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Update!!!! W00T!

-gets the whip out- I refuse to let this asylum die, damnit! Ehm...
I wonder how everyone is doing. I understand people have lives, so I'm not gonna be like other mods and be like, "Bitch bitch. Whine whine. I don't have a life, so I'm gonna act like everyone else shouldn't." I've been occupied myself. I just hope that everyone is enjoying their life in some way, even if it's in a very tiny way.
I gotta escape my life for a moment, and go into my sick little mind. lol. I've discovered a new fetish of mine. Just like men like to watch/see women pee, I like to watch men pee. I don't know why but it gets me soooo wet and hot. I think I just may orgasm from a 'golden shower' XD. Gotta try it one day. ^^ Whatcha guys think?

I'm feeling...: happy happy
What's that sound...: Gackt - Redemption
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