Sep. 30th, 2008


Who: Carnage & the New Goblin
What: Name calling, hair pulling, "You killed me!", mistaken identity, etc.
Where: Downtown someplace.
When: evening most likely
Rating: R for violence?
Status: in progress

The city was, well going to hell just about. It was awesome! Carnage loved it, atleast. Gwen on the other hand was terrified since the moment she returned, fortunately Carnage took over right away and all she knew was that she was back in LA. The only downfall to the city's current state was that Carnage had to be careful of who it snatched up and drained. Sickly people did not make for good life-force energy.

Perched atop an apartment building, Carnage dangled a webline just above the sidewalk, waiting for someone not paying attention to walk into it. It was like fishing, but in a very sick way. For the most part Carnage could afford to loaf around, everyone was preoccupied with recent events. When the symbiote couldn't keep patient any longer it snagged a man by his neck and yanked him up the thirteen floors to the roof. It wasted no time in draining the man, giving a triumphant shriek afterwards and licking the tendrils of its hand that were covered in blood.

Sep. 28th, 2008


Who: Harry (New Goblin) and Black Cat
What: Everybody has to show up somehow. It’s not his fault that he’s welcomed by dangerous traffic and a few cars that his toy just ruined.
Where: In the middle of a busy street
When: After sundown
Rating: TBA

He didn’t want to look.  )

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