Aug. 9th, 2008




Okay, now that we the mods feel that our intrepid cast has gotten to know each other properly, it is time for our first zombie attack. From this post onward, your characters may play out a number of scenarios that include the following:

Animals are appearing around the valley and acting strange. These include domestic and local wildlife: dogs, cats, birds, deer, squirrels, maybe a bear if you're really adventurous, or any other animal characteristic to rural Pennsylvania. They are bloody, hostile, and enjoy attacking the healthy valley components of their own kind. If approached by a human, they will attack your character.

However, they do not have any kind of superstrength, so any damage they cause is comparative to whatever a healthy version of that animal would do. A bite of any kind will result in possibility of normal animal bite infection and a mild dose of radiation. They can also be maimed or killed in normal ways, so any survival tactic for animals gone wild will suffice to subdue them.

They probably look something like this:

Except, you know, more fearsome.

If your character has any domestic pets, they are unaffected, but it's like that a mutant zombie version of your pet might go after it. :)

Feel free to comment here with any logistical questions, or ping the mods.

Have fun!

Aug. 4th, 2008



Hi all,

This is your friendly neighborhood mod Shannon coming to you live with a few brief updates.

Plot Notes

The town meeting obviously hasn't been fully played out, but here's a couple bullet points of what was probably discussed.

- as of July 7th, groceries are being rationed by Sheriff Browning. Police are guarding the entrances to the store.

- it was also brought up they they should start working together to farm food, as the non perishables will only last them for so long.

- Simon brought up the fact that people have been appearing at random in the library basement from parallel worlds. Quinn Mallory also gave a brief explanation of sliding. It's up to you if your character thinks they're completely bonkers.

- there was an attempt to come up with a list of who is new to town, who arrived by normal means and who "wormholed in"

Please, feel free to reply to this post with anything your character might have brought up, or said in particular to any of these points. If we don't get to play it all out, we can at least have an idea of what happened. :)

Character notes:

As of August 4th, Tony Stark [info]starkanator has arrived in Normalville via wormhole. He'll be taking up residence in the biggest, swankiest unoccupied house in the town, because, well, he's Tony Stark. You can ping me on aim at suomynonakun if you're interested in interacting with him.

Also, outside of town in his own little complex (see the map for more detail) lives Normalville resident hermit, Old man Zeke [info]oldmanzeke. He doesn't venture into town much, but if someone wants to head out to his compound, they might be able to have an interesting encounter with him. Ping Kris on aim at zachsmithpeabody if you'd like to meet him.

Player notes:

The following players need to post within the next week or risk removal:

Cian [info]kee_an

Jul. 2nd, 2008



Hahaha okay, now that I have your attention...

I apologize once more for my scarceness. While I've commandeered my parents' computer due to my own internet woes, this thing is, to put it kindly, a piece of shit I can't figure out how to use too well (it's windows vista and I'm a mac user, wooo). So yeah, it's hard to multitask on it. But that doesn't mean we haven't been cooking up fun plotsies for you, and I am going to dispense the three most immediate to you now. ^_^

1. Friday is the 4th of July! Yay! Since we are a real time game, we mods thought it would be likely some of the characters might want to celebrate this totally ironic holiday. Therefore, inbetween nursing his daughter back to health, Simon has been going around town putting up flyers advertising a celebration, to be held on the carnival grounds on the 4th. He will also be posting the notice on the town blog, which anyone with internet access can get to on their computers since it was set up on a local network and is still running. I'll be posting it after this entry. The best way to do this format-wise will likely to post up separate threads, open ones if you want your character to interact randomly, or IM another player in advance if you want to set up something specific.

