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Jul. 22nd, 2012


Clue Quiz #2

Who is the killer?
Is the killer male or female?
Is the killer a guest?
Where did the murder happen?
When did the murder happen?
Was the murder accidental or intentional?
Who are you most interested in finding out something about?
Name someone who is not the killer:

Jul. 20th, 2012



I am Kati. I did not mean to be this late but ummmm I've been working 13+ hour days for the last two weeks. BUT I AM HERE NOW, with Lady Lavender. Though while on these vacations, she insists you just call her Eliza.

You may have seen in my hold that she is a crook - this is still true! But your character wouldn't know it. They probably would know, however, that she's English, married to a Viscount, and despite that is never seen on any of these trips with him and openly flirts with others. She loves her fancy clothes when she's socializing in the hotels, but she's also not afraid to get down and dirty while hiking or doing any other Adventurecation stuff.

More information is here, and if anyone can fill me in on what's been going on / wants to plot / wants to backplot for the few days I've missed / etc, please hit me up!

- Kati [info]rainbowling


Hi guys!
I'm going away for a few days, so even though I'll have my laptop and internet, you'll know why my replies aren't very prompt.
Will be back on Wednesday at the latest, but hopefully I'll be able to sneak away to solve a murder now and then.
Take care! <3

Jul. 18th, 2012


Hi everyone! I'm going to be away without internet from tomorrow until the 29th. So hopefully you don't solve the case while I'm gone and I look forward to more sleuthing when I get back!

Jul. 15th, 2012


Clue Quiz #1

Comments are screened; the more correct you are, the better a clue you'll receive in return!

Who is the killer?
Is the killer male or female?
Is the killer a guest?
Where did the murder happen?
When did the murder happen?
Was the murder accidental or intentional?
Who are you most interested in finding out something about?
Name someone who is not the killer:

Jul. 10th, 2012


Figure we should do a little signup for this: Douglas arrived back at the hotel around 11:35pm, he would have talked with he police officers on the scene, got in contact with the person that unlocked the door (Phillipe, I assume?) and got a feel for the room and surrounding areas. He then would have wanted to collect names of the people from the Adventurecations group, putting the people that went on the horseback riding thing first and then worked down the list trying to gather who interacted with him and stories. SOooooo, this is when do you want Douglas to come find them!? And how do you want to do the interrogation? Log? Thread? General discussion? LEAVE ME ALL THE INFOS!


Okay. These are going to be the ASAP days that Douglas is going to want to collect as much information as possible. As per some questions, his main thing that first night (Day 2 Friday) is going to be checking the scene, getting the room roped off, and negotiating the hotel lock down sort of situation. No people in (or people in but not allowed anywhere near his fucking crime scene fuckers!), no people out, at least until he's cleared them.

First act is going to be getting the people that saw him last, so the people on the horse riding tour and the room service that delivered poor Jacob's ice.

HOWEVER. If people have information they want to bring forward, do so! He will make time! He's having to start from scratch and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nell, is there anyway I can get those dossiers on everyone? And if there would be any one that has had prior experience with Jacob from the forums or previous vacations? (leave those on my drop box, it's screened!)


Now here is the break down of times he'll want to see people:

Day 2 (Friday): 6pm - Midnight - (Tuesday, July 10) general getting prepared, possible talk to the service person that came up with ice for him.

Day 3 (Saturday): Midnight - 6am - (Wednesday, July 11) continue to look at things, probably need to sleep around 3am.

Day 3 (Saturday): 6am - Noon - (Thursday, July 12)
    6:00am Eating a quick breakfast, all the coffee!
    6:30am Interrogation Tour Guide: Addie Morales
    7:30am Interrogation Horse-Back Tour Vacationer: Charles Grey
    8:30am Interrogation Horse-Back Tour Vacationer: Agnes Reyes
    9:30am Interrogation Horse-Back Tour Vacationer: (etc for the people on the tour)

Day 3 (Saturday): Noon - 6pm - (Friday, July 13)
    12:00pm Quick break for lunch (unless there are that many riders), and possible a sneak off to see someone >.>
    1:00pm Beginning Interrogations of People connected to Jacob



I'm Jo, and this is our Mrs Peacock - Agnes Bergkvist Reyes - from Sweden. She's a freelancing journalist and photographer, and have only been around the Adventurecations (which I can never spell correctly at the first attempt) forums half a year or so. This is her first go at a trip with them, but she'll be quick to tell you she speaks Spanish and that her father is from Chile. (Not a tourist, thank you very much).

