August 2008



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May. 24th, 2008



Please make sure you read through all of this before applying!


Why did you lift the character ban?

Now that we know how many people we've got to start out with, we're more comfortable with the dynamics involved and can give players more freedom to choose who they want to play. Yay!

If I'm a Townie, do I have to be one of the roles on your list?

Nope! Those are just suggestions for the type of characters that might be good to have around town, especially in the instance of an apocalyptic disaster. You should obviously keep in mind what kind of skills your character should have to contribute (or hinder) the cause of keeping the town running.

If I'm apping a Survivor coming from out of town, do I enter the game knowing any special information about what's going on out there?

If you decide to app a Survivor, you will be given some information by the mods about what's going on, which you can choose to relay (or hide) from the other characters. You will also have radiation sickness, which involves vomiting, hair loss, and possibly cancer someday, so decide if it's worth it. :) Keep in mind depending on where your character is hailing from, they may know more or less than other Survivors… not everyone would get the same information. We're keeping everyone on their toes here!

Can I app an Otherworlder who's an OC, but from a fandom realm (i.e. wizard from the Harry Potter universe, but has no relation to any characters in the books)?

Not as of right now. We fear it would make things too confusing, especially considering how specialized the game already is, and that we're just trying to get it off the ground. Perhaps we can reevaluate in the future, but let's just try to stick to completely original characters or existing ones, okay? Thanks!

If we're working with parallel earths here, can I app a character who has always lived on this world, but is an alternate version of his or her fandom persona (i.e. in the DC Universe Bruce Wayne is Batman, but in this one he's just a schmuck named Bruce Wayne)?

No. Because that honestly just makes my brain hurt too much. Sorry.

The PB for my fandom character is already taken by an OC! Does that mean I can't apply for him?

Nope! Just be aware we're going to be playing twinsies and chaos will ensue!

Why is the character application so hardcore?

Because both mods were creative writing majors. We know what is needed for good characters and good roleplaying and will settle for nothing less. Of course that doesn't mean we're not willing to work on developing your characters with you. We're friendly and love writing more than anything. If you want any help with your characters, feel free to ask us!

Why did you ask me to change stuff about my character? I love her the way she is!

Duly noted, but if the mods are asking you to rethink some character aspects, it's just so you can make her the best she can be and fit properly into the town. We would never ask you to change the essence of a character. We just want to offer constructive criticism to ensure YOU know your character well enough to play her realistically and avoid clichés.


Will characters recognize characters from other worlds that are considered fictional in their own?

That depends on the character doing the recognizing. If you think your character would be familiar with whatever fandom he/she is from, then yes. More obscure fandoms might be harder for some less savvy characters to recognize.

What happens if my character decides to leave the town?

Different things, depending, but most definitely one this: radiation poisoning. There’s really nothing interesting out there at any given point, unless otherwise stated by the mods, and your character will just get sick, or die, depending on how long he’s gone. So you should really just stay in town until otherwise indicated. :) If you have a really good plot-driven reason for your character to leave, please bring it up with the mods and we can arrange for it to be played out.

I have to be gone for awhile. What will happen to my character?

Nothing. We can just say she has locked herself up in her house and no one has seen her lately. A head’s up to the mods that you will be leaving would be greatly appreciated, though, as well as an in-character explanation for your absence upon your return.

So like, why are all these people just appearing from other worlds in the library basement?

The concept we're working off of is this: there are countless universes with countless parallel earths. But some cosmic force has decided it's the end of all of them because everyone has screwed up their world so badly. So all the worthwhile ones are being rerouted to this one world to start over. Maybe it's God. Maybe it's the God of Chaos. Maybe it's just the laws of the universes. Who really knows? The characters in the game sure don't!

Hey, my fandom character I want to app is from Japan and that’s where he was when he fell in the wormhole. All he knows is Japanese. How is he going to communicate with everyone else in the game?

He best be learning English. Or hope someone else shows up to act as an interpretor. Or is really good at charades. The gentle townsfolk of Normalville, PA aren’t all that worldly and the primary language is, as Big Bird in China would say, American.

The mods seem like they’re crazy in control of this game. What gives?

Please don’t think of it so much as “controlling” as “well-guided.” We are truly not against free expression and want your character(s) to have as an immersive experience in Omega as possible. After a decade of experience in various roleplays, I am trying to create a journal-based game I have always wanted to play. Mods in some other games I’ve been in tend to do nothing but act cooler than everyone else, break their own rules, and then disappear without a trace. That is not our aim here. As previously stated, I am trying to bring these kind of games closer to a system like Dungeons and Dragons, where there is someone like a “Dungeon Master” setting things in motion for the players and they get mysteries and puzzles to solve without 100% knowing the outcome beforehand. As previously stated in the game set up info, if this isn't the kind of game you're looking for, you might not want to apply.

Normalville is a retarded name for a town. Can’t you be more original?

Well, I was trying to come up with something poignant and ironic like Rhapsody or something, but then I went on google maps and studied the area in Pennsylvania I wanted to put our fair game’s setting, and lo and behold, Normalville is the name of an ACTUAL town around there. It really doesn’t get more ironic than that. Although it should be noted that the fictional layout of the town is not supposed to resemble the real Normalville, PA in any way, shape or form.

Have a question you don't see answered here? Just ask us, we'll get it on here!