2. As of July 7th, anyone going to the grocery store will see that it has been locked up and guarded by two police NPC lackeys, by order of acting Sheriff Henry Browning. The answer to any inquiries your character makes is that he has closed off the store to the public and will be dispensing weekly rations. If anyone wants to discuss this with the sherff personality, he can be found douching around stationed in the police headquarters. You can IM me if you want to talk to him. XD

3. On July 12th, a town meeting will be held to discuss further options, as it's becoming clear the original search parties are not likely to come back. That will likely have to be one thread, unlike the 4th of July event... so it might get interesting, but we'll see how it goes. :D Since the town meeting was scheduled by the consensus of the townsfolk, everyone is welcome to attend and bring their issues to the table.

And yeah, that's it for now, I think... happy playing, everyone!

Jun. 24th, 2008


Not a good week to be me!


Like, I love how I finally have a week that doesn't seem like it'll be crazy and then real life goes "SCREW YOU."

So, just a warning that Wade may be less around than she's been so far. I know Quinn and her have a thread to finish so we can post it, so Shannon, I will try to get on that.

And I know that Wade and Coby were meeting, so I'll try to help wrap that up tomorrow. Just wanted to let you guys know! SORRY!


Jun. 22nd, 2008


I hates technology!

Hi Friends!

This is Heather your lovely mod, and I'm just dropping a line to let you know that since I am spending the next couple weeks at my parents' house, and they have this new fangled internet thing that no one can seem to figure out and I can't seem to get it to work on my trusty laptop AT ALL. Soooo I'll likely be pretty scarce for awhile. If you have any questions, modly concerns, or need an NPC, please contact my awesome co-mod Shannon.

Okay, I need to be off since I'm heinously stealing this internets time from my friend, so happy playing and I'll see you all soon!


Jun. 21st, 2008


Apologies and Such

Hi y'all.

It's Claire, otherwise known as Clam, Edie William's player and I'm here to apologize for my absence during the last week. RL has intervened and a friend from home is visiting. But don't cry! It's alright I'll be back in action, most likely Sunday night.

I don't bite hard so if you see me online say hello and let's have a chat!




.... I'm sorry, I didn't mean make you pee your pants. I'll get you a towel. D: Ha. I'm Maric[a thousand different nicknames, pick and choose at will.] I'll be playing Cian Murphy, home grown Irish boy. edit: A licensed mortician in Ireland, in America studying to be a pathologist but he's actually quite happy and upbeat as a person. The man got lucky stopping in with a friend and his sister the night before everything went buckwild. edit: D; lol, thanks to Maureen for clearing it up.

For more information on Kee[ha, yes I just said Cian but it's pronounanced Kee-an.], you can check inside this journal. I really like abusing the small html

As for me I'm approachable, up for storylining, whatever floats our boats. I think playing with a group of girls is making me edgy and nervous, so I apologise in the event of acting a bit doofy.

Anyway. You can catch me on aim @ tremulant camera (cloverfield reference ♥) or I have yahoo and msn if you'd like those as well. Looking forward to playing with you guys, seem like a very enthustic group.

Jun. 16th, 2008



Hey, guys! I'm Kat, and I play the awesome Wade Welles from Sliders! Woo!

She's pretty much the sidekick of the also awesome Quinn Mallory from Sliders and is totally hopelessly in love with the guy, too. She can be a little set in her ways and/or single-minded at times, but she's a genuinely sweet soul. ^_^

And as for me, I'm always around if you'd like to hit me up, DavidsPetAngie on AIM. ^_^

Jun. 15th, 2008



Hey everyone, I'm Jess and I play Lilly Elliot. She teaches history at the high school. She specifically taught American history before all the nuclear hell was brought upon the earth. She's friendly, although a bit guarded for her own reasons. You can reach me at or on AIM at lena7623 if you'd like to know more about her or plan for scenes. Can't wait to play with you guys!


Hey all, I'm Maureen :)

I'm playing Bazzer, a guy with wings from an alternate dimension! He's not been intro'd yet, if I have time, I'll do it tonight. If not, definitely this week!

anyways, feel free to contact me at darkladymo1 or via gtalk or email at

I look forward to playing with everyone!

Jun. 14th, 2008


Player Contacts

Hey there everyone, here's the contact/character list for all our wonderful players.

