Jan. 23rd, 2008


Who: Tonks & (OPEN!)
What: Arrival
Where: A busy unnamed LA street.
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete

Bloody portkeys )

Jan. 22nd, 2008


Who: Harvey Dent,
When: Unknown (presumably sometime in the morning?)
Where: Parking lot of a Motel Six
What: Panic! Setting in, a little bit of confusion?
Rating: PG for swearing?
Status: Complete and closed.

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A sense of fear and a search for answers! )


Who: Romana & OTA
When: January 22, 4:00pm
Where: Around Grauman's Chinese Theatre
What: Looking for a Blue Box
Rating: PG unless someone with a foul mouth hops in.
Status: Incomplete

Romana stood on the sidewalk looking around. There were tourists around and some people dressed in costumes as earth movie, tv and music icons trying to make a buck. It was all quite interesting. This city where people could pay to have their name put on the ground a few feet away from their face on a billboard. She did have to give them some credit though. Humans were a creative bunch. The have a theater that looked a Chinese palace though the decor didn't seem to match an dynasty she had ever seen. Upon closer investigation she found the hand prints and footprints of the stars. In her mind this tradition came about when some 'famous person' accidentally stepped in the wet cement and decided to sign it as a way of not having to pay for it.

This wasn't what she was looking for though. Sure it was fun to take a peak at one of the earth's more random traditions but she was on a mission. She could sense the Doctor but she couldn't find him. The general lack of Time Lord chatter was hard for her to wrap her head around. All she could sense was him and even then he seemed like a faint murmur.

"Excuse me..." she said approaching the man dressed in some kind of decorative military inspired coat. "Have you seen a blue box? It would looked like something you would call a phone booth only it's blue and said police on it." She knew a bit of explanation would be warranted. The man looked at her like she was nutty for talking with him. He kicked his leg out in some kind of dance move and grabbed himself with a glove covered in disco dots while singing some kind of trill of high notes most men could only hit if kicked where this one was grabbing. She shook her head and started walking again heading west toward the ocean. LA was a big city... how on earth was she ever going to find The Doctor?

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