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Hello all and I would like to take this time to welcome our newest member: [info]hyades_nymph

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Hello all again!

I haven't been on IJ in a few months on. Come on, I made this asylum so I gotta post at least a few times a month.

I hope everyone has been engaging in SAFE, kinky sexual activities lately. *sighs* My fiance is a Marine and he's in Cali, so I've been playing all by myself. I do miss him so. Heh. we're both sooo made for each other. We're both such freaks and have high sexual drives. But before all that, we are so deeply in love with each other. <3
Alright! Enough with the sappiness! Time for questions and personal stories! YES! lol

  • The topic for today: "Wet Dreams". Now, I don't mean the puberty type of wet dream. I mean the "wow-I wanna-go-back-to-that-dream-every-fucking-night" type of dream. Not the accidental adolescent type of wet dream.
Chicks and dudes, a like! Please share your experiences. Personally, I have had quite a few of these wet dreams myself, but never had an orgasm during one. I've heard that many people do. I've woken up to my panties soaking wet. Not damp, soaking nearly dripping. Then I wake up still feeling the sensations and playing with myself.^^ Sooo much fun I have with myself.

Ehm, but yea. Please share. Don't be afraid. Embrace your kinky side with open arms in chains. *winks* =P I promise to post more. ^^

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Please Make Me Your Bitch...Though I Too Make a Rather Recalcitrant Bottom

Name: Thetis
Nickname: Whatever you want it to be
Sex: F
Age: Depends on the game
Location: US
Sexuality: Hetero who appreciates the incredible sexuality of women
Sadist or Masochist: Masochist, though have played the flip role for others
How did you hear about community: Browsing through "disorders"
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Apologies, if this has already been asked…

…out of curiosity, when and how did everyone first realize their BDSM inclinations? What age? What circumstances?

Stories are welcome and appreciated, but—as it is a personal question—I understand if you’d rather not.

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I would like to welcome [info]thetis_0622 . I can see from the beginning that she will be a wonderful addition to this lovely asylum.

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