Feel free to comment if you have another form of contact you want me to add.

FYI - I work during the day Mon-Fri, and the best way to get in touch with me is via google chat.

Heather - AIM: vampireemokid / Gmail chat:
Simon St. James
Clara St. James

Shannon - AIM: suomynonakun / Gmail chat:
Mac McGregor
Quinn Mallory
Izzy Rinaldi

Claire - AIM: Mepris terrible
Edie Williams

Michelle - AIM: hesagodinmortals
Mim Miller
Coby Lewis

Kris - AIM: zachsmithpeabody
Old Man Zeke
Jaime Reyes

Laura - AIM: Lab Arc Designs
Kieran Dare

Jess - AIM: lena7623
Lilly Elliott

Maureen - AIM: darkladymo1
Sebastian "Bazzer" Fremen

Kat - AIM: DavidsPetAngie
Wade Wells

Maric - AIM: tremulant camera
Cian Murphy

Asculapius - AIM: tigerlilystories
Dr. Pierce Michael Rynarin

Jun. 13th, 2008



Hark friends! Game time is upon us! And I am finally posting a map and giving out some preliminary plot info.


Some Fun Map Notes/Locations you might want to consider:

1. Route something or other is actually Route 202 (not a real route, btw), but is more commonly called "the highway." It's the only way in and out of the valley.

2. My little ghetto roads are not the only roads in the whole valley. You can pretty much imagine any roads connecting the neighborhoods and main landmarks. The roads get sparser the farther into the hills you go, of course.

3. Miners Creek flows in from outside the valley as well. Lake Ponchartrain springs up from an underground well and the two never intermingle. In the week following the bombing, anyone hanging near the river would notice fish in it starting to die. Most recently, however, it seems to have stopped flowing entirely, and the riverbed is drying up. If your character is interested in exploring this little mystery, they might want to interview nearby characters or NPCs. See the player contact list for more info. :)

4. The Old Towne Ruins are a special part of Normalville's history. Simon gives a brief outline in the intro post with Quinn, but for location reference, there are several buildings being reclaimed by nature out in the woods by the lake, little more than skeletons. Still recognizable are a church, a jailhouse, and a meeting house, as well as others that are just unidentifiable crumbling buildings. There is also an impressive cemetery with stones dating back to the 1700 and 1800s that did not burn. Rumored to be haunted, of course, due to the souls claimed in the fire that started it, but more widely a local hangout for kids to do disreputable things. If any character wants more information on the history (and ghost stories :) involved, they can ask Simon. It's one of his favorite topics.

5. The county fair was in town the week the bombs went off. Those manning the carnival left almost immediately, abandoning the carnival equipment. So a ferris wheel, carousel, other assorted rides, and a funhouse are all sitting dead and silent.

6. The town green consists of a large grassy plain with a flag pole, a quaint gazebo and a tired-looking playground: swings, seesaw, slide. It has been eerily abandoned as of late, as many townsfolk have taken their children and fled.

Finally, here is a list of NPCs/characters that can usually be found in various locations, in case your character needs them:

Library - Simon St. James
The Clinic - Susan Schmidt (NPC)
The Police Station - Henry Browning (NPC)
Normalville High - Quinn Mallory
The Hotel - Izzy Rinaldi
The Bed and Breakfast - Mennie (NPC)
The Normal Bar - Mac McGregor
St. Jude's Church - Father Marty (NPC)

If any of your characters need to speak to someone at these locations, give the mods a holler. :)

If anything on the map undergoes changes, I will post an updated version of it.


Jun. 14th, 2008


Hola everyone...

My name is Laura Cushing - you can call me L, and today is my birthday.

I'm pleased to be playing with all of you. This little messed up person here is Kieran Dare, according to his driver's licence, which also says he is 19. It is wrong on both counts. In reality, he is sixteen year old Adam Carole who left town to run away for the city at the age of 13. Up to you whether your characters recognize him if they were around then - he's adopted his Kieran personality to the point that he can hear 'Adam' as a separate voice in his head. He's not that crazy though, really, I promise.

