July 2012

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July 8th, 2012

[info]the_body in [info]ooc_clue

Meme #2

Never Have I Ever! So you play this game by declaring something that you've never done which you think other players may have done; if they have, they must admit to it (and usually when playing IRL, also take a sip of their drink). To play as a meme, you can comment with things your character's never done, and if someone else names something your character has done, you should comment and confess. Now, you can lie in real life and you can lie here too, and this is again all meta knowledge unless you sort something else out amongst yourselves.

Also, please excuse my upcoming double post that requires screened comments. XD

[info]the_body in [info]ooc_clue


If you'd like to put your character's name in as Jacob's possible killer, please leave a comment here that includes a vague idea of how you think this death might have occurred, where, and a rough time estimate. All comments are screened, and tomorrow while everyone plays a meme to do with various activities and interactions, the killer will also have to juggle chatting with me a bit to nail down specifics of the murder and their alibi.

[info]just_peachy in [info]ooc_clue


Dea here and I've finally stopped being lazy so I could introduce this girl to you. Savannah Peach is your All-American southern girl. She has competed in beauty pageants since she was a baby and was even named Miss Georgia. She plays up the sweet and innocent card but give her a bottle of Jack and she'll out drink you all. She's outgoing, flirty and always smells of hairspray. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!!!

My aim is hard2begreen and I'll be pestering you all soon. <3

[info]plumsauce in [info]ooc_clue

Hi everyone! I'm Sarah and I'm bringing you Dr. Conrad L. Plum, Ph.D. and yes, that title is very important to him, thank you very much. He's an art history professor at Yale, which is all info he'd be happy to tell you upon introduction. Otherwise, he's very friendly, enthusiastic, and a decent talker.

I'm super happy for any and all plotting and can be found via aim at jennavette or via email at followtheredbrickroad at gmail. I'm EST, work full time across two assuredly non-desk jobs, but I'm always reachable by email. I'm really looking forward to playing!

[info]_endings in [info]ooc_clue

Hey ya'll! I'm L and this here is Babette Dumort, one of the hotel masseuses! She is from France but has been working at Salto Chico for two years now and lives in the staff quarters. She is generally friendly though perhaps not overly social on her time off and is known to be a good listener (just not a good sharer!) Mmm lets see what else would you know? She has a little bird named Terrence and is really dedicated to her workout routine!

Sorry I haven't gotten around to commenting on other intros yet- it's been a bit of a hectic weekend with a lot of surprise visitors! You can contact me easiest by email at sugaredlemons@gmail.com but feel free to ping if you see me on AIM at lttlglassvial. (Email is faster because it comes to my phone which is practically surgically attached to my person)

I can't wait to play!!