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sort of an app review [Nov. 13th, 2018|19:50 ]

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I tend to do a large portion of my writing by hand. It works better for me and its far more portable to a lot more places than a laptop - pens and paper travel easily and don't have additional 'needs'. But there is one big downfall of this process - having to type up all of those words once I've written them down.

In a way, the write by hand and type up later bit isn't a bad gig, b/c I edit when I'm typing. But it's also a huge pain in the ass for anything longer than about 1000 words.

Enter the app in question: My Script nebo. With it, you can use your tablet to write by hand with your tablet 'pen' or stylus of choice, just like writing on notebook paper. The app then converts your handwriting to typed text. And it's pretty damned good at it too. Even when your handwriting is kind of shitty - it still 'reads' it pretty well. I've only had a few words or letters that it got completely wrong. And it's a simple fix to 'erase' the wrong word and re-write the correct one.

There's a little bit of a learning curve with the write -> tap to convert -> tap to 'set' -> tap to edit set-up, but once you get used to it, it's pretty sweet.

And since it has a sort of 'never-ending' page, there's no turning and you can always be writing at whatever section of the page is most comfortable for you - top, middle, bottom. I tend to end up with garbage handwriting near the bottom of a page, so scrolling the page up so there's never really a 'bottom' is great.

This is sort of the 'next gen' of the LiveScribe smart pen + My Script for LiveScribe combo. I have (though don't really use much anymore) the smart pen and you use a special paper/notebooks, then you could use My Script to convert it from handwriting to text in a text document. However, it was complete garbage at reading the handwriting. Even after a couple years' worth of updates. So I always spent nearly as much time fixing the text as it would've taken to just type the shit myself.

This app is SO much better than that.

It's not free, but given how well it works, it's worth the price. It'll save you on notebook paper and pens. XD

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