And he won't throw up on you, I swear - he's just a little radiation sick at the moment.

My other character is [info]lost_ghost , a character from the book Lost Souls by Poppy Z Brite. Dreadful book, great character. Ghost is a mystic and herbalist, and the singer of a band called Lost Souls? in which he played with his best friend / somewhat-lover Steve. He's not arrived yet, but he'll be falling through a wormhole in a day or two.

I can be reached over AIM at Lab Arc Designs or email at - and if you have LJ, feel free to friend me at and I will friend you back.

Nice to meet you!

May. 24th, 2008



Please make sure you read through all of this before applying!


Why did you lift the character ban?

Now that we know how many people we've got to start out with, we're more comfortable with the dynamics involved and can give players more freedom to choose who they want to play. Yay!

If I'm a Townie, do I have to be one of the roles on your list?

Nope! Those are just suggestions for the type of characters that might be good to have around town, especially in the instance of an apocalyptic disaster. You should obviously keep in mind what kind of skills your character should have to contribute (or hinder) the cause of keeping the town running.

If I'm apping a Survivor coming from out of town, do I enter the game knowing any special information about what's going on out there?

If you decide to app a Survivor, you will be given some information by the mods about what's going on, which you can choose to relay (or hide) from the other characters. You will also have radiation sickness, which involves vomiting, hair loss, and possibly cancer someday, so decide if it's worth it. :) Keep in mind depending on where your character is hailing from, they may know more or less than other Survivors… not everyone would get the same information. We're keeping everyone on their toes here!

Can I app an Otherworlder who's an OC, but from a fandom realm (i.e. wizard from the Harry Potter universe, but has no relation to any characters in the books)?

Not as of right now. We fear it would make things too confusing, especially considering how specialized the game already is, and that we're just trying to get it off the ground. Perhaps we can reevaluate in the future, but let's just try to stick to completely original characters or existing ones, okay? Thanks!

If we're working with parallel earths here, can I app a character who has always lived on this world, but is an alternate version of his or her fandom persona (i.e. in the DC Universe Bruce Wayne is Batman, but in this one he's just a schmuck named Bruce Wayne)?

No. Because that honestly just makes my brain hurt too much. Sorry.

The PB for my fandom character is already taken by an OC! Does that mean I can't apply for him?

Nope! Just be aware we're going to be playing twinsies and chaos will ensue!

Why is the character application so hardcore?

Because both mods were creative writing majors. We know what is needed for good characters and good roleplaying and will settle for nothing less. Of course that doesn't mean we're not willing to work on developing your characters with you. We're friendly and love writing more than anything. If you want any help with your characters, feel free to ask us!

Why did you ask me to change stuff about my character? I love her the way she is!

Duly noted, but if the mods are asking you to rethink some character aspects, it's just so you can make her the best she can be and fit properly into the town. We would never ask you to change the essence of a character. We just want to offer constructive criticism to ensure YOU know your character well enough to play her realistically and avoid clichés.


Will characters recognize characters from other worlds that are considered fictional in their own?

That depends on the character doing the recognizing. If you think your character would be familiar with whatever fandom he/she is from, then yes. More obscure fandoms might be harder for some less savvy characters to recognize.

What happens if my character decides to leave the town?

Different things, depending, but most definitely one this: radiation poisoning. There’s really nothing interesting out there at any given point, unless otherwise stated by the mods, and your character will just get sick, or die, depending on how long he’s gone. So you should really just stay in town until otherwise indicated. :) If you have a really good plot-driven reason for your character to leave, please bring it up with the mods and we can arrange for it to be played out.

I have to be gone for awhile. What will happen to my character?

Nothing. We can just say she has locked herself up in her house and no one has seen her lately. A head’s up to the mods that you will be leaving would be greatly appreciated, though, as well as an in-character explanation for your absence upon your return.

So like, why are all these people just appearing from other worlds in the library basement?

