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    Wednesday, March 18th, 2020
    12:25 am
    So I forgot to introduce this chauvinistic asshole (and really, I think that's putting it mildly}. This is Parmesh Patil, older brother to Padma and Parvati, heir to the Patil family, Deputy Head of the DMLE of Ireland/Northern Ireland/Wales, Ravenclaw class of '87 and married to Europa Shafiq, but lets be honest its a sham of a marriage because Parmesh is your stereotypical narrow minded pureblood. He believes that women have one place in the world and one job and when you don't do what is expected? Well, ask Europa what life is like for her currently.

    He is very cold, aloof and studious. He prefers books and alcohol to actual people and he is very methodical and clinical when it comes to his job. Publicly he puts on a good show, makes it seem like he's quite charming without actually being involved with people and that he has a wonderful marriage but privately it's a completely different story.

    Apparently I like assholes so here's his work in progress app and let me know what you think!
    Tuesday, March 17th, 2020
    4:41 pm
    Hey friends! Dana is here again with Hestia Carrow. She is a cousin of Alecto and Amycus. She is Slytherin 97. Works at the family-owned herbology shop ing Hogsmeade (Dogweed and Deathcap). She was definitely a creepy twin in Hogwarts but she has since kind of dropped that a little bit but definitely can pull it out with Flora for funzies.

    Um, she is dark humoured for sure. And doesn't sleep much and can look a little run down because of it. She may not be the nicest but she does lookout for people who are actually in her friend circle.

    Anyway. Welcome all the things for Hestia!
    Saturday, March 14th, 2020
    10:30 pm
    Hi Everyone, it’s Caly and I have another new character and I swear I’m done for a bit. You can blame Alex for this one. So, meet Nineveh Valont. Beauxbatons graduate circa 1965, who came to Hogwarts in 1964 for the Triwizard. She’s a pureblood and related to the French Lestranges. Nineveh is a semi-retired opera singer, and mum of two. Her kids are still in France. She had recently put off her mourning after her well known philanderer of a husband was killed mysteriously passed away from a stroke. She’s gay as a rainbow, but living in Narnia except to a rare few, and well known as a patron of the arts and sciences.
    Wednesday, March 4th, 2020
    10:23 pm
    Hey everyone! Caly here with her second character (already), because I'm a sucker with no impulse control who likes werewolves.

    So, meet Gemma Farley. Pureblood noble, British father, Lebanese mother, older brother Charles. She is a cursebreaker for Gringotts and a registered werewolf after an incident while on assignment in 1996. She's definitely had some backlash after that hit the news, but she's made it work. She's Freki, third-in-command of Micah's pack and got there by kicking ass and taking names.

    She was in the same year as Percy, and Slytherin kids of 1998 will know her as the prefect who made sure they knew all the most common pranks, loose steps, best routes around the castle, and checked in on them when they were homesick. She was also available for in house homework help, and randomly give out sweets to the younger years when they were angry, frustrated, or upset.

    That's also, basically, how she handles the pack, checking in on everyone, keeping the newer wolves on task, and watching everyone's back. However, she can also come across as stern, and has some trouble relying on new people. She can come across as cold to people who don't know her if they get on her bad side, but is generally very charming. Secretly a romantic, she's attracted to strength, and wants to find someone who will have her back, instead of her being a protector.
    Saturday, March 7th, 2020
    3:08 pm
    At approximately 12:30pm there was a commotion in the gardens of the royal palace. Prince Regulus had just sat down for lunch with his family when an unauthorized visitor approached them. Reports vary on how he got there or how close he got before aiming his wand at the royal family. There was a scuffle between him and the prince's bodyguard and the would-be assassin was killed. He also carried a large hunting knife and a note that requested that Prince Regulus and his family be eliminated at all costs.

    While a Prophet article has not yet been published, rumors have already spread starting within the palace starting with the royal families and the knights, trickling down to the servants and other noble families. Rumors are inconsistent, with some saying that Regulus is dead along with several guards all the way to it was an innocent mistake and the man didn't need to be killed. You get to decide which rumor your character has heard (or something different!)

    The Daily Prophet article will be published later this evening, but feel free to talk about it now with as many lies as you want.
    2:08 am
    Hello everyone! I am Caly. I am new, and it's all Alex's fault. I bring you Morag MacDougal, noble, youngest daughter of a pureblood Scottish family, and teeny tiny Ravemclaw from 1998. She''s a Chaser for the Montrose Magpies, Cedric's cousin, and too smart for her own good. She loves shiny things, getting into debates, poking Ced, and enjoys doing charity work and reading.

    She may be able to kick your but despite being tiny.

    So hi! Plots?
    3:01 pm
    hi all 👋 I go by AK and I am newly arrived, bringing you Theodore Nott, who is basically a controlling perfectionist asshat with a highly polished professional and personable mask. After that intro, I'm sure you're all dying to be friends with him, but let me add that while he is terrible at netflix and chill, he does a good line in bitchy mockery, if you can ever get him to unwind.

    He does need friends, and enemies, rivals, wary associates, also exes (of both genders) and other mistakes he may have made or be ruthlessly preventing himself from making in the future. I am wide open to ways of testing his self-control! He is also Draco's personal assistant, so all sorts of professional associations are possible there. I need to figure out if I can make this discord thing work while I'm at work, but please feel free to email me any time!
    Thursday, March 5th, 2020
    10:09 am
    Hiya folks!

    I'm James and I'm new and figured I'd introduce myself and Hamish Harper!

    Hamish was your typical Hufflepuff, caring, artistic, dependable, and came from a half-wizard-half-muggle family. Sadly between his fifth and sixth year at Hogwarts, his family was attacked on a camping trip and Hamish was bitten and turned by a werewolf. Under a great deal of strain and without much choice his family pulled him from Hogwarts and he was never able to fully finish. After two years of his family being rather unhelpful and, frankly, prejudiced against their own son, Hamish ran away from home.

    He was approached by Greyback to join his pack but Hamish refused to give up the wizard half of himself. Without much hope or options left, Hamish finally crossed paths with Micah Burke and was welcomed into his pack. He was, in a lack of better terms, home-schooled for the rest of his magical schooling, and was given a job and a room at Borgin & Burkes.

    Hamish is still your sweet, kind, and somewhat ditzy boy, who just so happens to have a bit of a secret once a month. For reference, he was in the same year as Ginny while in Hogwarts, so he still would have perhaps known other students around that time.
    Sunday, March 1st, 2020
    1:12 pm
    Hey! Since I am all new like thought I would say hello. Hi I am Dana!

    I bring to you Maria Potter the youngest child of James and Lily. Maria is Gryffindor class of 2000 (if I math right). She was prefect in her year. She is sarcastic and opinionated. Be ready for unsolicited advice and opinions from this one. She had a bit of an issue being referred to as Harry's sister and not her own name which I am sure sticks around to this day. She is loyal, clever and kind. However, she is impatient and is closed off and struggles with opening up to people.

    She works with her dad. She wants the job that is technically Harry's birthright and she is like ugh look at him off doing the quidditch thing. So she is trying to figure out where she fits within the English courts.

    So I welcome all the plot. Friends, enemies what have you.
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