July 2012

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July 9th, 2012

[info]the_body in [info]ooc_clue

Meme #3

So, this meme is a little bit ooc, a little bit ic, and covers everyone's arrivals on Thursday through dinner on Friday. What you set up here is what's happened in the last day and a half, where you can establish some character interactions, see who you might have talked with at meals or gone on hikes with or swam with or read books with, etc. I'm going to break it down by time, but it's not mandatory that you check in to each time period with what your character was doing; if something was private (in a bathroom, bedroom, etc. where a public log would not take place) it's your choice whether or not you want to mention it. Please do mention if your character was in public places though, just so that we'll know if two people were in the spa at the same time. :D Feel free to write IC chatter or OOC blips; there's no real set structure, it's just to get us a good jumping off point for starting the game tomorrow.

Also, the killer has now been chosen based on those who expressed interest through their apps and/or commented to the screened reaping post. SUSPECT EVERYONE!!!

[info]the_body in [info]ooc_clue

Confusion clearing!

So just because there were a few questions, I'm making this post as a place to ask more before we start playing tomorrow, and I'll put the ones I was asked here, along with a bit more info.
  • Yes, you can red herring it up and lie and be shifty all you want, regardless of whether or not you're the murderer. Or you can play it really cool, and that's suspicious too. CONUNDRUM.
  • Each week I'll put up a little questionnaire with screened comments, and players who answer it will get a clue - - the closer you are to guessing the circumstances of Jacob's death, the better clue you'll receive. Here's a sample:
    Who is the killer?
    Is the killer male or female?
    Is the killer a guest?
    Where did the murder happen?
    When did the murder happen?
    Was the murder accidental or intentional?
    Who are you most interested in finding out something about?
    Name someone who is not the killer:
  • Clues come from apps/me talking to players about what might come out about their character. Addictions, allergies, indiscretions, awards, things from your past, etc.
  • Anyone can solve the mystery! If you solve the mystery, it's then your job to sell the detective on your theory. In order for the game to end, the detective must arrest the murderer. In order to do that, he'll need the name of the killer, the cause of death, location of the murder, motive, and at least two citizens to submit statements that corroborate his case.
  • Ask more questions if you have 'em! :D