The concept we're working off of is this: there are countless universes with countless parallel earths. But some cosmic force has decided it's the end of all of them because everyone has screwed up their world so badly. So all the worthwhile ones are being rerouted to this one world to start over. Maybe it's God. Maybe it's the God of Chaos. Maybe it's just the laws of the universes. Who really knows? The characters in the game sure don't!

Hey, my fandom character I want to app is from Japan and that’s where he was when he fell in the wormhole. All he knows is Japanese. How is he going to communicate with everyone else in the game?

He best be learning English. Or hope someone else shows up to act as an interpretor. Or is really good at charades. The gentle townsfolk of Normalville, PA aren’t all that worldly and the primary language is, as Big Bird in China would say, American.

The mods seem like they’re crazy in control of this game. What gives?

Please don’t think of it so much as “controlling” as “well-guided.” We are truly not against free expression and want your character(s) to have as an immersive experience in Omega as possible. After a decade of experience in various roleplays, I am trying to create a journal-based game I have always wanted to play. Mods in some other games I’ve been in tend to do nothing but act cooler than everyone else, break their own rules, and then disappear without a trace. That is not our aim here. As previously stated, I am trying to bring these kind of games closer to a system like Dungeons and Dragons, where there is someone like a “Dungeon Master” setting things in motion for the players and they get mysteries and puzzles to solve without 100% knowing the outcome beforehand. As previously stated in the game set up info, if this isn't the kind of game you're looking for, you might not want to apply.

Normalville is a retarded name for a town. Can’t you be more original?

Well, I was trying to come up with something poignant and ironic like Rhapsody or something, but then I went on google maps and studied the area in Pennsylvania I wanted to put our fair game’s setting, and lo and behold, Normalville is the name of an ACTUAL town around there. It really doesn’t get more ironic than that. Although it should be noted that the fictional layout of the town is not supposed to resemble the real Normalville, PA in any way, shape or form.

Have a question you don't see answered here? Just ask us, we'll get it on here!


Rules and Guidelines


THIS IS A GAME. It is supposed to be fun and awesome and relieve stress, not cause it. If we find you in violation of any of the following rules and guidelines, we will politely ask you not to do it again. If you blatantly do not comply, you will risk expulsion from the game. We as mods deal with too much bullshit in our daily lives to tolerate it here. On the flip side, however, if you have concerns about your own gameplay or those of others, we are extremely approachable people, and would be more than willing to help you out or mediate on your behalf. You can either ping Heather at vampire emo kid or Shannon at suomynonakun, or email us at

That being said... These are the rules. If you're not sure why some rules are in place, please make sure you check the FAQ...We're explaining the method to our madness there. If it's not in the FAQ, feel free to contact us to ask, and we'll add it. :)

Rules for Character Application

1. You may now apply for as many characters as you wish, OC and fandom, as long as you don't take on more than you can handle, and allow the mods the right to say no if they don't feel you are keeping up with the characters you already have.

2. Fandom characters must be from the planet earth. They can be from any time, and travel through the wormhole with whatever they have on them at the time.

3. Please no mythical creatures such as vampires or werewolves at this time. This goes for OCs as well as fandom characters.

4. There are currently only two characters allowed per fandom. Check the cast list to see if the fandom you want is still available. This is so we can have a really good, ecclectic mix of people who will all interact with each other, not just their own fandom.

5. Make sure you read the Application FAQ as well before applying.

Post Formatting

1. The start of each posts should be as follows:

Subject Line: [In Progress/Complete] Some Fitting Title
Who: Characters in the Scene
Where: Location of the Scene
When: Timestamp
What: Premise of the Scene

(Body of the scene behind an LJ cut)

For example:

[in progress] Best Laid Plans of Mice and Man
Who: Simon St. James and Mac McGregor
Where: Simon's house
When: June 14
What: Hot gay sex (in Mac's dreams)

(Click here for more steaminess!)

This makes for good organization!

