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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009
5:31 pm - New Students Social[Open to all students and the faculty]
pantheon_npcs Place: In front of the Administration Building (Yellow 52 on the map. )
Time: Noon
Date: Two days before classes officially start

Professor Callie Parker waited until everyone had filed in and settled down. It was the bi-annual New Student social. Where all of the freshmen and the transfer students got to meet and mingle with the current students and several members of the faculty. Normally the Dean was responsible for hosting this, he actually enjoyed it and had said so on more than one occasion. But no one could reach him either at home or at the office or on his cell. So here she was, filling in for him. She stepped up to the small platform set up there in front of the Admin building.

"Welcome Students new and old, welcome Faculty!" She started off, "This bi-annual social could not take place without the contributions of several people." She thanked who she needed to thank and then she wrapped it up neatly. "So kick back, have some food and some ice cream, and meet some new people!"

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Sunday, January 25th, 2009
9:17 pm - [Open Post]

Place: On a bench outside of the University Center
Time: Mid morningish
Date: Same week as this and this.

Bea was walking around the campus, exploring as her sister settled into her dorm. This was an interesting campus. She was glad she'd come here already, she liked the atmosphere of the place, and Nashville while different was also very cool. She was looking forward to starting classes and making some new friends. She was also looking forward to surprising her boyfriend who was a sophomore here. Nick had no idea that she was looking into this university and they had had the best program and the best financial aid package. So here she was.

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
12:32 am - [For Arin]

Place: Ceara's office
Time: Afternoonish
Date: Late August before classes have started.

She was straightening up the papers that her replacement was going to need, on all of the students who took the course last year and who were taking it this year. Then there were the syllabi for the various levels and all of the permission and waivers that had to be signed at the beginning of the semester. Lots of paperwork to pass on. But she couldn't rightly complain, she could sigh wistfully at having to give up the classes, but she was excited about being a mom for the first time. And lessening her class load gave her more time to prepare for the wedding.
Everything was working out fine. She checked her watch, her replacement should be here soon.

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
1:15 am - [Open to Patrick]

Date: Late August
Place: The Wooden Spoon restaurant
Time: Midmorning.

Ali walked out to the main restaurant area with his file of important papers to look over and sign. Then he had orders and finances to complete. Or as his partner had put it, it was time to be the owner of the restaurant instead of its Head Chef. But he refused to do sort of paperwork with out some sort of liquid courage, so he was sitting at the bar counter with his papers, a glass of wine, and some munchies from the kitchen. It wasn't quite time for them to begin opening for the lunch crowd, but the doors were unlocked in case someone needed to find him there.

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Monday, January 19th, 2009
3:13 am - [Open to the other residents of the Hall]

Date: Late August
Time: Mid morningish
Place: Billy Bob Bucksnort Residence Hall.

Nick smiled as he threw his dufflebag down on his bed in the suite that they assigned him this year. At least he was rooming with Jake again, the other dude laughing when he'd called him over the phone a couple days ago. They'd been tossed together their first year here and they'd formed an odd friendship of sorts. Now that they had moved up in the world and were moving into the sophomore dorms, they got another person placed with them for the year. A transfer student, Ben something or other, and that'd be interesting. It took a special sort of person to be able to deal with Jake's constant flow of girls. He'd gotten used to it. They'd see how it all played out. He was looking forward to plugging in and messing with his new Wii. An overly expensive gift from his father who was still looking to make amends. He'd taken the gift mostly cause he had no real way of returning it and, between him, Jake, and likely the new guy, it'd get a fair amount of use.

He plugged it in and started playing the Wii Bowling as he waited for his roommates to move in. Time for another fun year at P.U.

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2:25 am - Welcome to Pantheon University
pantheon_npcs I'm your Admissions Counselor, Mr. Stevens. By this point you should have gotten your housing assignment and your tour around the campus. I'm here just to let you know about a few specific things about Pantheon's campus in particular. The main street in town has all of the restaurants, movie theaters, the laundromat, and the post office. Nashville is only an hour's drive away and we'd strongly discourage you from exploring into the some of the backhills here in Bucksnort. Strange things can happen sometimes and we're very committed to the safety and security of all our students.

So have fun, enjoy the campus and your classes, and if you have any trouble please don't hesitate to contact a member of the staff or faculty.

We're here to help make your college stay a gods-inspired time!

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