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Once upon a time - for that is how all stories should begin - there was a little girl who no one loved. A little girl who grew into a very powerful woman. One who was raised in darkness with cruelty and bitterness her only companions. And when she was old enough, the woman bottled up all her bitterness and all of her hate, and she used it to cast a spell over all, stripping them of everything they ever knew and ripping them from their homes. And here they have fallen - a collection of misfits with no memory of who they once were. But there was one thing she forgot: love. Because of all things, the heart is the hardest to hide from. What will happen when those who were cast aside begin to remember?

July 2012


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May 31st, 2012



Alright, here is Six from I Am Number Four, she's going to replace Elle in the game.

She's from book canon, which is why I'm using Megan, even if her journal name is a quote from the movie.

Anyways, her name will be Maren Elizabeth (last name TBD), she's soon to be eighteen and I think she's going to be a product of the system, but got her GED about a year ago, she just dropped out of high school cause it bored her, she's very smart and athletic.

Minus the girly name, she's really a slutty tomboy, she like guy things, hanging out with males, but dresses in tight shirts/tank tops and tight jeans. That tends to get her hated by females, but she doesn't really care.

I'd like for her to work at one of the auto shops? She likes to work on cars and had motorcycle. She's not scared to come in cover in oil and grimes from a car.

Anyone willing to hire a punk girl who acts like she's twenty, but really almost eighteen? She's a bit of an loner, but is friendly once you know her.