2. When using comments to post, please make each post a new comment, instead of replying to the comment above it. This makes for a nice even flow for the eye to read and the comments don't bunch up on each other.

3. Please put the names of the characters in the tags for the post.
That way if you want to pull up a past thread you were in, you can
pull it up by character name.


You should know the drill, but it bears being said so that we’re all on the same page...

1. NO GODMODDING. That means your character is not invincible, and can’t determine the outcome of how their actions affect others either.

2. Proper grammar, please, and write in third person prose when interacting with each other. Journals can be first person. If the character is making a private entry, they must note it as such in the subject line or a cut tag. Otherwise, it is open to be commented on by other characters.

3. This is a dark fantasy end of the world type game. It is 18+ for a reason. We’re in a definitely sinister environment and bad things are bound to happen. Regardless, you are not allowed to play out a scene with someone who is not comfortable with the subject matter. It must be consensual. If anyone is abusing this rule, please contact one of the mods immediately. Also, warnings should be placed on threads with questionable content, just to give us all a heads' up.


Game Set Up Information

Breakdown of Character Types

There are three types of characters you may choose to play: Townie, Survivor, and Otherworlder.

Townies are usually residents of the town and the characters will tend to know each other and have a specific role in the town already. (If you’re not sure what kind of town role you want your character to have, please consult my list of possible town roles here.) A Townie can also be a visitor to the town for whatever reason, but essentially he or she was in Normalville before the bombs went off. Keep in mind someone who has lived in town his whole life will likely have a very different view of the world than someone coming in from the outside. Townies are OCs.

Survivors can be from anywhere, but for whatever reason, were somewhere in the vicinity of Normalville, PA when the bombs went off, and have been traveling looking for refuge. They will be starting off the game with both an advantage and a handicap: If your character is a survivor, he or she will be given a piece of information about what is going on outside the town that they may choose to share or hide from the other characters. The downside to this is that they will have radiation sickness, the symptoms of which can be found here, so a player will need to play that out and likely spend some time in the clinic. They can enter the town at either end of the route going through the valley, from the north or from the south, where there is a roadblock. This is how their entrance will be played out. Survivors will likely be OCs, but could possibly be a fandom character. (Please see the FAQ for this point.)

The chart for severity levels of radiation sickness and the symptoms are here:

If your Survivor is coming from somewhere close to Normalville, they would experience something in the 0.5 - 3 SV range. If they come from near a major city that has been bombed, we’re looking at something like 4 - 6 SV, so... choose wisely. :)

Otherworlders are fandom characters who, living on alternate worlds, are in the middle of experiencing a catastrophic event that would end their own world. Right as this is happening, a giant cosmic wormhole opens for several seconds, perhaps giving the character a choice of hopping in or accepting his death. The wormhole always empties out very violently into the basement of the town library, where Simon St. James dutifully works. This is how their entrance will be played out. In addition, if in this paralell world the character possesses any supernatural or heightened abilities, the trip through the wormhole may have shorted out some or weakened these abilities. (The true extent of this will be discussed between us mods and the player once you have applied. We think it’ll put a fun twist on things.)

Notes on How the Game Works

1. We're going for something a little different here. If you are familiar with the Dungeons & Dragons system, we’re trying to work off of that. With journals it’s not exactly as specifically itemized as D&D can be, but we want to have a directed game where we put storylines in motion for you and you can run with to your hearts’ content. We also want to give you puzzles and mysteries to unravel. This does not limit you from your own subplots within your own characters, but we do want everyone to actively participate in at least one aspect of the major story arcs we put in place (or at least acknowledge their existence :). Just keep this in mind. If this doesn’t seem like the kind of game you want, do not bother to apply.

2. The focus of this game is not saving the world; the world is gone. The focus is rebuilding and flourishing within the confines of the valley in which Normalville resides. Since this is a dark fantasy type game, keep in mind that you might find yourselves under attack by some... colorful things. Mods will warn you in advance of such an occurrance via the OOC comm at least a week in advance, to give players some time to prepare.