Just as my character, I am also Swedish, so I'll be around on odd hours for the rest of you I think. Awfully excited to be here though, and I'm really looking forward to doing this! I'll do the rounds on the memes and intros tonight, because now I have to pretend to do actual work for a while. My aim is Anthousai, so feel free to add me for a chat!

(Totally spent ten minutes looking for a nice gif to put here, and now I really, really have to work and neither did I find anything...)
Edit: This, this is how it feels to be here.


I think I probably missed the boat for introductions in that I commented on everyone's but didn't put mine up! But oh well, you can have it anyway. I'm Cassie, and this is Liam McAllister.

He's the dining server, has worked at the hotel for a year and a half, formerly from Ireland. He's a conspiracy theorist which you might know if you're staff. Reasonably quiet, tends to have a bit of a dry sense of humour. Yep.

I'm lazy, so just know that my contact details are obviously on the contact list and I would love to plot with ALL OF YOU. <3

Jul. 9th, 2012


Confusion clearing!

So just because there were a few questions, I'm making this post as a place to ask more before we start playing tomorrow, and I'll put the ones I was asked here, along with a bit more info.
  • Yes, you can red herring it up and lie and be shifty all you want, regardless of whether or not you're the murderer. Or you can play it really cool, and that's suspicious too. CONUNDRUM.
  • Each week I'll put up a little questionnaire with screened comments, and players who answer it will get a clue - - the closer you are to guessing the circumstances of Jacob's death, the better clue you'll receive. Here's a sample:
    Who is the killer?
    Is the killer male or female?
    Is the killer a guest?
    Where did the murder happen?
    When did the murder happen?
    Was the murder accidental or intentional?
    Who are you most interested in finding out something about?
    Name someone who is not the killer:
  • Clues come from apps/me talking to players about what might come out about their character. Addictions, allergies, indiscretions, awards, things from your past, etc.
  • Anyone can solve the mystery! If you solve the mystery, it's then your job to sell the detective on your theory. In order for the game to end, the detective must arrest the murderer. In order to do that, he'll need the name of the killer, the cause of death, location of the murder, motive, and at least two citizens to submit statements that corroborate his case.
  • Ask more questions if you have 'em! :D


Meme #3

So, this meme is a little bit ooc, a little bit ic, and covers everyone's arrivals on Thursday through dinner on Friday. What you set up here is what's happened in the last day and a half, where you can establish some character interactions, see who you might have talked with at meals or gone on hikes with or swam with or read books with, etc. I'm going to break it down by time, but it's not mandatory that you check in to each time period with what your character was doing; if something was private (in a bathroom, bedroom, etc. where a public log would not take place) it's your choice whether or not you want to mention it. Please do mention if your character was in public places though, just so that we'll know if two people were in the spa at the same time. :D Feel free to write IC chatter or OOC blips; there's no real set structure, it's just to get us a good jumping off point for starting the game tomorrow.

Also, the killer has now been chosen based on those who expressed interest through their apps and/or commented to the screened reaping post. SUSPECT EVERYONE!!!

Jul. 8th, 2012


Hey ya'll! I'm L and this here is Babette Dumort, one of the hotel masseuses! She is from France but has been working at Salto Chico for two years now and lives in the staff quarters. She is generally friendly though perhaps not overly social on her time off and is known to be a good listener (just not a good sharer!) Mmm lets see what else would you know? She has a little bird named Terrence and is really dedicated to her workout routine!

Sorry I haven't gotten around to commenting on other intros yet- it's been a bit of a hectic weekend with a lot of surprise visitors! You can contact me easiest by email at but feel free to ping if you see me on AIM at lttlglassvial. (Email is faster because it comes to my phone which is practically surgically attached to my person)

I can't wait to play!!


Hi everyone! I'm Sarah and I'm bringing you Dr. Conrad L. Plum, Ph.D. and yes, that title is very important to him, thank you very much. He's an art history professor at Yale, which is all info he'd be happy to tell you upon introduction. Otherwise, he's very friendly, enthusiastic, and a decent talker.

I'm super happy for any and all plotting and can be found via aim at jennavette or via email at followtheredbrickroad at gmail. I'm EST, work full time across two assuredly non-desk jobs, but I'm always reachable by email. I'm really looking forward to playing!



