Jan. 12th, 2010


Who: Clarissa Morgenstern, Black Opts Team, OPEN to anyone already at The Compound!
What: Adding a Shadowhunter to the collection
When: Early evening, jut after the sun sets.
Where: Between the Welcome Center and the Starbucks Clary works at.
Rating: PG 13
Status: Incomplete, open!

A half angel? )

Dec. 22nd, 2009


Who: Clarissa Morgenstern, her ghost (Open to Cathy. Also Lindsey if he's around)
What: Her last ghost
When: Night time, just after sunset
Where: Lindsey's and Cathy's house, spare bedroom/Lindsey's office
Rating: High, violence
Status: Incomplete

you don't deserve respect )

Dec. 20th, 2009


Who: Clarissa Morgenstern, her ghost
What: Another ghost visit
When: Evening, December 20th
Where: The Welcome Center
Rating: R, high, mentions of abuse, hints to incest, some violence
Status: Complete

The mug fell from her hand, glass shattering )

Dec. 17th, 2009


Who: Clarissa Morgenstern
What: She gets a visit from a 'ghost'
When: After sunset
Where: The kitchen of the welcome center
Rating: G
Status: Complete!

Uh, duh. Vampire, remember? )

Dec. 8th, 2009


WHO: Stefan and Clarissa
WHAT: Heading to the Welcome Center
WHEN: Mid-day
WHERE: Welcome Center
RATING: PG-13 (possibly... for language)

Stefan was halfway across the country before he'd realized something had changed. )

Nov. 29th, 2009


Who: Clary Morgenstern
What: Remembering
When: Late evening
Where: Her room, LAWC
Rating: G
Status: Complete

It really had all been a lie )

Nov. 27th, 2009


Who: Jacen Solo, Cathy McDonald and Clary Morgenstern (not a strict posting order!)
What: Rescuing Clary.
When: November 27th, afternoon
Where: Near the place Cathy ran into Clary before
Rating: TBD, but probably mentions of violence towards a teen, so be warned!
Status: In progress

Jacen was as calm as he could be )

Nov. 26th, 2009


Who: Clary and Cathy
What: Cathy finds Clary, Clary has no idea who she is
When: Afternoon, when school gets out
Where: Streets of LA
Rating: G
Status: Complete

Her face had slowly turned into a blue and purple mess )


Who: Clarissa Morgenstern
What: Everyday living
When: Early morning
Where: Morgenstern Estate
Rating: PG-13, some violence
Status: Incomplete

It would appear that she had another accident while taking tennis lessons )

Nov. 5th, 2009


WHO: [ in no particular order! ] Sarah Petrelli, Lindsey McDonald, Clarissa Morgenstern, Tara Maclay, Paige Matthews, Sylar & Cathy McDonald
WHERE: the Welcome Center
WHEN: Sunday, November 5, 2006; umm... late afternoon?
WHAT: Rescuing Cathy.
STATUS: thread; in-progress

not coming back wasn't an option )

Nov. 3rd, 2009


Who: Clarissa Morgenstern, Lindsey McDonald
What: Tracking down their mystic
When: Backdated: Yesterday
Where: Various locations around LA
Rating: Not much higher than PG or PG 13
Status: Complete

so whats the plan? )

Nov. 1st, 2009


Who - Clary Morgenstern and Ruby
What-  Happens upon trouble she didn't cause
Where- LAWC
When- Not long post the LAWC attack
Rating- TBD
Status- In Progress


Who: Clary Morgenstern, Cathy McDonald, NPC Demons and Human
What: Attack on the Welcome Center
When: November 1st, late afternoon
Where: LAWC
Rating: PG 13 for violence
Status: Complete, save for Cathys tag if she wants to write her version!

what happened to the magic? )

Oct. 15th, 2009


Who: Clarissa Morgenstern & Sarah Petrelli
What: An attempt to track the missing people
When: Shortly after their conversation
Where: Hyperion Hotel
Rating: No more than PG
Status: Incomplete

maybe she could track them )

Oct. 4th, 2009


Who: Clarissa Morgenstern, Cathy McDonald and Izzy McDonald
What: Conversations a few day after Clary's arrival
When: Early afternoon, around 12:30
Where: The Welcome Center
Rating: G, nothing higher than PG
Status: Incomplete

the institute didn't exist here )

Oct. 2nd, 2009


Who: Clarissa Morgenstern & Open
What: Coffee, walking, demon attack?
When: Early evening, around sunset
Where: On her way back from a Starbucks to the Welcome Center
Rating: PG for now
Status: Incomplete, open

she spun and kept on running )

Sep. 30th, 2009


Who: Clarissa Morgenstern
What: Arrival
When: Evening, shortly before her post to the internet
Where: Streets, then to a library
Rating: G
Status: Complete

City of Angels )

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