3. The main action of the game will be focused on the town of Normalville, PA. The mods have gone to great pains to make this town and its settings as immersive as possible. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the map of the town and the general look and layout of the settings.

4. There are both main characters and NPCs set up by the mods that are designed to dispense information in-character. If your character has questions about where things are in the town or any town history, Simon St. James is your man, and he can usually be found in the library during the day time hours. If you need a law man, the police station is staffed by the slightly power-hungry Henry Browning. If you are in need of medical assistance, Susan Schmidt is head nurse at the clinic, and Father at the church could be your spiritual guidance if you want him to. All these insituations are in need of more help if you think your character would want a job here, as well.

Notes on How the Town is Set Up

1. The valley has a microclimate, which means it has its own weather patterns and radioactive contamination does not reach it. Leaving the valley at any point will put you at great risk for radiation poisoning.

2. There is electricity because of windpower but there is a town advisory not to overuse it.

3. If your characters want to write in their journals, the resident techie, Jimmy Jameson (who left the town to look for his family and won’t be returning) set up a townwide blog where anyone can post and comment. The local network he put in place is still up and running, but any actual internet surfing won’t get your character very far.

Any other questions? Feel free to email or ping the mods:

Heather - vampire emo kid
Shannon - suomynona kun


Town Roles

This is a SUGGESTED list of possible town roles for when you are considering applying for a character. You can have a townie that is already involved in one of these roles or simply keep them in mind for your fandom or OC character if he or she may want to join at a later date. If this is the case, they can just simply inquire with the head of each institution within the gameplay. By no means do you have to


Simon St. James - Head Librarian/Town Historian

Assistant Librarians


Henry Browning (NPC) - Deputy Sheriff, now acting Sheriff

On-Duty Officers


Susan Schmidt (NPC) - Head Nurse

Volunteer Doctors and Nurses


Father Marty (NPC) - Pastor



[The principal, vice principal, and most of the teachers left the town, as school was out for the summer and they did not feel their presence was much needed in the town]

Teachers (one per subject)

Lilly Elliot - History


Quinn Mallory - not exactly a teacher, but he has since taken up in the science labs, so it is likely any visitors would run into him there.


(Teenagers make everything more interesting and their presence is encouraged, but please take care to present them as fully rounded characters. We don’t want the town overrun exclusively with jocks or emo kids.)

Clara St. James - currently missing, last heard of trying to get back to Normalville to see her father, Simon


Mim Miller - town clerk, is now keeping track of all of those missing from and new to town

The "Normal" Bar

Mac McGregor - new head bartender now that the owner has fled town

Especially for Visitors...
Need a place to rest your head? Pick between one of two prime locations for travelers in Normalville!


Run by a glamorous and adorable grandmotherly lady. Cozy rooms, free and delicious breakfast, and a sense of family. Maximum of six rooms occupied at a time.

Current vacancies:
Room 1 [OPEN]
Room 2 [OPEN]
Room 3 [OPEN]
Room 4 [OPEN]
Room 5 [OPEN]
Room 6 [OPEN]


Run by a snarky and uncaring teenager, but the rates are cheaper. It's also known for its disreputable clientèle, so it's perfect for the drug deals or sleazy anonymous sex you've been dying to have. Ten rooms available!

Run by Izzy Rinaldi

Current vacancies:
Room 1 [OPEN]
Room 2 [OPEN]
Room 3 [OPEN]
Room 4: Edie Williams [info]edie_williams
Room 5 [OPEN]
Room 6 [OPEN]
Room 7 [OPEN]
Room 8 [OPEN]
Room 9 [OPEN]
Room 10 [OPEN]

If you have other town roles you would like to suggest, feel free to inquire with the mods and we’ll get them added!

