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[28 Aug 2016|08:55pm]

Hi kids, Matt here with his second character because both Jen and Amanda are enablers. This pretty Oscar Isaac face belongs lovingly to a crime boss named Liam Black, head of the Black Crime Family. He runs several legitimate businesses that he uses as shell corporations to hide his more criminalizing empire. Though it's not really that much of a secret that he's doing it, he's got people in all sorts of government hands, and kind of just gets away with it. Frankly he donates to a ton of charities and has rebuilt up some really poor neighborhoods, so plenty look the other way, and his dealings are so hidden in legal mumbo-jumbo, it'd take 20 years just to try him anyway.

That said... he is a Fae, dark, and has a penchant for the evil side of things in his more private matters. He despises human beings, for the most part, though also has a fascination with them in the fact that he can use them, and he does rather love their luxuries.

So you're welcome to befriend him, hate him, have had your family uplifted by him at one point, or your char's family hurt by him at another point. FRIENDS, FAMILY, COUNTRYMEN!!! LEND ME YOUR LINES!

[20 Aug 2016|04:55pm]

Heya everyone! I'm Jen and I'm finally here! I've been lurking around with one accepted kiddo, but finally got the rest of my kids in and actually eager to play so let's get started here! Here's the kiddos we've got so far!

Gwendolyn "Trouble" Levine - The black sheep of the Levine family, Trouble is exactly as her nickname states. She's a wild child, a troublemaker, but deep down still a good person. A bitten werewolf, she still has quite a few issues with her furry side than she'd like to admit to. I would love some friends and loves for her. I'd also really love some people who let her sleep on their couch.

Kaisa Galanos - Kaisa is sweet as can be. There's not a girl in the world who's a better person deep down. But she also tends to keep to herself often and has issues with touching. Mostly because touch often incites her powers. She is a clairvoyant. Past present and future get shoved at her alllll the time. It's hard on her because it often leaves her mind confused after a vision, and most people don't often believe her. I would love some more friends and loves for her as well.

Keara McAllistor - Keara is the person who is probably going to arrest at lest one of you eventually. She's a fine upstanding member of the Philadelphia Police force. She's also a changling. Switched as a baby and left with her family, she's a member of the fae. Her specialty is being able to change herself physically. Which also helps her out as she is Gender Fluid. There are days that Keara is an awesome blue haired woman and days that he is a sexy brown haired man. Kea would love some friends, family and loves!

And last but not least is Jeremy Barrons - A bitten werewolf, Jeremy was actually weird enough to ask for the bite. He enjoys the strength, power, and ability that it has given him, and likes the community it brings. Right now, he's currently an owner of a nice cafe in the middle of downtown and is pretty good with himself and life. Come fuck it up for him? :) Honestly though, I would love some friends for him. It would be awesome!

So there they are,please come play with me. I'm eager to toss them into threads and play! Hit me up here or on aim at tsukinoneko48 or email at loki0panda@gmail.com.

Blast Chat [20 Aug 2016|07:14pm]

Since we are AIM happy here, and have been doing a bunch of one-on-one chats, and some of us are chat-happy - is there interest in a blast-group-chat-thing here? If so post "yes" here to be added.

Opening! [14 Aug 2016|08:04pm]

For you that are here already, introduce yourself and your characters here! I know you all, obviously, but there are some who don't know each other. You can start posting now, since I will be asleep at midnight in just about any time zone!

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