September 12th, 2008

[info]ex_sinofthef307 in [info]parabolical

Who: Jared Nomak & Willow
What: Meeting between a witch and a vampire
When: after sunset
Where: Hyperion
Rating: TBD
Being part of a group was quite difficult for him but he was doing his best to adjust )

[info]dealing_death in [info]parabolical

Who: Selene (Maybe Open, if anyone is up for it)
When: Midnight
Where: Some park
Why: Went looking for Drake, found goons instead
Status: Complete (thread dropped)
Rating: PG-13

Under the calm exterior a dark storm brewed...... )

[info]somuchyummier in [info]parabolical

Who: Catwoman and open
What: Looking for trouble
Where: Jewelry store to start.
When: Late at night
Rating: TBD
Status: Open

Necklace at Tiffany's. )
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[info]ex_chimichan376 in [info]parabolical

WHO: Deadpool, Agent Booth
WHAT: Batch-slapping
WHERE: Marina Del Rey Public Library (not too far from the firehouse)
WHEN: Friday Afternoon

If they hadn't gotten off on the wrong foot, they might have been friends. )

[info]assistantpepper in [info]parabolical

Who: Pepper and open
What: Looking for a job
Where: Sitting outside a cafe
When: Around Noon
Rating: Can't see it being more than PG
Status: Open

Lookin' for a job )

[info]shadow_lust in [info]parabolical

Maybe I should hold with care, but my hands are busy in the air.

WHO: Gabriel and Elisabeth Braddock.
WHAT: Same old broken record confession, only this time to the werewolf.
WHEN: Night time, after 9pm.
WHERE: Backyard of the Jonamumddock household.
STATUS: In progress...

The sky resembles a backlit canopy with holes punched in it. I'm counting UFO's, I wish you were here. )

[info]boy_scout in [info]parabolical

Who: Clark Kent and Damien Thorn
When: Morning (backdated before this thread)
Where: Thorn Industries
What: Investigating the antichrist
Rating: PG
Status: Complete


Helping out a friend )

[info]lil_lu in [info]parabolical

Who: Lily Potter (Jr.) OPEN
Where: Some sort of Chapters like store
When: Afternoon
Rating: She's 15, should be fairly PG

Lily figured she might as well see what all the fuss was about... )

[info]defenderrose in [info]parabolical

Who: Rose Tyler, Lois Lane (Comic), The Rani
When: Early evening, after Lois finishes work. Backdated to before the Lux opened
Where: The Park, then shopping!
What: A girlie shopping trip
Status: Incomplete
Rating: PG-13

[info]yourecold in [info]parabolical

Who: Nick and Open.
Where: Down the road from the Jonddock household.
When: Mid day.
What: A boy and his guitar.
Rating: Probably not high? Depends on the company.
Status: Incomplete

Well I think that I'm just going crazy one day at a time. )

[info]thebigbad in [info]parabolical

Who: Dawn, Buffy, and Spike.
What: Alternate universe, anyone?
When: Right after the meet and greet at the Hyperion.
Where: The alternate universe.
Rating: TBD. Probably not too pretty.

Something witty here soon. )

[info]thricedefied in [info]parabolical

WHO: James & Lily Potter
WHERE: An empty warehouse.
WHEN: Monday, September 12; evening
WHAT: Their arrival!
NOTES: credit to J.K. Rowling for the recognizable dialogue bits in the beginning!

the undiscover'd country from whose bourn no traveller returns – except in Los Angeles )

[info]patientlykira in [info]parabolical

Who: Kira Ford and Jack Landors (also OPEN to AU!Dean if he just wants to pass by and go WTF! at Power Rangers)
Where: Alternate universe, aka Demon Land!
When: Shortly after this.
What: Uh oh...the group got separated.
Rating: TBD. Probably high.
Status: In progress.

dark clouds all around, lightning, rain pouring down... )

[info]thricedefied in [info]parabolical

WHO: Lily, Harry & James Potter; [OPEN to others who see/recognize either Patronus!]
WHERE: Streets of L.A.; the building Harry secured
WHEN: Monday, September 12; evening
WHAT: Finding Harry!
STATUS: thread; in-progress
NOTES: Lily and James split up the search duties for a short while, so they can be run into separately within this post, and then everyone will meet back up. I'm impatient, shut up

Harry was alive, a gut-level maternal instinct said he was, )

[info]dontneedpower in [info]parabolical

Who: Ando and Caleb, even a splash of Hiro.
What: Ando tries to be a hero too.
When: an hour or two after the board post.
Where: A warehouse.
Warnings: Violence probably.
Rating: R not for the kiddies.

Every bad thing that ever happened to the heroes in comic books took place in warehouses )

[info]knivesandreo in [info]parabolical

Who: Heather, Dean, Jo
When: after "leaving" the Hyperion
Where: AU!Land
Rating: Might be not so pretty

well, this was fantastic )

[info]hislight in [info]parabolical

Who: Jenny and Open to New Threads
What: Research!
Where: Library
When: This evening
Rating: TBD
Status: Open

She would always remember kissing Tom in second grade behind the bushes... )

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