July 2012

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July 10th, 2012

[info]wildfire in [info]ooc_clue


I'm Jo, and this is our Mrs Peacock - Agnes Bergkvist Reyes - from Sweden. She's a freelancing journalist and photographer, and have only been around the Adventurecations (which I can never spell correctly at the first attempt) forums half a year or so. This is her first go at a trip with them, but she'll be quick to tell you she speaks Spanish and that her father is from Chile. (Not a tourist, thank you very much).

Just as my character, I am also Swedish, so I'll be around on odd hours for the rest of you I think. Awfully excited to be here though, and I'm really looking forward to doing this! I'll do the rounds on the memes and intros tonight, because now I have to pretend to do actual work for a while. My aim is Anthousai, so feel free to add me for a chat!

(Totally spent ten minutes looking for a nice gif to put here, and now I really, really have to work and neither did I find anything...)
Edit: This, this is how it feels to be here.

[info]clueing in [info]ooc_clue

Figure we should do a little signup for this: Douglas arrived back at the hotel around 11:35pm, he would have talked with he police officers on the scene, got in contact with the person that unlocked the door (Phillipe, I assume?) and got a feel for the room and surrounding areas. He then would have wanted to collect names of the people from the Adventurecations group, putting the people that went on the horseback riding thing first and then worked down the list trying to gather who interacted with him and stories. SOooooo, this is when do you want Douglas to come find them!? And how do you want to do the interrogation? Log? Thread? General discussion? LEAVE ME ALL THE INFOS!


Okay. These are going to be the ASAP days that Douglas is going to want to collect as much information as possible. As per some questions, his main thing that first night (Day 2 Friday) is going to be checking the scene, getting the room roped off, and negotiating the hotel lock down sort of situation. No people in (or people in but not allowed anywhere near his fucking crime scene fuckers!), no people out, at least until he's cleared them.

First act is going to be getting the people that saw him last, so the people on the horse riding tour and the room service that delivered poor Jacob's ice.

HOWEVER. If people have information they want to bring forward, do so! He will make time! He's having to start from scratch and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nell, is there anyway I can get those dossiers on everyone? And if there would be any one that has had prior experience with Jacob from the forums or previous vacations? (leave those on my drop box, it's screened!)


Now here is the break down of times he'll want to see people:

Day 2 (Friday): 6pm - Midnight - (Tuesday, July 10) general getting prepared, possible talk to the service person that came up with ice for him.

Day 3 (Saturday): Midnight - 6am - (Wednesday, July 11) continue to look at things, probably need to sleep around 3am.

Day 3 (Saturday): 6am - Noon - (Thursday, July 12)
    6:00am Eating a quick breakfast, all the coffee!
    6:30am Interrogation Tour Guide: Addie Morales
    7:30am Interrogation Horse-Back Tour Vacationer: Charles Grey
    8:30am Interrogation Horse-Back Tour Vacationer: Agnes Reyes
    9:30am Interrogation Horse-Back Tour Vacationer: (etc for the people on the tour)

Day 3 (Saturday): Noon - 6pm - (Friday, July 13)
    12:00pm Quick break for lunch (unless there are that many riders), and possible a sneak off to see someone >.>
    1:00pm Beginning Interrogations of People connected to Jacob

[info]conspirations in [info]ooc_clue

I think I probably missed the boat for introductions in that I commented on everyone's but didn't put mine up! But oh well, you can have it anyway. I'm Cassie, and this is Liam McAllister.

He's the dining server, has worked at the hotel for a year and a half, formerly from Ireland. He's a conspiracy theorist which you might know if you're staff. Reasonably quiet, tends to have a bit of a dry sense of humour. Yep.

I'm lazy, so just know that my contact details are obviously on the contact list and I would love to plot with ALL OF YOU. <3