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Please, let me be your bitch…

I know this community is dead, but I was bored so I decided to fill this out.

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What's that sound...: None updating again? Sounds like a good idea to me.

Yeah, so since no one goes on here anymore and probably doesn't read this...I guess I could start updating again. I need to let loose my pervy side, getting tired of holding it in. Besides, my b/f doesn't mind me sharing. Hehe. Now...let's get on with this.

My subject for this night is public sexual activities. I love doing this in public areas. Okay, let me share my *cough* recent experience. Thursday, the afternoon before my graduation, on the 24th of May after graduation rehearsal. We had to go from the Florence Civic Center to my school to take care of my cap and grown situation. Afterwards, I was supposed to go home but instead we went around the side of the school where the parking lot was. We stopped at some steps in front of a door and I straddled his lap. I could feel how hard he was right under my pussy. He lifted my shirt and bra and started sucking on my tits, then we stopped and started making-out. A teacher walked out of the door we were by and she joked around with us and just said to cool it some. So I got off of him and we walked halfway down the side of the school. No one was in the parking lot and most of the teachers left for the day. It was around 3:00. Then we stopped and he stood up in the wall, looking so damn appetizing. So then we just started making-out and touching. He got me so hot and wet that I begged him to finger me. So he unbuttoned my pants, pulled down my panties and fingered me while we were kissing. Then we began playing with my tits at the same time. Then...he stopped. I was like...wft? He told me to bend over, so I did and he put his finger in me and fingered me from behind. Oh felt sooo damn good, I was sooo close to just cumming. He was so into it, he bent over me to play with my tits and watch the pleasure in my face as he fingered me. I was so loud. I couldn't help it really. He then began playing with my ass and kissing it and smacking it. He kept hitting my spot over and over, I just was screaming from pleasure, it was nothing I had never felt before. Then I had stopped and I stood up straight and started kissing him and playing with his dick. He took it out and I started sucking it. I felt he was about to cum, but I stopped. There started to be too much traffic coming in and out of the parking lot, interrupting us. So we got our clothes back on and straightened and we got ourselves home. That was around 5...almost 6. Heh, no one(that we knew at least) know a thing.

So yeah, ever since then I've been telling him that I wanna do something like that again. It was so excited being outside where anyone can see us or catch us. So thrilling.
Does anyone here(that's still here) feel the same way too about the whole outside thing?

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