Dea here and I've finally stopped being lazy so I could introduce this girl to you. Savannah Peach is your All-American southern girl. She has competed in beauty pageants since she was a baby and was even named Miss Georgia. She plays up the sweet and innocent card but give her a bottle of Jack and she'll out drink you all. She's outgoing, flirty and always smells of hairspray. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!!!

My aim is hard2begreen and I'll be pestering you all soon. <3



If you'd like to put your character's name in as Jacob's possible killer, please leave a comment here that includes a vague idea of how you think this death might have occurred, where, and a rough time estimate. All comments are screened, and tomorrow while everyone plays a meme to do with various activities and interactions, the killer will also have to juggle chatting with me a bit to nail down specifics of the murder and their alibi.


Meme #2

Never Have I Ever! So you play this game by declaring something that you've never done which you think other players may have done; if they have, they must admit to it (and usually when playing IRL, also take a sip of their drink). To play as a meme, you can comment with things your character's never done, and if someone else names something your character has done, you should comment and confess. Now, you can lie in real life and you can lie here too, and this is again all meta knowledge unless you sort something else out amongst yourselves.

Also, please excuse my upcoming double post that requires screened comments. XD

Jul. 7th, 2012


Hey folks! My name is Loren, and I haven't commented on any intros yet, so I will be making the rounds shortly. Here, I bring you one Lord Grey, by the name of The Right Honourable Charles Bennet Anthony Alfred Grey, 8th Earl Grey. Call him Charles. He would introduce himself to your character that way.

In a nutshell, he is completely irresponsible, flighty, flirty, and the biggest toff you will ever meet. He's more than a little pompous, but he can be charming and is always down for a good time. He's been on a few Adventurecations trips before, so he may know your characters from there, or from living it up in London (because he doesn't have a real job).

Anyway, I would love it if he knew some characters from before! So please let me know. You can catch me on AIM at halfpricetibet and e-mail/Gchat at


Hi, everyone! I can't wait to play with you all (and solve this thing)! My name is Tiff, and I play Oliver the Trek Guide - he is an American on a work exchange program, and has been here at the hotel for the last six months. He lives in the staff quarters, and in general is the consummate extrovert - he is exceedingly outgoing and enthusiastic, and friendly to the point of annoyance on occasion. He loves his job and he loves people, that's probably all you need to know for now.

ANYWAY. HIIIIII. This game is going to be great!

Jul. 6th, 2012


Cheers everyone! I'm Shae and I've got Roger Barnes here, who is the hotel's stablemaster and all around nice bloke. He's a Brit, come here to help with the horses, and he's quite charming and nice, though not particularly close with anyone but his horses. He lives in a small cottage off the way from the stables (so as to better care for the equines) and he keeps to himself quite a bit.

I'm getting ready to start a graduate school residency, but I'm going to try to be as around as I can. You can reach me on AIM at roseechelon, though email will be far better!


Jul. 7th, 2012


Hi! I'm Bronte and I have the concierge, Josie Randall.

Josie's super enthusiastic about her job and wants to help all her guests with absolutely anything that they need any time that they need it! She's pretty much always really cheerful and tries a little too hard to be friendly. She's been working at this hotel for a few months now and is living in the staff quarters so she would know most of the staff, I imagine and she would've greeted all the guests and arrival and tries to remember all their names so she can say hi and seem even more friendly and welcoming every time she sees them.

I can be reached via the dropbox or brontosaurus2 on aim or for any plotting and my cdj is ~brontesaurus if you want to add me. I'm looking forward to starting to solve the mystery!!

Jul. 6th, 2012


flames on the side of my face, breathing, flames

Errr. Oh hi! I am Nae! I have been an old cheesy mystery adventure enthusiast ever since the day I saw Murder by Death as a child, and I have been a Clue board game enthusiast for even longer than that. This game had me at the word Clue. The enticing swirly letters and the epic prettiness of it all was just a great bonus.

And this is Addie. She's the other trek guide. The less cool one. The one who mostly offers side comments to the tour material on explorations, and the occasional Spock reference if she decides she likes you. If you're staff, you probably know her fairly well, because she's been at the hotel for around 7 years. If you are a guest, you might have met her on Thursday.

Plots are love! Feel free to ping me anytime at Deadspyscrawls or at her contact post. I am so excited to play Clue with all of you, you have no idea! <3

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