July 2012

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July 6th, 2012

[info]yourguide in [info]ooc_clue

flames on the side of my face, breathing, flames

Errr. Oh hi! I am Nae! I have been an old cheesy mystery adventure enthusiast ever since the day I saw Murder by Death as a child, and I have been a Clue board game enthusiast for even longer than that. This game had me at the word Clue. The enticing swirly letters and the epic prettiness of it all was just a great bonus.

And this is Addie. She's the other trek guide. The less cool one. The one who mostly offers side comments to the tour material on explorations, and the occasional Spock reference if she decides she likes you. If you're staff, you probably know her fairly well, because she's been at the hotel for around 7 years. If you are a guest, you might have met her on Thursday.

Plots are love! Feel free to ping me anytime at Deadspyscrawls or at her contact post. I am so excited to play Clue with all of you, you have no idea! <3

[info]rogerbarnes in [info]ooc_clue

Cheers everyone! I'm Shae and I've got Roger Barnes here, who is the hotel's stablemaster and all around nice bloke. He's a Brit, come here to help with the horses, and he's quite charming and nice, though not particularly close with anyone but his horses. He lives in a small cottage off the way from the stables (so as to better care for the equines) and he keeps to himself quite a bit.

I'm getting ready to start a graduate school residency, but I'm going to try to be as around as I can. You can reach me on AIM at roseechelon, though email will be far better!