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cuteinsanity [userpic]
Please, let me be your bitch…


Name: Morgana
Nickname: Gana, The Bitch, Karen
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Location: Washington state
Sexuality: bi
Sadist or Masochist: sadomasochist
How did you hear about community: interests search


Favorite sexual “accessory”: collar and leash
Favorite color(s): lime green
Favorite food: cheddar cheese
Favorite animal: wolf
Favorite article of clothing: hats
Favorite part of body: feet

Rate on a scale of 1-10:

Your physical looks: 6
Your personality: 9
How much you enjoy sex: vanilla? haven't gone there.

State your opinion on the following:

Whips: always nice
Paddles: I like bare hands better
Flogs: very nice
Gags: I like to hear them
Razors: fun stuff
Pinwheels: haven't gone there.
Harnesses: if you must
Binding: best on the already small
Fire: fire is always good, especially when coupled with branding
Ice: best when tied down
Wax: the hotter the better
Cages: would be nice to have one
Hoods: no thanks
Chains: lots of fun
Restraints: the very best
Needles: tattoos are nice, but not good for everyday play
Collars: always great
Leather: wonderful smell but not the best to get wet in
Clamps: can be really good in the right places
Rope: the best birthday present I ever got.

Word association: type the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word:

Oink: squeal piggy
Dolls: dress-up
Wiggly: squirming
Moo: costumes
Peeb: Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (sorry, college and news articles)
Candy: sticky messes and sweet times
Computers: technophiles
Screwdriver: drinks
Groceries: food play
Pencil: drawing
Hair: pulling and brushing

Name 5 favorite bands:
+ New Order
+ Oingo Boingo
+ Blue Oyster Cult
+ Queen
+ Rush

Name 5 favorite songs (don’t necessarily have to correspond with bands above):
+ Bossy (Kelis)
+ The Emo Song
+ I Just Wanna Live (Good Charlotte)
+ Jacob Thinks I'm Gay (Allister)
+ He Said She Said (Ashley Tisdale)

Name 5 things you like to do most:
+ Play video games
+ Listen to music
+ Writing
+ Reading
+ Drawing

Name 5 words that describe you best:
+ Bitch
+ Pudgy
+ Geek
+ Brainy
+ Technophile

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