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April 4th, 2008


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Hello there, everyone! If I'm posting on the internet I usually go by 'envyofthestage'. I'm a big LJer and I have an IJ by the same name and also, it's my AIM (although I rarely use it), so feel free to add me at any of those. Your best bet if you need to contact me is MSN/email on

I live here in Scotland, I go to the University of Edinburgh where I study Japanese, Philosophy and East Asian History. My time zone is usually pretty inconvienient in my past experience, usually leaves me awake at 4am bleary eyed and still typing away. ^^;;

I love RPing and writing, I've been going through the worst dry spell for writing recently but RPing's never been better. As far as KH goes, I've only RPed Axel (and loved every damn second) but I've been flirting with the idea of playing Leon for a long time and finally here we are! Whee~!
I have to admit, I'm a yaoi/slash/gay/what-ever-you-call-it fangirl. Did I hear a collective sigh? :P Yeah, if two guys so much as look at each other (and sometimes when they don't) they are totally screwing each others brains out. I'm kidding! (sort of) I'm a very serious player when it comes to my characters, it took me a year roundabouts before my Axel consumated his "feelings" for Roxas. I'm very serious about character and relationship development. I can't stand these RPers that have their character fuck anything and everything the second they meet. It's embarrassing to even read. Plus, if a character is obviously and steadfastly straight I don't really ship them. Squall isn't gay, for example (Squall/Seifer = best hate sex ever shutupbitch!) but Leon...;D

Anyway, I look forward to RPing and seeing what we'll come up with. Totally psyched about playing Mr Boss Man of Everything.

P.S. Sadly I've joined right in the middle of exam time, so I don't suspect you'll be seeing too much of me until after May 17th. I'm easy to contact however, and I'll keep up on any big developments. :P
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