, 2008


WHO: Annie Wheaton, Peter Petrelli, Padmé Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, and Kathy McAvera (not necessarily in that order)
WHAT: Annie arrives at The Sanctuary.
WHEN: Not long after this.
WHERE: The Sanctuary
STATUS: In Progress

Pretend something witty was placed here. )

Aug. 31st, 2008


WHO: Cordelia Chase, Kathy McAvera, Nathan Petrelli, Peter Petrelli, and various NPC government official types.
WHAT: Checking on the citizenship status of a certain little Irish girl...
WHEN: A few hours after this.
WHERE: Lobby of the Hyperion
STATUS: In Progress

For being known as scarcely involved in the going-ons within the city, the government sure picked one hell of a way to make its presence felt. )

Aug. 6th, 2008


WHO: Sarah Williams, Kathy McAvera
WHERE: the Hyperion
WHEN: The night Cordelia was kidnapped.
WHAT: Finding and comforting Kathy.
STATUS: thread; in-progress

Sarah could only imagine that, if she were in Kathy's place, a closet or under a bed would be the favored spot right now )

Aug. 3rd, 2008


WHO: Cordelia Chase, Kathy McAvera, and Angelus
WHAT: Angelus decides it's time for some fun.
WHERE: Cordelia's apartment
STATUS: In Progress

Score one for the villains. )


Who: Cordy and Kathy
What: Movie night and make-overs!
When: Evening
Where: Cordy’s apartment
Rating: Probably G

Kathy was doing as well as could possibly be expected )

Jul. 15th, 2008


Who: Logan, Marie, Cordy and Kathy
What: A long awaited shopping spree.
Where: The mall
When: Early afternoon.
Rating: PG.. though it may get worse given his language.
Status: in progress

Logan hadn't seen Cordelia in a few days, giving her time to adjust and settle in. But now, she's had enough time, which was code for he missed her without saying it. Then he remembered his promise to Marie and grinned. Neither of them would say no to shopping, that he knew for a fact.

Leaving his room he went down the hall to Marie's door and knocked.

Jul. 13th, 2008


WHO: Cordelia, Kathy, and Phantom Dennis
WHAT: Moving in.
WHEN: Mid-afternoon
WHERE: Cordelia's apartment
STATUS: In Progress

We're heeeeere! )

Jul. 7th, 2008


Who: Spike, Darla, and whoever else is involved.
What: Spike making good on his word to find Darla.
When: Evening, obviously.
Where: Darla's mansion [although it probably wasn't originally].
Rating: PG-13 at the least.
Status: In progress.

And Spike, who suddenly had a smirk blazing across his pale face, threw himself into the tangle of vampires that had suddenly charged their way toward him. )

Jul. 6th, 2008


Who: Darla and Kathy
What: Darla finally has Kathy in her possession, and intends to take advantage of the situation.
Where: The basement of Darla's lair.
When: Late-evening.
Rating: R, just to be safe
Status: Complete!

Now Darla had in her possession one very small, very frightened little girl )

Jul. 5th, 2008


WHO: Deadpool as Angel, Kathy
WHAT: A good ol' fashioned kidnappin'
WHERE: Outside the Hyperion Hotel
WHEN: Saturday, after the note arrives for Kathy

Image Transducers ftw! )

Jun. 1st, 2008


Who: Katherine McAvera and Angel
What: Quality family-time
When: Hyperion, bedtime.
Where: Kathy and Cordy’s room.
Rating: G

Death seemed to have become routine in the little girl's life. )

May. 1st, 2008


Who: Angel, Cordy, and Kathy
What: Reunions!
When: Following Angel and Cordy's safe return to the Hyperion
Where: Angel's room.
Rating: G, more than likely.
Status: In progress.

Kathy had remained true to her word. )

Apr. 26th, 2008


Who: Kathy and Katara
What: Breaking the news to Kathy.
When: Early-evening.
Where: Kathy's room.
Rating: TBD, low.

Lately, Kathy had spent a great deal of time in her bedroom. )

Apr. 2nd, 2008


WHO: Annie Wheaton, Kathy McAvera, and Prince Zuko
WHAT: Being rescued from the snakes.
WHEN: During the attack on the Hyperion
WHERE: Kathy's room
STATUS: In Progress

The reason for the hissing was almost here. )

Mar. 12th, 2008


Who: Darla and Kathy McAvera
What: Darla decides to pay a little visit to the Hyperion, with some interesting results.
When: March 12th; 6PM
Where: the gardens of the Hyperion
Rating: TBD
Status: In Progress

Darla had seen a lot of interesting things in her four hundred plus years of existence. She had not, however, seen anything that might prepare her for this. )

Feb. 9th, 2008


Who: John Constantine and OPEN
Where: Hyperion Hotel Lobby
When: Saturday Night
Why: Rummaging around for books about the crazies he'll find in this world
Rating: TBA
Status: Incomplete

I dunno.... )

Feb. 6th, 2008


WHO: Annie Wheaton and Kathy McAvera
WHAT: Sneaking out of the Hyperion.
WHEN: February 6, 2005 ; about 3PM
WHERE: Random city streets.
STATUS: In Progress

Annie was bored. This is never a good thing. )

Feb. 5th, 2008


Who: Dawn Summers + OPEN
Where: Hyperion
When: Mid morning
Rating: TBD
Status: In Progress

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Jan. 29th, 2008


WHO: Charlie McGee, Kathy McAvera, and Angel (with a guest appearance by an NPC'd demon)
WHAT: The Senior Partners decide to kick things up a notch.
WHEN: January 29th; about 6PM
WHERE: The gardens of the Hyperion Hotel
STATUS: In Progress

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy. )

Jan. 28th, 2008


Who: Angel and Kathy
What: A much-needed chat.
When: Jan 28, early-ish afternoon.
Where: The Hyperion
Rating: TBD, probably very low.
Status: Incomplete.

Kathy was bored. So much so, in fact, that an experiment with the toaster had led to a loaf’s worth of now golden-brown bread resting on a plate in the kitchen. )

Jan. 20th, 2008


WHO: Cordelia Chase and Kathy McAvera
WHAT: Shopping!
WHEN: January 20, 2005 - afternoon
WHERE: All around the city
STATUS: In Progress

She had Angel's credit card, a little girl in some serious need of a new wardrobe, and an entire afternoon without a demon in sight. Today, Cordelia knew, was going to be a Good Day. )

Jan. 13th, 2008


Who: Angel, Cordelia Chase, and Kathy McAvera
What: Cordelia meets Angel's little sister.
When: Following Kathy's resurrection.
Where: The Hyperion Hotel
Rating: TBD
Status: In Progress

Whoever the girl was, Cordelia had a feeling she was going to be important... )

Jan. 9th, 2008


Who: Kathy McAvera, Lindsey McDonald, Charlie McGee, Angel, Kara Zor-El
What: Post-resurrection.
When: Jan 9th, just after midnight.
Where: Wolfram and Hart
Status: Incomplete

It was just like waking up )

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