May. 19th, 2008


Current Cast and PB List

Character Name // LJ // PB



Simon St. James // [info]quiet_simon // Edward Norton
Colin “Mac” McGregor // [info]macattack // Mark Wahlberg
Mim Miller // [info]madmadamemim // Michelle Monaghan
Lilly Elliott // Stephanie Romanov
Edith "Edie" Williams // Billie Piper
Julian Gould // David Krumholtz
Ezekiel "Old Man Zeke" Colbert // Bruce Willis


Clara St. James // [info]clara_leigh // Emma Roberts
Kieran Dare // [info]callmekieran // Vincent Kartheiser

Otherworlders (by Fandom)

Quinn Mallory // Jerry O'Connell
Wade Welles // Sabrina Lloyd

DC Comics
Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle // Diego Luna
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May. 18th, 2008


Omega RPG Character Application

After reading the Game Rules and the FAQs, please fill out this whole application, taking out any of the helpful hints in the space after the colons and fill in with your own information accordingly. Please email it to the following: Please allow 3-5 days for us to review and get back to you on your application. If we go over that, feel free to bug us all you want via email or AIM. :)



YOUR AGE: 18+ please, as stated in the rules, this a mature game.

YOUR AIM NAME/GCHAT HANDLE: or any other messaging system you have


CHARACTER’S NAME: If original, please try to come up with something distinct but not too crazy-sounding. If we already have a character with this first name, please keep in mind we may ask you to change it to keep the confusion levels down.






PLAYED BY: the actor/actress/model/whatever you will be using in your icons. Remember, if you have an OC with one PB, that doesn’t prevent someone else from apping a fandom character with the same PB, so be prepared for twinsies.


IF FANDOM, WHAT EVENT HAPPENED TO TRIGGER THE WORMHOLE?: Must be something catastrophic and world-ending, but it’s up to you what it is.

FAMILY INFORMATION: Due to the nature of the game, please come up with a reason why your character has been separated from his or her family, as they are likely out in the rest of the world and dead. Unless, of course, you’ve got a friend who wants to play your family member, and then by all means have them fill out an app and indicate they are doing so here. :)

OCCUPATION: This is especially important for townies as we can add you to the list. If from out of town, indicate whether the character would be interested in joining one of the town forces, such as the police department, the clinic, etc.

CHARACTER BACKGROUND: What have they been doing till now?

BEST STRENGTHS: Keep in mind what strengths would help out your character most in an end of the world scenario.

WORST FAULTS: THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. No one is perfect; in fact the most interesting characters are far from it! Please give some thought to what weaknesses your character has, and keep in mind we reserve the modly right to ask you to go more in depth if we feel the need for it.

SPECIAL ABILITIES, IF ANY: And it’s okay if your character doesn’t have any, we love them anyway!

GREATEST FEAR: Now is a scary time, he’s got to be afraid of something.

SHORT TERM GOALS: Anything your character wants to achieve in the here and now, basic wants/needs, etc.

LONG TERM GOALS: At this point, it’s looking like your character is going to be stuck in Normalville for the rest of his or her life. What does he/she want to achieve there in the longrun?

INNER CONFLICT: Everyone’s personal demons run rampant in a scenario like this, what is your character struggling with in the time of the apocalypse?


ROMANTIC INTERESTS: Current status, any past history of note, and if they’re interested in current prospects within the game.


Please provide a short in character writing sample for your character (third person, 500ish words):

If you have a character, fandom or otherwise, that is existing outside the game with extrasensory powers, do you agree to the idea that we may ask you to make your character lose the full ability of these powers due to either the cosmic trip through the wormhole or the radiation in the atmosphere, as stated in the game rules?

On the flip side, are you interested in having your character develop special, er, radiation-induced powers, decided perhaps at random by your lovely mods?:

Anything else that you can think of about your character that you would like to see developed into a storyline? (We as mods can work on finding other chars to play with you and generally work these into the game.):

By submitting this application and getting accepted to Omega, you are agreeing to play by the rules we have laid and will take any criticism on your character by us as construction and friendly (we are friendly, we promise!). Please put “I understand” in this field if you have read this section and agree to it: