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November 26th, 2010

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Hi there folks! It's pretty quiet around here and things are still hectic through the end of the year for most of us, so Rena and I have decided to go ahead with the hiatus we discussed with you previously. You are still welcome to use the game for any PSLs but don't expect any Mod involvement for the next month. We might be available individually for PSLs, just drop us a line on AIM and we'll let you know.

We hope to see you all back in January when we revamp and reopen with some heavy advertising to get new players in here. Have a lovely rest of the year!

November 16th, 2010

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Just had a thought, for those logging the jailbreak: If your character is on the rescue or diversion teams and you DO NOT want them outed as wizards, and/or Order members, you will need to have them in disguise.

November 14th, 2010


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Just as a heads up, so we're all on the same page, we're going to say the jailbreak happens at midnight tonight. But, as my brain is severely lacking this afternoon, I have no additional details outside of what I already put in the subplot. Soooo...CARRY ON. XD

November 9th, 2010

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Halloween Subplot Part Two!! )

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Hello hello lovely players!

Mel and I were talking, and we wanted to get your opinion on the game. As it stands, it's not entirely active right now except for those of you who are likely reading this. We really appreciate the players who are keeping the game afloat, but we wanted to put an idea out there.

This is undoubtedly a very busy time of year for a lot of people. We possibly opened the game at a very sticky time, because now with college exams, holidays and NaNoWriMo, there are a lot of things that would put a strain on people's activity.

What we're proposing is putting the game on hold for about a month to six weeks to give everyone a chance to get past all those niggly things, then come back in time for that boring, quiet, eternally dull month of January. Those of you who are interested can continue to use the game communities for PSLs and that sort of thing, but we would just hold off on any subplots and new character additions until after Christmas, when we would relaunch the game with a bang.

What do you think? We would really welcome any and all of your opinions, because we're really just teasing this out at the moment. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Heyhey everybody! Sorry I've been MIA the last couple of days, haven't been feeling so great. I just wanted to let everyone know if you're waiting for tags from James or Antonin, I'll be getting on top of those today and tomorrow.

Also, the second part of the subplot should be up today, if all goes well. My apologies for leaving you lot in jail without a word as to how you're getting out! XD Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

November 5th, 2010


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Hey again everyone! It's Christa bringing in my second character, Molly (Prewett) Weasley. She's 31 years old and was a Gryffindor between 1961-68. Shortly after graduating she married Arthur Weasley and since then has had six sons. Although she's not an Order member, both of her brothers are, so she supports it in what ways she can. Currently she and Arthur have been debating over whether to register - Molly is against it, mostly as she doesn't like what it might mean for her sons. However, now that Fabian has been arrested and outed, she might have to change that.

Personality-wise, she's very protective and, yes , "mothering". She has a tendency to be a bit too protective of those she cares about, and it's common for her temper to flare up at the sign of a threat. At the same time, she's very generous, affectionate, and take-charge, and doesn't know how to take 'no' for an answer.

So, that's the general idea; her profile's here. If anyone wants to plot, you know the drill! (Also, if anyone would consider picking up Arthur, it'd be great!)

November 3rd, 2010


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Hey everybody! We'd like to do an activity check this week. It's a SUPER simple one. You just need to be involved in at least one log in the following week. We normally would require more but we'll give you a break this first one since we know Nano is on and all. :P

Please post here with a link to the log you tag between now and November 10th. Any character that does not meet this requirement will be removed and reopened. We'd really rather not lose anyone, but there are great characters just sitting around without anything going on. Please let us know if you need ideas, or help finding a log mate!

Thank you and happy posting! :)

*Iddy-biddy Rena edit: If you posted in our Hiatus Post before today, we will take that into account. Carry on!

November 1st, 2010

OOC note about Order Spy Team and the events of tonight

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Okay you sneaky spies. Here's how it went. Everyone but James was called in to Dumbledore's office early this morning and told that James has been spying on the local Metro precinct for about six months. They are also told everything Dumbledore knows about the raid plot - Diagon Alley, November 2nd, register or go to jail, etc.

He then sent them away to prepare, sleep, pray, whathaveyou and told them to come back at five to finalize details. The entire team met at five, planned an attack for midnight involving all five members taking separate sections of the Metro HQ. And this, friends, is why you never split up. Each member was set upon by a rogue wizard or disguised Death Eater accompanied by two dozen police officers. Here is where you can really fill in the blanks...just as long as the Order crew ends up wandless and in shackles.

By two a.m., November 2nd, all five Order members are behind bars. The second part of this subplot (which obviously involves getting them out of jail :P) will be posted sometime this weekend.

Have fun!

More changes to the Halloween subplot

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Since we don't have a lot of volunteers for the capture & guard side of the subplot, I've adjusted the details to include Voldemort's role. It boils down to the DEs are 'encouraged' to volunteer by the Inner Circle, via the Dark Lord's command. But again, they will need to be disguised at all times, and this means not in their Death Eater masks. They are working with muggle police and the police are fully aware of Death Eaters at this point. So think transfiguration, polyjuice, etc.

I will TRY not to change the plot again, mmmmmmk?

October 31st, 2010

Subplot clarification & additions

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I realized that something wasn't made clear in the subplot post so I'm making a separate post to insure everyone sees it. I will also edit the subplot to include this information.

All of the Order members who are arrested will be forced to register as a result. Also, because there will be Death Eaters in disguise on the capture and guard teams, the arrested wizards will be out as being part of the Order.

Now, this may change your mind as to whether you want to volunteer your character. I hope that it won't, since it would make things more interesting around here to have five more registered wizards who are known Order members. If, however, you are dead set on keeping your character Incognito, you can withdrawal them (or not sign up if you haven't done so already).

Also, I have added an opportunity for Mi-X members to take part in the subplot as guards. Now both Order and Mi-X members are really just following orders, so you can volunteer your characters if if they don't want to be involved and play it out as them being a reluctant participant. More chances for interesting play there, anyway!

If you have any questions about this information, or the subplot, feel free to contact us or post them here or in the subplot sign up post. Thank you!

October 30th, 2010

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Let's do a meme to get to know each other better!

Our lovely Nell gave me a ton to choose from, so let's start with a classic: truth or dare.

Reply with your character saying either "Truth" or "Dare." Other characters will reply to you with a truth or dare, which your character will then have to reply to. If you do give a character a truth or dare, you have to post as well and offer your character up to truths and dares!

Since this is just a game, all information in this thread is OOC and for the lulz. Your character cannot know these things unless the other player gives you permission – it could give you some plot ideas!

October 29th, 2010

Intro post!

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Hi one and all - I'm Christa, and I've just joined the game with Caradoc Dearborn. :D Some stuff about me briefly: I'm 23 and currently working on my graduate degree in English (and subsequently dreading my forthcoming thesis-writing process). Aside from that I work as a writing tutor, which I kinda love, and am loving the prevalence of all things pumpkin this season.

Caradoc is a Muggleborn, 29 years old, and was a Hufflepuff between the years of 1962-69. He grew up in Wales and later London, sort of privileged, and after graduation eventually wound up working for the Floo Network after a Series of Strange Events. He monitors the networks, which is something that is more often than not a source of endless amusement for him - but it has also been very useful for the Order. He has not registered as a Wizard, and is still on the fence. He sort of wants to, but also expects it would complicate his life even more than it is now, which is something he has no desire for. On the personality front, he's hard-working, confident, and trustworthy, but also has a tendency to give the first (and sometimes permanent) impression of being brusque, cynical, and critical. Currently, he lives in a flat in Westminster with a few cats.

His profile is here if you want extra details on anything. I'm up for any kind of plotting, so comment here or hit me up on AIM at lux sublunaris!

October 27th, 2010

*Insert dramatic music here*

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Halloween Subplot!! )

Edited 10/29 to included Mi-X & 11/1 to detail Voldemort's involvement

October 25th, 2010

Just a small update!

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Hey guys - just a little heads-up on our character page. Holds used to be seven days with one three day extension. We've changed it to four days with two three day extensions. It still amounts to ten days, but we feel people respond better when they have two extensions and an earlier reminder of their expiration!

Mind games and semantics.

Carry on!

October 23rd, 2010

Important Info regarding chat, voldemort and upcoming events

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Hi there, folks! Got a few things I wanted to make sure every knew.

