Oct. 15th, 2008


Who: FAMINE (& npcs), Kat, Logan, Draco Malfoy & the Doctor (Ten). Order to be decided (whoever posts first).
What: The Last Horseperson to Fall
When: Backdated. Evening of Oct. 10th
Where: Airport
Rating: TBD, probably high
Status: Incomplete, thread ongoing

The Doctor is out )

Oct. 5th, 2008


Who: Damien and the Horsepersons
Where: Sunset Tower Hotel
When: Evening
What: Meeting and planning
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete


The time had come. It was here. A bit early than he's thought, but it was HERE. )


Who Cassie and Famine
Where The drugstore
When Early morning
What She's picking up, yay! only you know not so much

Hell is just around the corner )


Who: Kara Zor-El and Famine
What: Character Death
When: Shortly after the sun sets, Saturday Night [Backdated]
Where: Not far from the Justice League HQ
Rating: R, Death
Status: Incomplete

it was a free for all )

Oct. 2nd, 2008


Who: Selene & Famine (Open)
Where: Antique book store
Why: She has an idea
When: Mid-day (back dated to two days ago??)
Status: In progress
Rating : PG

Black Holes and Revelations )

Sep. 28th, 2008


WHO: Annie Wheaton and Famine Doctor Raven Sable
WHAT: A chance encounter.
WHEN: Mid-afternoon
WHERE: Just down the street from The Sanctuary
STATUS: In Progress

Annie didn't know what it was she was sensing, but she knew she was sensing something. )

Sep. 21st, 2008


Who: Bartleby and Famine
What: Chatting over a drink or two.
When: Ten in the evening
Where: The Lux
Status/Rating: incomplete/R (language)

It wasn't as if She couldn't create another one )


WHO: Sarah Williams, Famine Dr. Raven Sable
WHERE: Some fast food place!
WHEN: afternoon
WHAT: A chance meeting with lingering side effects. *OMINOUS MUSIC*
STATUS: thread; in-progress

Shopping always worked up an appetite )

Sep. 18th, 2008


Who Famine (closed)
What Killing some time and people.
When This noon
Where Poor neighborhoods in L.A.
Status Closed, narrative

The trucks and vans arrived early, avoiding the rush from big avenues to reach their destination just sharp on time. All the vehicles were large, slim and painted on black, more like a carnival, they appeared a funeral march. The drivers hurried for they didn’t want their supplies to get decomposed by the heat or the (curiously-but really, not necessary strange in a city like Los Angeles) increasing pollution downtown. The men and women dressed in black working-clothes diligently unpacked the stored goods and carried into the public schools, shelters, dinning communes. People were waiting for them: grim children locked to their parents’ legs with hungry eyes and equally thin charitable social workers and nuns who greeted the team with beatific smiles. The parties exchanged the pleasantries of affection and warm words of gratitude before leading the provisions to their respective kitchens.

If you looked at them a few days from now, it would be obvious to thank the MEALS® to put up more fat in their bones. In a week, they would be obese and half of them would have died of heart attacks. At least, they would not starve they would think without knowing any better.

“Thanks boss,” one of his employees commented when he returned from this duty. Doctor Raven Sable was supervising the deliveries himself; if they paid attention enough, they would notice the sleek line of his suit was ruined by a bump nearby his pockets. “I never thought I’ll be able to do something like this. You really care about people and you give a great inspiration to others.”

“Thanks. Good job, everyone,” he complimented with a thin smile and patted his underling’s back. “This is the last one. Let’s go home. I’m sure you all are dying for a SNACK. Drinks on me.”

They all cheered him and self-congratulated themselves as they started the engines to drive back home.

Famine fulfilled his promise. And he didn’t harm the wine.

Sep. 10th, 2008


Welcome to the Lux

Who: Crowley, and [Open to Everyone]
What: Re-Opening the Lux
Where: The Lux, 1000 Morningstar Drive
When: 8pm and onward
Rating: Let's say PG to be on the safe side
Status: mass thread ; incomplete
Notes: There are threads in place for each of the floors of the Lux, with a bit of description. You can comment to these threads to place your character in a particular floor. Remember that there is no violence permitted in the Lux. Anyone attempting to start a fight will be targeted with ray shields, and held in stasis until one of the bouncers comes to escort you out. The bouncers are the only people permitted to be aggressive.

At presicely eight o'clock, Crowley snapped his fingers. The doors of the Lux unlocked, and swung open. Time to see how it all came together.

Aug. 27th, 2008


Revelation, 6:1

Who: Pollution, War, Famine, Death
What: Armageddon
Where: The Happy Porker Cafe, outskirts of Los Angeles
When: Sunset
Rating: PG
Status: thread ; incomplete

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