Jan. 30th, 2009


Who: Roland Deschain, Jake Chambers
What: Roland arrives in Los Angeles
Where: Near the Hyperion Hotel
When: Late afternoon
Rating: PG
Status: Incomplete

The gunslinger had been here before... )

Jan. 17th, 2009


WHO: Niki and Jake
WHAT: She's back and she's in mommy mode
WHEN: After her graffiti
WHERE: Jake's room
STATUS: In progress

The truth was she was pretty worried about him )

Jan. 16th, 2009


Who: Glory/Ben, Buffy, Dawn, Rest of the Scoobies, people helping the fight, brain sucked victims.
What: Ridding LA of a Hell God.
Where: A disused lot downtown with a very familiar structure to some rising up at the side of it
When: 16th Jan -  Evening
Rating; TBD, Violence, character Death (but a bad guy so all is good
Status: In Progress

GLORY: You're just a mortal, you couldn't understand my pain. BUFFY Then I'll just have to settle for causing it )

Dec. 27th, 2008


Who: Jake Chambers, Oy, and Sarah Petrelli
What: Making a connection
Where: Hyperion Hotel
When: Christmas Day (backdated)
Rating: PG
Status: incomplete ; thread

Dec. 17th, 2008


WHO: Hiro Nakamura & The Sanders House of Ickle
WHAT: Hiro goes to retrieve the citizens of munchkinville to take them to the Hyperion.
WHEN: After Peter's text.
WHERE: Niki Sander's apartment
STATUS: In Progress

Kids. Why did it have to be kids? )


Who: Jake Chambers and [Open to Molly Hayes, Molly Walker, Niki and Micah Sanders]
What: Kids do kid things? (Not likely, with THIS group) [Also, meeting the new Molly, because Jake never looks at the computers]
Where: Niki's place
When: Morning
Rating: TBD
Status: thread ; incomplete

It was the first time in weeks he'd woken up without having to lock a scream in his throat. )

Dec. 2nd, 2008


WHO: Niki Sanders, Jake Chambers, Micah Sanders (and Molly Walker if she wants!)
WHAT: bringing another kid home
WHEN: After Jake's arrival
WHERE: Niki's apartment
RATING: PG- kids involved!
STATUS: In progress

Once upon a time Niki hadn't wanted kids, now she hated the idea of life without them )

Dec. 1st, 2008


Who: Jake Chambers and Niki Sanders
What: A new arrival in Los Angeles
Where: Random street
When: Early evening
Status: Incomplete ; OPEN
Rating: Should be low. Some language.

It always happened like this. )

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