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Once upon a time - for that is how all stories should begin - there was a little girl who no one loved. A little girl who grew into a very powerful woman. One who was raised in darkness with cruelty and bitterness her only companions. And when she was old enough, the woman bottled up all her bitterness and all of her hate, and she used it to cast a spell over all, stripping them of everything they ever knew and ripping them from their homes. And here they have fallen - a collection of misfits with no memory of who they once were. But there was one thing she forgot: love. Because of all things, the heart is the hardest to hide from. What will happen when those who were cast aside begin to remember?

July 2012


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May 15th, 2012


Hey everyone this is Angie here, who has finally returned from her vacation hiatus and so excited about this game! I'm currently in the process of introducing the character Rachel Berrisford from Dark Angel into the game under the new name of Lillian Garner, I'm currently working on her application and I'm a little stuck with what to write for the history.

I have a couple of ideas in my head but still quite unsure, she's on held until the 17th; so if anyone has some ideas on what kind of character Lily should be, please feel free to offer them up! I would be totally and eternally grateful.

I was thinking of making her an orphan and she was raised in a covenant by nuns, she works as an waitress after she was of age to leave the nuns.

Yeah, I don't have a lot much but yeah like I said I would love if someone offered some advice/help.