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[04 Sep 2016|11:41pm]

It's kind of a bummer to hear everyone talk about their awesome long weekend. I'm working extra hours over at Second Start to the right. The owner still isn't feeling all that up to opening or closing the shop up yet and I promised to help all I can.

[Private to Levine siblings]

Just wanted to give you the heads up that I have a place to crash for a bit. But I also demand some sibling time together or else, right?

[Private to Aden]

Hey, you wanna grab some pizza or something for dinner together?

Private to Deirdre [02 Sep 2016|11:12am]

So. My stalker ex is out of prison. I wouldn't bring it up (because I really don't like thinking about it/him) but I feel like if you're going to hang out here/with me, you have a right to know.

[01 Sep 2016|01:52pm]

El problema con esta historia es yo no quiero escribir lo mismo que antes he escrito. El mundo es el mismo, pero los caracteres tiene que ser diferentes o de lo contrario este libro simplemente se va a sentirá como una imitación barata de la primera serie.

Más ideas. Necesito más ideas. Quizás un poco bailando y unas bebidas pueden ayuda.

I'm completely exhausted. Completely. I worked with the kids all day on a scavenger hunt (of sorts. We helped them a lot, obviously) and then I got home, helped Mami with dinner, and then sat down to write. And I feel really blocked right now, and I think that's a direct result of how tired I am, probably. Probably.

OOC: Hover for translation!

For Nadi, Left At Her Door [31 Aug 2016|08:56pm]

Erm... I was thinking about you.

[30 Aug 2016|07:03pm]

I'm thinking of hosting a gaming night. I'm bored lately and most of the work coming across my desk is stuff I can fix in a day. I need a bit of a challenge. Yes, Adam, I do mean you should toss harder things my way, but maybe hold off until after Friday?

[30 Aug 2016|11:18am]

So I had to spend a whole day with the family chasing about the sprogs and being vaguely socially acceptable. It's made my head hurt something awful. Anyone want to get together and get really drunk so I can pretend that I wasn't dragged to church this past Sunday?

[30 Aug 2016|11:53am]

So I get home and I find that someone has painted "go to hell fay scum" on the front wall of my house, large enough that it kind of goes from one end to the other.

It upsets me on a number of levels. Firstly, and most obviously, the bigotry. Secondly, the vandalism. Thirdly... The children in my class can spell "fae". I'm going to just concentrate on the spelling, because it's the easiest thing for my head to be upset about right now. The rest is...

Was it Gary? It couldn't have been Gary. He's not out yet. Is he? I should make a call

Text message to Liam [29 Aug 2016|12:39am]

Ya missed a lot of fun the other night. Was tempted to call and invite ya, but I ended up getting wrapped up in the moment.

[24 Aug 2016|02:13am]

This was a good day, until it wasn't. I can't really talk about the specifics because confidentiality, but suffice to say, I got to prevent history from repeating today. And in the process, I got to stick it to a couple of truly unpleasant people.

[Private to Levines]
She's baaaaaack.

Don't tell mom and dad. I'm dealing with it.

[22 Aug 2016|05:17pm]

School should not be starting already. I was just getting used to sleeping in till noon again. Everyone got their books yet? I might be looking for a bookstore buddy if anyone's willing.

[Private to Beau]

Soooo,do you have any time for friends outside of soccer? I might have gone out on my own last night and accidentally had a vision. Might have gotten kissed as well.

[23 Aug 2016|12:02pm]

One of the best things about the internet is that you can't read me accent. I've had a time of it today, repeating meself over and over for people who haven't the sense God gave them to clean out their lugholes and listen to us properly. I'll be fair. There are some Geordie-isms I'm never going to give up. I'm proper proud of where I'm from and a few ignorant Americans aren't going to beat that out of us. But let's be fair. I'm not that hard to understand, surely.

Good day at university though. I like me teachers, and I like me classes. I do well because I understand the computers as well as I understand the teachers, and I reckon they understand us just as well. I'm getting all As, which I understand is a proper feat at an American university.

Here's some Geordie phrases youse can all learn, from this Geordie lad to you. Howay the lads!!! We beat Bristol, we slaughtered Reading, and we's coming for you, Cheltenham. Up the Geordies!

[19 Aug 2016|08:31pm]

Friday 19 August
Open Journal
I wonder if the current Olympics fever can be translated into sales. Not that what Trys and I do or make is appropriate for fencing at all. The Renne Faires really do a much better job. Fencing is far more prescribed. The technology they use though is pretty incredible. LARPers take note. That might be a way to fight cheaters who won't take their hits.

[19 Aug 2016|08:12pm]

19 August, evening
Open Journal
Yay Japan! The synchronized swimming - double bronze! They hold their breath so well and make it all an art at the same time. I never had the nose plug when I was a girl, but I also was never changing directions nearly so much as they do with their dancing. Its marvelous watching it.

And of course I already fangirled gymnist Kōhei Uchimura when he won last week, and the relay swim teams. But there is something about the odd artistry of synchronized swimming that I just love so much.

[19 Aug 2016|11:36am]

Another day, another dollar.

Ah, I've got no reason to complain. I had an idea for an amazing new unit of study which I think is going to open up so many creative possibilities. Stories, art, imaginative play... and it's all on theme, so much the better! I mean I realize no one really cares, at least not as much as I do (!!) but we can make the coolest pictures with a totally new art technique that I may or may not have seen on a Barney and Friends rerun. I've been shopping for art supplies and such most of the day.

It's nice to be home though. This is a big house for just one person but I like the space and emptiness if I'm honest. I like that I can flit about and not have to deal with anyone. Gosh, that makes me sound so anti-social! I'm really not, I'm just in love with having my own place and my own space.

That said, I'm totally up for some sort of outing this weekend. Aden? Dee? Molly? Vi? I'm looking at you all. I want to get my dance on!

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