First off, please feel free to meet up in AIM group chat incognitochat whenever you like. I'd love for everyone to get to know each other better, toss around ideas and have easy access to one group chat.

Second, in regards to all plot lines involving Voldemort giving orders to Death Eaters, we are more than happy to have you all playing side plots involving instructions from the Dark Lord. We only ask that you clear them with one of us first. This way we are fully aware of any plot that may contradict subplots we have planned for the near future and can advise you of any conflict. You can discuss any plot plans with us at or by AIM with panicstrickyn (Melissa) or trixytonks (Rena).

And lastly, I've got a plot plan for right after Halloween that will involve a number of people from all groups. This will be BIG and have ramifications across the board. I'm hoping to have a sign up sheet (think of it as a mission sign up?) posted by Monday afternoon at the latest. Keep an eye out! XD


October 21st, 2010

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Hey everyone! I'm Dany, bringing you Greta Catchlove, otherwise known as L.E. Catchlove when writing obituaries for the Daily Prophet. She's a former Hufflepuff (years 1970-1977, she was born late in '58, so started school a year late) and is 22 years old. Greta is incognito because she doesn't trust the Muggle government, and is a tiny bit afraid of Muggles in general since the riots and such. Of course, she's never really been fond of Muggles. She's not too happy about the registration thing and is actually a bit offended that anyone would ask her to do it, mostly because she doesn't think the statute of secrecy should ever have been broken. Personality-wise, she can be a little sarcastic, is stubborn, has a mild temper, but is generous, outgoing and kind. She's a halfblood, and doesn't support the Order or the Death Eaters. She's for the Ministry. And she lives in a little offshoot of Diagon Alley, just past Ollivander's called Wellington Alley. I think that's all you need to know about her, or at least all I can remember, but the rest of the information on her is here. I'd love all kinds of plot for her, good and bad!

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Hello again, my darlings! Sheli here once more with another character to add to the bucket.

Edwina Lovegood
--the ever mysterious wife to Xenophilius and mother of Luna Lovegood.

She, like her husband, is skeptical and a conspiracy theorist; if it can be thought up, she's already believed it. Despite this, she's soft spoken and usually will not wedge herself into a conversation unless invited. It isn't so much that she's shy or nervous, but that she's content with herself and the silence. Eddie, as she prefers to be called, is also blindingly optimistic and nurturing/motherly. To the surprise of many, she is also a true follower of the Punk/Rock age (albeit neither are interchangeable).

Eddie had been a Ravenclaw in her years at Hogwarts ('71-'78) and is quite the little bookworm. She has decorated her home in bookshelves to house her collections and still finds there isn't enough room for them all. She says: bookworms unite!

She loves herself and, chances are, she loves you!

Eddie is a part of the Order and, though she questions the judgment of Dumbledore's evil second face, she would proudly fight and die for the cause, no questions asked! She even held off her honey moon for them (so, yes, she is recently married to Xenophilius, no child yet). When not babbling nonsense, rocking out or working for the Order, Eddie tutors students in the use of potions, wandwork and basic spells --but her true job is inventing both spells and potions.

Love her, hate her. Its all good. C:

October 22nd, 2010

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Caitlin (Andromeda) here again with Barty Crouch Jnr! He has only been a Death Eater for a few months and the beginning of his fanatical loyalty to his Lord is just starting to develop. He was a Hufflepuff in school and his loyalty (originally for his father) and hard working nature towards the goals of another led him into that house. He is rather enthusiastic about his role that perhaps could annoy the older Death Eaters and he is incognito as both a Death Eater and Wizard.

It was in his sixth year he grew close to a group of boys in Slytherin who led him into the Death Eaters and provided him with a link to Voldemort. I would love for volunteers in that respect and other interaction with Barty.

October 19th, 2010

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Hey everyone I'm Caitlin with Andromeda. Her history is basically the same as canon as she married Ted and was disowned from her family at the age of 20. Since then she has had Nymphadora and is living happily with Ted and trying to ignore the worsening situation with the Death Eaters and the Muggles. She is a healer at St Mungos and is eager to have nothing to do with her family. Personality wise she appears very cold and does not show her emotion, though underneath she can be affectionate to people she is close to. She is intelligent and mostly thinks with her mind and ponders before she acts.

I look forward to playing with everyone.
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