Apr. 21st, 2008


Who: Prince Edward of Andalasia and Peter Petrelli of the Future
What: Differences of Opinion
Where: A park
When: Recently
Rating: G
Status: Complete!

This was a very strange place, Edward had decided. He'd spent some time watching the car-beasts, observing people getting in and out of them, and had deduced that the witch had been correct when she'd told him they didn't eat people. The people seemed perfectly willing to get into the beasts, and none of them seemed to be getting eaten.

The buildings were strange as well; so tall, and -- ugly. Andalasian buildings were beautiful to a fault, even if some of the towers were so slender and elegant that there was barely room for one very tall, narrow room inside them. But then, towers weren't actually used for much, beyond the bedchambers of young women with excessively long hair.

He'd found something that looked familiar, though -- a little park, with a tiny pond containing thirteen small golden fish, two crabs the size of his thumb, and a duck and her ducklings. Delighted, Edward squatted by the pond, forgetting to shift his sword out of the way so it didn't stick into soft earth, and reached a hand out to the ducklings. Andalasian ducklings always liked being petted, even if they were too young to talk.

"Hello, there. It's lovely to meet you," he said, giving them a bright, dazzling smile. "And a fine family you have, Mother Duck!" he added, looking at the duck, which ruffled its feathers and gave him the sort of mad-eyed look that ducks have when they're considering how best to dispose of an inconvenient human. )

Apr. 16th, 2008


Who: Sawyer and OPEN
What: Sawyer arrives in L.A.
Where: A dark street
When: Evening
Rating: PG

This wasn't the first time he'd ever woken up in a gutter, and it probably wouldn't be the last. )

Apr. 13th, 2008


WHO: Edward and OPEN
WHAT: Arrival!
WHERE: ...a street!
WHEN: Evening-ish. Not that one can tell, right now.
STATUS: In Progress

It was supposed to be the perfect day, the day of his wedding to Giselle. They'd known each other for so long, several hours by now, so a wedding was clearly the next step!

But something had happened, something... bad. Bad things weren't supposed to happen in Andalasia, not to people like Giselle! But she'd fallen, he'd heard her cry, and there really had only been one thing to do. What sort of man, what sort of prince would he be if he didn't follow her?

Buckling his swordbelt around his waist, Edward gave a florid bow to the castle and a vow to return, and leapt into the well.

It was a very long fall. He started getting worried about five minutes in, concerned about Giselle and the state of her dress after a fall so long. She was a delicate creature, after all, fair and lovely, and surely such a high fall would damage something? Perhaps a shoe?

Nevertheless, he would prevail. He would save his beloved from whatever fate she had fallen into, and find some humble, hard-working cobbler to repair her shoe, or a group of seamstressing mice to mend her dress. And he would carry her until her shoe was fit for wear again!

When he popped out of the street, sending the manhole cover flying, he immediately went on guard -- so many dragons! Fierce, brightly-coloured things with glaring eyes and -- people inside them! The fiends had eaten peasants!

Unsheathing his sword, Edward posed manfully, shouting, "release your prisoners, foul beast, before I slay you!"

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